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But Why Granola?

It is so nice to be home. I had a blast with my family and friends discovering a different campground the last five days, but boy is it nice to be home. Everything seems so…not dusty or leafy when you are home. In fact, I haven’t seen one bug for at least a few hours. To start off the camping season we decided to try out a new place called Collin’s Lake. I was not able to meet Collin, but I must say, his lake was fantastic! Let’s me start by saying that the bathrooms were very clean and well looked after. That is one of the key factors on whether or not I return. You could have Yogi Bear serving me breakfast in bed while Bambi read inspirational poems, if the bathrooms are no good, I AM OUT! There was this one afternoon when I found six or seven granola bar wrappers on the floor around the toilet though. That was not as much gross as it was confusing. I am going to be pondering that one for a while. Was there a person hiding in the bathroom eating granola bars? They aren’t even that great of a treat. Candy bars maybe, but granola? This is going to bother me for a while.

The Exiled: A Fantasy Novel (The Chronicles of Lethia Book 1)
by Krysten Harlow
4.0 Stars (14 Reviews)
Genre: Teen & Young Adult | Women’s Fiction | Metaphysical

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The archmage of darkness has returned…

From the moment I stepped into the Academy, I knew my life would never be the same. I was prepared to learn the truth behind my bloodline and what I was really capable of – but I never could have imagined it would be like this.

The Exiled are preparing to make a move… but the real threat is closer to home. There’s a spy lurking among us in the Academy, and I feel inexplicably drawn towards him. The only one I can trust is my roommate, who bears an uncanny resemblance to a dead member of the Council. Tasked with mastering my powers, I know I must delve into the history of Lethia and its deep magic to unravel the truth behind our dark and elusive enemies.

But time is running out. Caught in the middle of a web of lies and deceit, I must play the twisted game of an ancient foe. The future of our home hangs in the balance – and I don’t know if I’ll be strong enough to save it.

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Overwatch: Book 1 in the Reed Montgomery Series
by Logan Ryles
4.3 Stars (307 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Men’s Adventure | War | Crime Fiction

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He traded his lethal skill set for freedom. Now he wants out. Can a war-weary killer outgun a criminal empire?

Reed Montgomery is slowly dying inside. Desperate to free himself from an ugly contract, the jaded Marine-turned-hitman agrees to one final job. But the assassin’s chance for salvation crumbles in a whirl of lost nerve when he discovers a shocking personal connection with his target.

With his retirement now a pipedream, Montgomery’s only shot at redemption is to train his sights on his criminal bosses before he’s the next hit. And since he’s become an inconvenient loose end in a treacherous setup, the crafty killer must unleash hell on the biggest crooks in the business… or die trying.

Can one pair of deadly hands snuff out an entire cartel of evil?

Overwatch is the high-octane first tale in the Reed Montgomery thriller action series. If you like tortured heroes, pulse-pounding close calls, and page-turning twists, then you’ll love Logan Ryles’s gritty story.

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The Book of Ruin
by W.G. Hladky
4.4 Stars (55 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Science Fiction | Fantasy

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Winner of the 2020 IndieReader Discovery Award for Science Fiction

Generations after solar storms sent the world spiraling into a Second Dark Age, descendants of American soldiers defend the last NATO stronghold in Germania. From the Asiatic Steppes comes the mysterious Vucari. NATO sends Senior Chief Loveboy Weir and a team of rangers to investigate. Traveling in anti-gravity vessels, they visit the beautiful city-state of New Reykjavik and mountains where Kazaks use giant eagles to hunt enemies. The rangers also journey to the City of Ghost that spews poison and to a floating monastery where monks protect the Book of Ruin. They also encounter Vladimir the Resurrected, the Vucari’s warrior prince, who claims to want peace but decimates any population that resists him. Weir struggles to convince NATO not to trust Vladimir. While politicians and clerics make backroom deals to appease Vladimir, Weir prepares for a war he fears is coming…

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Sweet Somethings
by Barbara Freethy
4.4 Stars (182 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Contemporary Fiction

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From #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Barbara Freethy comes a poignant, and charming romance about going home, falling in love and finding yourself.

