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Tell The Dog No Crabs

Today my partner in crime and I have our first orientation class with a puppy trainer. I think this is going to give me a bit of relief from a lot of the concerns I have about properly raising a small dog. I have never had a small dog before, so this has been a bit of an adjustment for me. The main reason we even got a small dog was my youngest basset’s fear of dogs. I know what you are thinking…”But you have dogs?” Yes, we had a wonderful basset mix named Ellie Mae, and we have a mystery mutt named Jethro. Both pups were well into adulthood when children came into the picture and knew how to act properly around people, so they wee never scary. My oldest boy is just fine with dogs, but my youngest has had a rough time, since all my friends have large dogs. He has been known to sit in the car crying out of fear. Hubby and I thought if we started with a very small dog he might warm up to other dogs. HOLY BROWNIE BITES!!! We actually did something right as parents. I have never seen my youngest love a dog so much. He even held her and protected her from a larger dog who was trying to sniff her. He didn’t run, or cry. He stood his ground, held Junebug tight, and told the other dog ..NO!  I couldn’t be prouder.

Redemption (Legends of Graham Mansion Book 1)
by Mary Lin Brewer, Rosa Lee Jude
4.5 Stars (125 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery | Fantasy

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Be careful what you wish for. When the breakup of her family forces Grae White’s mother to move her two children from their privileged city life to her hometown in the mountains of Virginia, all Grae wants is to be invisible in her new life. But that’s rather hard when everyone knows that her father is the latest headline-grabbing white collar criminal, the most popular boy in school wants to take Grae to the prom, and then there’s that she lives in a haunted mansion. It would make anyone want to get away. Grae soon learns that a simple wish can reveal an unknown ability. Something more than curiosity spirals Grae back in time to seek the truth in the tragedy of a 200 -year-old murder. Along the way, she learns about history, happiness, and heartache in the lives of those who have lived on the property, including her own family. Her first journey reveals secrets that will lead Grae to further explore the legends of Graham Mansion.

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Keeper of the Scale (contemporary women’s fiction): The Diet Buddies
by Debbie Cohen, Elke Barter
3.8 Stars (19 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Women’s Fiction

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Because life can’t be measured according to a number on a scale…

“NO meeting each other outside of ShopSmart. No exceptions!” vow three women who, though decades apart, share the same, ageless goal of dieting.

But sticking to their diets proves harder than expected, as well as their vow to not become involved in each others lives outside of their weekly weigh-ins at the superstore.

Join thirty-something Janine and her diet buddies, middle-aged Margarite and college student Rebecca, as they laugh, cry, and, in the end, learn more about each other and themselves than how to shed some pounds…


Janine, Margarite and Rebecca are three dynamic women with seemingly little in common except the desire to lose weight. Armed with a hot pink scale, they form a unique diet support group, holding weekly “weigh-ins” in a rather unusual location — the snack area of their local big chain superstore. The goal was to save time, by combining meetings with shopping, but talk quickly moves beyond dieting. Slowly, the women connect on a much deeper level, becoming less obsessed with what they’ve got to lose, and focusing instead on how much they have to gain… from life, and one another:

JANINE is the mother hen and driving force behind the “Diet Buddies Dropouts” break-away support group. The 35-year-old stay-at-home mom left an exciting career in the fast paced world of public relations to look after her kids. Channeling the same drive and energy she used to put into her work towards her new, domestic life, she runs an organized, immaculate home, becomes a soccer mom, head of the PTA, and whiz at arranging playdates. But living off her kids’ leftovers has left her forty pounds heavier than her normal weight. She tells herself if she could just get her weight back under control, everything would be perfect. Yet, even as the pounds drop, she can’t help feeling that there’s still something missing… something more than extra pounds.

