Too Many Eggs In One Basket

I realize the extent of my egg coloring craze now that Easter is over. I still have three carton of 18 multicolored and sparkled eggs to consume. I am thinking eggs salad for the next three or four days. For some reason it seemed like a good idea to color all the eggs, now not so much.

Where Wildflowers Bloom (Sisters at Heart Book #1): A Novel
Ann Shorey
4.5 Stars (72 Reviews)
Genre: Religious & Inspirational Fiction | Religion & Spirituality | Romance

FREE for a limited time

The War Between the States stole a father and brother from Faith Lindberg– as well as Royal Baxter, the man she wanted to marry. With only her grandfather left, she dreams of leaving Noble Springs, Missouri, and traveling west to Oregon to start a new life, away from the memories that haunt her. But first she must convince her grandfather to sell the family’s mercantile and leave a town their family has called home for generations.

When Royal Baxter suddenly returns to town, Faith allows herself to hope that her dreams might come true. Does he truly love her? Or could another man claim her heart? Will she find that following her dreams may not mean leaving home after all?

The characters in Where Wildflowers Bloom jump off the page and into the reader’s heart. Author Ann Shorey infuses her characters with the virtues and quirks that bring them fully alive as they search for contentment and love.

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Lodestone: (Witch-Hunt)
Wendy Scott
4.8 Stars (25 Reviews)
Genre: Mythology & Folk Tales | Fantasy

FREE for a limited time

There’s a cauldron of trouble brewing in Valloaria…

Download Lodestone today and strap on your broomstick –you’re in for a hell of a ride: The Witch-Hunt Series.

Two tales entwine (excerpts below).

Sabrina and Lauren’s tales entwine – linked by blood and magic. Sabrina, a newly fledged healer, is thrust out of her sheltered life at Mistress Florisah’s healing school after the destruction of the witch-ancestor portraits. An anti-witchcraft militia is poised on Karthalon’s borders threatening full scale genocide, unless Sabrina, the last of Lauren’s bloodline, can destroy the Lodestone, and restore magic to Valloaria, but the Lodestone is buried deep within the heart of the Order’s headquarters. Sabrina struggles to accept this suicide mission, and is distracted by her inappropriate affection for Micah, a prospect monk. Lauren’s ghost haunts Sabrina’s dreams as her diary reveals the tragic events behind Lauren’s actions. With invasion imminent, Sabrina embarks on her quest armed only with a sliver of the Lodestone, and Lauren’s diary but how can a lone girl prevail against an army?

Excerpt – Lauren

They attacked me alone, in pairs and in mass with their witchy ways, but their magic fell short; I was immune. Blasts of power seared from their fingertips and stonework exploded above, below and next to me, but nothing penetrated the brilliant glow of the Lodestone and they fell back, shrieking in frustration. I glowered at those not fast enough to move out of me way and they vaporized in an orange flash, to black flakes that I trampled underfoot.

Excerpt – Sabrina

A shirtless youth, with his back to her, hummed as he brushed a dark horse. The horse was standing perfectly still as if the boy’s song had lulled him to sleep. Sabrina silently observed the prospect as he worked. He was tall with a slender build, but she could see the muscles in his tanned back and arms ripple with each stroke. His brown hair was caught up in an intricate knot threaded by two long feathers; one red, the other purple. She’d never met anyone like him before.

She shuffled forward to get a better view, but her brush whacked into the wooden partition. He whirled around and she found herself staring into the brownest eyes, framed by the longest lashes she’d ever seen. They gawked at each other for a moment before Sabrina rediscovered her tongue. “I … I was sent to care for your horses.”

He pointed with his brush, to the horses behind him and said, “I’ve finished the others. Only Alloni, the brown and white, needs attention.”

