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Author: The Basset's Apprentice

Views From The Water

I spy with my little eye a bridge. – The Apprentice Monroe Doctrine: Volume I by James Rosone, Miranda Watson (3,212 Reviews) Genre: Thrillers FREE for a limited time It was called Jade Dragon…and it threatened to...

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DCI Danny Flint

If you are looking for your next murder mystery series than look no farther than DCI Danny Flint by Trevor Negus. These chilling and utterly compelling stories grab your attention from the very beginning. You will not be able to...

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Basically The Weekend

Good morning book lovers. Happy Friday! You have made it through the week! Congrats! The best way to celebrate that…can you guess what I am going to say… I bet you can…celebrate with a new book. Walked right...

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Puzzle Time

Good afternoon book lovers. I hope your Thursday is treating you well. I have spent my day working on a puzzle with my sister. This summer we are determined (as we are every summer) to make the most of each day. So we decided to...

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Morality Bites

If you are looking for your next fantasy series then look no farther than the Morality Bites series by Army Vance. Ten books and over 2000+ pages of magic and mayhem, action and humor fill this urban fantasy boxed set! You will...

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