MARGARITE is an attractive divorced middle-aged single mom of two teenagers. She’s become something of a celebrity with her best-selling cookbook series. Though slender and fit, she thinks, like so many women, that being even thinner will make her appear younger. Fast approaching the “big 5-0,” she believes losing weight is the perfect way to show off to her ex-husband how great she is doing on her own. It’s been five years since they split up, but she can’t seem to say no to jumping through hoops for him whenever he comes to town. Meanwhile, he has had no trouble relocating and dating other women. She knows she needs to move on too, but struggles to let go of the past and begin building a new life of her own.

REBECCA is a young college student and talented, budding artist who dreams of graduating, backpacking throughout Europe, and making it as a painter. Her older fiancé, however, has other plans — like marriage and starting a life together. But all Rebecca can think about is her art and how to afford a dream summer getaway. She believes modeling may be her ticket, but is told her size six figure won’t cut it in today’s competitive market. While dieting she starts to ponder more than how to fit into the new “perfect size two.” She begins to reflect over painful areas of her life and question her future.

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Pompomberry House
by Rosen Trevithick
3.7 Stars (53 Reviews)
Genre: Humor & Satire | Satire | Women’s Fiction | Mystery

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A writer’s retreat seemed the perfect chance for Dee Whittaker to take her mind off her marital difficulties.

However, she meets five of the most hideous writers ever to have mastered a QWERTY keyboard, and her problems quickly multiply. Things escalate further when the handyman winds up dead.

After fleeing from the island, Dee attempts to get her life back on track but begins to notice that something strange is going on. The stories written on the island are coming true and hers is next – complete with a murder.

Her estranged husband makes an unlikely sidekick as the two of them try to stop the literary copycat killing an innocent woman.

Packed with topical references, ‘Pompomberry House’ provides a satirical look at the emerging world of indie publishing.

This is a book for adults.

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Clevenger Gold: The True Story of Murder and Unfound Treasure
by Multiple Authors
4.7 Stars (75 Reviews)
Genre: History | Action & Adventure | Westerns

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This novel is the true story of the Clevenger family from Arizona Territory, and their unfortunate events as they trekked north to Washington Territory.

Once the old, cantankerous Sam Clevenger and his wife, Charlotte, hired Frank Willson and John Johnson to help with the move, their fate took a dark turn.

These true events were documented by journalists through the 1887 trial and well into the 1900s, and stories have been told of Sam’s unfound treasure for nearly 130 years.

This is the first detailed, documented, and vetted account of their bizarre and fascinating tale…

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An Unexpected Home (A Cedarville Novel)
by Bree Kraemer
4.5 Stars (67 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Romance

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After a traumatic few years, Leah picks up and moves to the small lake town of Cedarville Ohio. Ready to finally find herself – possibly for the first time – she joins her friends and together they open a new business in town. She never expected to love Cedarville so much nor did she expect her heart to fall for the HOT AS SIN police chief, Brandon. But when someone from her past starts causing problems for her in her new home, she has no choice but to put her trust, and her heart, in Brandon’s hands to keep her and her friends safe.

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The Night Is Filled With Beasts

In Eight in the Chamber, a cadre of your favorite authors have banded together to bring you all the thrills of the urban supernatural, with a twist of sci-fi noir, in a collection of full length novels, spellbinding novellas, and enough short stories to choke a bag of holding. Buy your copy today, and let them take you on a thrill ride through the dark that you won’t forget!

Eight in the Chamber: Urban Fantasy/Sci-Fi Box Set
by Multiple Authors
5.0 Stars (1 Review)
Genre: Science Fiction | Action & Adventure | Fantasy | Anthologies & Literature Collections | Contemporary Fiction | Horror | Short Stories | United States | Mystery

Orcs, vampires, rogue mages, and strange familiars… The night’s filled with beasts looking for kicks, who trod the urban landscape with cloven hoof or sharpened claw, keeping a yellow eye out for easy prey. But what’s a citizen to do when dark shadows lie heavy, spells become useless, and wands lose their charm?

They call on the heroes of Eight in the Chamber.

