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Author: The Basset's Apprentice

Friday? Yes, It Is Friday

Good morning book lovers, happy Friday! It is the weekend! All of this week I have been having to double check my days because my brain is in summer mode, so everyday of the week is just another day. For our last few garden...

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Good afternoon y’all. Going off of the theme of some cool sculptures at that same nursery I found this really cool piece! Personally I love upcycling so I think it is really cool! May have to try to recreate it. –...

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Healthy Eating

Have you ever wondered how to eat healthier but didn’t know where to start? If so, look no farther than any of the books by La Fonceur. TheĀ Eat So What! series mainly focuses on macro-nutrients. How essential nutrients can...

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Zen Thursday

Good morning book lovers. I hope everyone’s morning is off to a good start. I know how you start your morning really effects how the rest of your day is going to go, and the other day in a nursery I saw this really cool...

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We Interrupt Colors

Good afternoon everyone. Now I know I promised you the theme of colors today but when I was out for a little adventure I came across the most adorable little hummingbird, and he or she actually let me take a picture of them...

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