Here Bunny Bunny Bunny

With just a wicker basket and a dream of chocolate, I send my children off to hunt.

Nanette Kinslow
4.3 Stars (49 Reviews)
Genre: Historical Fiction | Romance

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The white pine forests of Northern Minnesota surround Stavewood, the beautiful Victorian estate of T. Elgerson. After the death of his wife, Mr. Elgerson faces a dilemma. He needs a mother for his son, but wants nothing to do with falling in love again. He seeks only a civil union, a business arrangement, and he places an ad in May of 1892.

Across the sea in London, England, Rebecca Fagan’s husband has been murdered, exposing his secret life as a gambler and womanizer. Rebecca is left devastated and destitute. She responds to an ad and finds herself traveling across the world, as a “Picture Bride”, a mail ordered woman embarking on a journey of mystery and adventure.

Stavewood is the story of a man and a woman and a home in a rugged land, seeking hope and a promise for something better, and finding what neither of them expected.

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Ten Times Guilty: Psychological Thriller
Brenda Hill
4.7 Stars (20 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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A single mother struggles for worth in this psychological thriller

Single mother Tracy Michaels struggles to support her baby son as a tour guide in a Denver Victorian museum. One night she’s attacked, beaten, and raped. She survives, but he’s watching her, threatening her baby’s life if she talks.`

Sergeant Reese Sanders is struggling with his own survival, and he’s convinced Tracy holds the key to a serial rapist that led to his sister’s death the year before. Tracy seeks shelter in a safe house, and with her counselor’s guidance, she discovers inner strength and courage, qualities she must test when her assailant finds her and demands she meet him.`

“Hill mesmerizes with the horrific details of rape, self-blame, and the will to live. A compelling tale of pain, courage, and hope.”

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Inside the Maze of My Mind
Brendan Verville
4.8 Stars (13 Reviews)
Genre: Horror | Short Stories | Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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Three friends, Red, Stephen, and Jimmy leave on an extended vacation of drugs and gambling. In the middle of the night in the desert, pulled off to the side of the road, Red brushes against a strange weed in the desert and has a violent hallucination. He doesn’t remember much but he wakes up in the morning with a strange reaction. Worse yet, he is lost in the desert. After much despair he finds his friends, and they all want to take what he took. This will be one journey to die for.

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Loving Topaz
James Colwell
4.9 Stars (10 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | United States

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Young Eugene Bailleau is facing extreme adversity while dealing with his dysfunctional family.

  • His mother has a boyfriend that is five years her junior.
  • His sister is in constant competition with his mother.
  • His brother is tangled in a world of street pharmaceuticals.

When a 16 year old cannot find love at home, where are they to turn? Follow him along his journey to find love for himself, while others around him struggle with Loving Topaz!

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Children’s Book: “Stars in the Pool and Other Stories”
D.R. Tara
4.9 Stars (14 Reviews)
Genre: Children’s eBooks

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Short Stories Collections and bedtime story books for kids by all ages, folklore myths and legends’ is a collection of five Inspirational Stories for Kids.These five stories comprise Volume 1 of ‘Illustrated Moral Stories for Children Series’. All the stories fall in the following main categories: myths and legends series, moral stories for kids, childrens books by age 5-8, fairy tales for teens, kids books ages 9 12, self-read childrens ebooks, and kindle books for kids 9-12.

These five illustrated moral stories are included in this book:

Story 1: Stars in the Pool

Story 2: Johnny and the Thieves

Story 3: Missing Student

Story 4: Two Sisters

Story 5: Fierce Robber

These stories can be read and enjoyed by all ages and all cultures. Each story has a moral at the end, and they are appropriate to read to children at bedtime.

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Tis The Season For Miracles.

This wonderful Spring weekend is a perfect time to sit back and relax with this sweet romance by author Sable Hunter. Enjoy!

Hot on Her Trail – Sweeter Version (Hell Yeah! Sweeter Version)
Sable Hunter
4.3 Stars (110 Reviews)
Genre: Romance

The Hell Yeah! Sweeter Version Series Continues with Hot on Her Trail (Hell Yeah! Sweeter Version: Book 2)

Jacob McCoy wishes for a wife and a family. Tis the Season for miracles when a young woman shows up on his doorstep: homeless, in danger and expecting a child – Jacob’s child.

Their relationship is complicated by the fact that, A – they’ve never met before and B – she’s a virgin. Jessie is determined not to be a burden to the McCoy family. As far as she’s concerned, she is just passing through. Jacob has a different opinion – he wants Jessie in his life, in his bed and in his heart.

*Content Warning: This version of the Hell Yeah! Series is LESS Explicit than the Erotic Version that is also available. If you’d like more explicit version look for the Hell Yeah! Series. Same Book but with the graphic sexual content.

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