Roman Prescott has always lived his life in the shadows. Being invisible meant staying alive — during his troubled childhood and his years as a soldier. But when an injury sends him back to the small town of Fairhope, he can’t hide from his past or the light brought forth by a beautiful pastry chef.

Having lost her parents at a young age, Juliette Adams has had her share of tragedy, but now she fills her days making sweet desserts in her bakery and trying to recapture her happy childhood. Then she meets an attractive, brooding man, who is not only tearing down her old house but might just tear apart her fragile future. She’s not interested in the tragic love story she was named after — she wants a love that will lift her up, that will last, and this sexy soldier has one foot out the door.

They both know they should ignore the sparks between them, but Valentine’s Day fever has lit up the town and old love letters and long-buried secrets keep bringing them together. Can these two wary souls get past their fear of loving and losing to finally win the greatest love of all?

If so, what could be sweeter than that?

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Secrets of Wildflower Island: A Suspenseful Mystery (Wildflower Mystery Series Book 1)
by Michelle Files
3.6 Stars (225 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Literary Fiction

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When 4 teenage girls discover a body, badly beaten, a nice day at the beach goes horribly wrong.

As they embark on a quest to solve the murder, they find themselves as the main suspects. The girls quickly turn on each other as they are blackmailed by an unknown person and harassed by residents of the small island they live on. Who killed the boy? Will the girls be next? This mesmerizing mystery, suspense novel will have you guessing until the end.

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Now You Know by Nora Valters

Now You Know – the stunning psychological thriller perfect for fans of Mark Edwards, K. L. Slater, Miranda Rijks.

Now You Know: A psychological thriller with a nerve shredding climax
by Nora Valters
4.4 Stars (28 Reviews)
Genre: Women’s Fiction | Thrillers | Psychological

Everything I suffer, you will too…

Lauren has worked hard to create her dream life: a perfect fiancé, a great job, and a safe, cosy home.

But then, out of the blue, it all goes horribly wrong and Lauren finds her job is on the line, her fiancé is accusing her of cheating and someone is writing terrible things on her car.

At first, Lauren thinks this is a horrible run of bad luck. But as her life spins out of control in a series of escalating disasters, it begins to dawn on her that these aren’t random events.

She’s under attack. And she’s certain that whoever is doing this won’t stop until they’ve completely destroyed her life.

But she’s wrong – they won’t stop until she’s dead.

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The Skeleton Road (Karen Pirie Book 3) by Val McDermid

An Edinburgh detective encounters skeletal remains that may be connected to the brutal Balkan Wars of the 1990s in this “tightly paced mystery” (Los Angeles Times).

The Skeleton Road (Karen Pirie Book 3)
by Val McDermid
4.3 Stars (1,475 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers | Mystery

In the center of historic Edinburgh, Scotland, builders are preparing to demolish a disused Victorian Gothic building. They are understandably surprised to find skeletal remains hidden in a high pinnacle that hasn’t been touched by maintenance for years. Who do the bones belong to, and how did they get there? Could the eccentric British pastime of free climbing the outside of buildings play a role? Enter cold case detective Karen Pirie, who gets to work trying to establish the corpse’s identity. And when it turns out the bones may be from as far away as former Yugoslavia, Karen will need to dig deeper than she ever imagined into the tragic history of the Balkans: to war crimes and their consequences, and ultimately to the notion of what justice is and who serves it.

“McDermid melds the political thriller with the police procedural for an intense novel.” — Associated Press

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Teens Or Cats?

I think the cats in the neighborhood are plotting against me. More and more often I am finding them gathering for meetings in my front yard. They can be found on top of my plants, rolling around like my yard was some sort of playground. They have even been fighting a...

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The Ghost Stories of Hynd

Five novels of supernatural romance, suspense and horror from a master storyteller at spectacular prices. Get them all. Ghosts, Cemetery of Angels,' and 'A Room For The Dead,' were Literary Guild Selections, originally published by Kensington. 'Twenty Flowers of Evil'...

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Plant Lady

Good morning everyone. I thought we better wrap up this week of plants with one final cutie. Now I am not sure what her name is but she's adorable. - The Apprentice Good Friends by Leeanne Moriarty ...

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