These hardboiled cops and investigators specialize in a preternatural kind of justice. They aren’t afraid to delve into dark magic or wield a cursed instrument to save the pure and innocent. They won’t quit until every dark deed is punished, and the scales of justice are balanced.


Dagger to the Heart
By Alex P. Berg
Detective Jake Daggers prefers his barbecue blackened, but with a serial arsonist on the loose, it’s the city’s murder victims coming in crispy. With the body count rising and fires burning across town, will the case get too hot to handle? Find out in this heart-wrenching prequel to the Daggers & Steele series.

Blood Money
Short Story
By Chris Underwood
Folk wizard Ozzy Turner can track down anyone, but when he’s hired to return a missing bloodslave to her vampire mistress, the question is not whether he can, but whether he should.

Croft & Wesson
By Brad Magnarella
Assigned to a dusty mining town, spell-casters Prof Croft and James Wesson must navigate a gritty landscape of witch madams, dwarf developers, and drug-dealing werewolves to stop a ritualistic killer – if the two don’t kill each other first.

Dane Curse
By Matt Abraham
In this classic mix of golden age derring-do and noir pulp, the world’s greatest superhero is mysteriously murdered, and only a former villain turned PI can find the killer in time.

Dark City
By Kit Hallows
Black Magic. Ritual Murders. Ancient Secrets. Welcome to the Dark City.
Occult Detective Morgan Rook has one job; ridding the streets of supernatural criminals. A job he promised to quit before it finished him for good. That was until a new wave of ritualistic killings started, one that threatens to bring the entire city crashing down around him. As the clock ticks toward midnight Morgan finds himself racing to face the shadows from his past in order to save the future.

The Null Factor
By W.H. Lock
All Private Detective Jack Story had to do was follow the wife of former superhero Sheldon Kane for a few days. It was exactly the kind of open and shut case they say never comes along. Easy money. Until the building she walked into exploded, and people she knows meet with suspiciously unfortunate circumstances. With the bodies stacking up fast, Jack needs to find the killer before they strike again. That’s if the cops don’t pin murder charges on Jack first.
Sometimes being a detective in a city of heroes can be Hell.

Strange Magic
By James A. Hunter
Part bluesman, part rambling gambler, Yancy Lazarus is the kind of man who’s smart enough to keep his magic under his hat. But when he looks into a mysterious murder on the streets of LA, he’s set up to a take a long fall, and the only way out is through two warring gangs, a hidden dark mage with mad magic chops, and a small army of hyena-faced, body-snatching baddies.

Blood Scent
By M.D. Massey
A rogue vampire is killing the weak and defenseless, and to end the slaughter Colin McCool has agreed to take up his sword one last time… but will this “one final job” be the death of him?

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A Lot Of Paper Towels

I always talk about how perfect and wonderful little Junebug is, but everyone should know…she has a dark side. Dark brown that is. BLAAAEGH!!! I had mentioned a few months back how I don’t like puppies and never wanted one. Surprise to me, Junebug doesn’t have most of the qualities of puppiness that I don’t like. She doesn’t yap, or cry all night, and she isn’t mouthy and bitey unless you get her going. The only thing she does that I don’t like is go to the bathroom inside. ERG!! I keep finding little surprises is crazy places. So gross. My partner in crime suggested that I have her on a leash attached to me at all times so I can keep an eye on her. So now I have a crazy little she-beast attached to me. Let’s just say she isn’t happy with this method. Time. Time will pass and it will all be fine. For now I will have a roll of paper towels close by.

Flashpoint (Book One of the Drive Maker Trilogy): A Galactic Space Opera Adventure
by Adam Quinn
4.0 Stars (30 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction

FREE for a limited time

What is the cost of peace?
Guilt-ridden over her role in the cataclysmic Order War, Taylor Ghatzi decided to retire from galactic politics and dedicate her life to the Emergency Service — until a deadly terror attack strikes her home world, and she may be the only one able to unravel the mystery behind it.

