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Author: The Basset's Apprentice

Team Destiny

If you are looking for a wonderfully magical cozy mystery series to dive into then look no further than Team Destiny by author Belinda White! You will fall in love with these characters, and the mysteries will suck you in, you...

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Taste The Rainbow

Good morning book lovers! The hint from today’s title gives away that our theme today is colors! So here is a really pretty and colorful flower I found! Sadly, you can’t eat them. – The Apprentice Genesis...

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Gardening Is A Science

Good afternoon everyone! I feel like gardening doesn’t always get the credit it deserves and so I wanted to shed some light on the subject…*insert evil genius laugh* – The Apprentice The Event (The Survivors...

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Epic Fantasy

If you are looking for a great fantasy series to get swept away in then try picking up the Darkthorn Academy series by author Robyn Wideman. The second book in the series picks up right after book one and will give you an epic...

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Tiny Strawberry

Good morning fellow book lovers! I hope you all have a lovely morning. So I think I may have found the smallest strawberry ever! No joke! It is so cute and tiny (you may have to look closely to see it)! – The Apprentice A...

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