Fire Opal takes you into the world of Cajuns living in the LA. swamps where “good” and “evil” battle, with love being the key to the war. This supernatural thriller is sure to sweep you away. Enjoy!

The Fire Opal
Connie Flynn
4.4 Stars (14 Reviews)
Genre: Horror | Romance


A runaway teenager returns to the Cajun roots she fled in terror to attend her mother’s funeral and learns that some destinies cannot be escaped. A bounty hunter goes back to the swamps in search of his brother’s killer and discovers the girl he thought was dead is now a full-grown woman who never gave him a second thought after she ran away. Le phantom noir, the dark entity who killed her mother and grandmother, resides in the swamp. Her father is in pursuit and they are pursuing him, all intent on getting the opal back. It’s their only chance of defeating this evil.

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