Meanwhile, Cherran DeGuavra, the son of the most important statesman in the past century, gave up on trying to reunite the galaxy frayed by his late father’s greatest mistake, but now must call upon all of his diplomatic powers to prevent it from tearing itself even further apart.

With the galaxy’s powers on a war footing and their own government obstructing them, Taylor and Cherran may need to start a fight to prevent one.

Flashpoint is the first novel in the Drive Maker Trilogy, a space opera science fiction series.

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No man’s land
by Hervey Copeland
4.4 Stars (5 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Contemporary Fiction

FREE for a limited time

Author Mark La Croix has left the hustle and bustle of the city and is leading a quiet life in a cabin, deep inside the Colorado Rockies. While working on his latest novel, he makes a gruesome discovery and uncovers secrets that some would want to remain dead and buried.

Soon Mark becomes a target and is forced to run for his life. The nearest town is thirty miles away, and the only way to escape is through the forest. The people chasing him are hot on his heels, and will stop at nothing to prevent him from getting out of the wilderness alive.

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Pasta Pinot & Murder: A Food & Wine Cozy Mystery (Willa Friday Food & Wine Mystery Book 1)
by Jamie Lee Scott
4.9 Stars (12 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

FREE for a limited time

Love food? Enjoy a nice glass of wine? How about a murder mystery?

Food blogger Willa Friday is excited to start training her new assistant to make recipes and style food. And she’s excited that her blog, A Dish in Thyme, is finally making enough money to hire an assistant. But she has other obligations too, like the food photography for the annual Whine & Roses Benefit poster.

Dreading her meeting, Willa gets a surprise when she arrives and the vineyard owner is dead.
With her (ex)mother-in-law as the prime suspect, Willa reluctantly gets involved in the investigation. In the process, she learns of the many secrets the vineyard owners of Pear, California are hiding, which puts her directly in the killer’s line of fire.
Included in this novel are recipes and food and wine pairing suggestions.

This is the first book in the Willa Friday Food and Wine Culinary Cozy Mystery series.

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A Cheyenne Christmas (The Sweet Cheyenne Quartet Book 1)
by Caroline Lee
4.4 Stars (278 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Holidays

FREE for a limited time

They need each other to survive… but their families need a reason to celebrate.

Ash Barker and his brother had just about built their ranch into a success when he busted his arm trying to tame a particularly nasty mustang. Now they’re headed into Cheyenne’s harsh winter with fewer hands and a very real danger of failure. They need someone else — anyone else — out there with them, to make it through this season.

Molly Murray’s dream of owning her own bakery went up in flames with the Great Chicago Fire. She’s been supporting her younger sisters for the last four years, and it seems like the Cheyenne wilderness might be her last chance to give them all a real home. But no one will hire her… until she meets the intimidatingly masculine, incredibly handsome, and very desperate Ash Barker.

Can their unique families blend in time to celebrate their first real Cheyenne Christmas?

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Essential Oils for Dogs: Easy and Safe Essential Oil Recipes to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy
by Sarah Moore
3.4 Stars (36 Reviews)
Genre: Medical eBooks | Crafts, Hobbies & Home

FREE for a limited time

Essential Oils for Dogs

Like any animal, dogs are prone to certain ailments and diseases that not only affect the dogs, but also worry their owners. Recently, essential oils have started to gain popularity for use with pets. These oils offer health and well-being benefits that can help ease your dog’s anxiety or pain, naturally repel fleas and other insects and more. Essential oils offer a safe, effective, nontoxic way to address some common issues affecting dogs.

Essential Oils for Dogs will make it easy for you to create custom designed, effective aromatherapy for your dog’s unique needs. By reading this book you will learn:
The best essentials oils to use on dogs
What essentials oils could be harmful and should be avoided
Dogs that essential oils should not be used with
How to prepare and apply essential oils on your dog
Effective essential oil recipes to treat fleas, itchy skin, anxiety, arthritis and other common canine ailments

This book will help you keep your dog healthy and happy, so that you can spend more time enjoying his loyal companionship.

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At Any Cost

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