Sabrina scurried to the indicated stall. Where was his shirt? As if reading her thoughts, he casually reached down and grabbed a white shirt. Slowly, he pulled it over his damp shoulders and Sabrina hastily focused on the horse. Her strokes were a bit shorter and harder than she normally applied and the horse shifted beneath the brush. Before she could correct herself, strong fingers, radiating warmth, slipped over hers and a voice laced with musk, breathed into her ear. “Not so firm. Alloni likes long, languid strokes – like this.”

Heat blazed into spots on her cheeks as she followed his movements. After several strokes he said, “That’s it, you’ve got the knack of it now.”

He released her hand and stepped away. Sabrina felt as awkward as a newborn foal so she kept her eyes averted and silently busied herself with the horse. From outside, a muffled yell filtered through the stable and the boy said, “Deakon wants me. Will you be all right finishing up?”

She didn’t trust herself to speak. “Ah-ha.”

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The Devil’s Dream: Book One
David Beers
4.9 Stars (13 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

FREE for a limited time

At thirty years old, Matthew Brand had reinvented the fields of Mathematics and Genetic Engineering. The world stood in awe, celebrating his genius. But when Brand’s adopted son, Hilman, was gunned down by four police officers, Matthew Brand discovered a new purpose in life:

Revenge. And rebirth for his son.

Jeffrey Dillan wrote the defining best-seller of Matthew Brand’s descent from super-human scientist to sub-human monster. Even though he knew Brand was insane, Dillan felt an attraction to his genius and wondered if Brand could have accomplished his goal. Could he have raised his son from the dead?

Maybe if he hadn’t needed the bodies of the cops who killed his son…

FBI agent Allison Moore watched in horror with the rest of the world as humanity’s greatest mind turned from science and invention to murder and madness. When Brand was finally captured, relief swept the nation and Allison. Now, ten years later, she’s awakened by a 4 AM phone call to find out Brand has escaped. Agent Moore hangs up the phone as her relief turns to chaos.

The second manhunt for Matthew Brand has begun.

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The Axehandle Mine Mystery
Lonn Swanson
4.5 Stars (4 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

FREE for a limited time

Carter Neff is a new deputy in a small Oregon mining town in 1935 who encounters a puzzling scene–four men dead at the bottom of the Axehandle Mine in what appears to be a mining accident. But as appearances can be deceiving, it falls upon him to sort out what really happened on a particular Friday night.

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The Couponing Stockpile Garage Sale: A How To Guide
Jenny Dean
4.4 Stars (5 Reviews)
Genre: Professional & Technical | Business & Money

FREE for a limited time

So, you’ve got a stockpile of all the things you’ve acquired from your couponing bargains. But you don’t want all of it and you need some extra cash to pay for groceries or to get the house painted. Sounds like it’s time to have a couponing stockpile garage sale.

Here is a breakdown of the sections of the book:

  • Organize Your Stuff
  • How to Price Your Items
  • Layout – How to Lay Out Your Garage Sale
  • Timing – When to Have the Garage Sale
  • Advertise – Let Your Sale Be Known!
  • Before First Days of Sale
  • Before, after and During the Sale
  • Have Fun
  • Safety and Legal
  • Future Sales
  • Online Resources
  • Garage Sale Sign Checklist
  • Things to Do 3-4 Days before the Sale
  • Things to Do the Day of the Sale
  • Things to Do after the Sale
  • Garage Sale Checklist

The Couponing Stockpile Garage Sale: How To will teach you how to have a successful garage sale selling your couponing stockpile goodies. Even if you don’t have a coupon stockpile, this book is packed full of ideas, tips and tricks so that you can have a successful garage sale.

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Disaster…Just A Heartbeat Away.

Discover this new offbeat urban fantasy series, Turning Vampire, from award-winning author Phoebe Matthews. Newly turned vampire Georgia can deal with the “dead all day” part, but she definitely wished the rest of her new lifestyle came with a training manual. The first novel, Valentine Vampire, includes two stories about a vampire in the Turning Vampire series. Enjoy!

Valentine Vampire (Turning Vampire)
Phoebe Matthews
Genre: Humor & Satire | Short Stories | Fantasy

Valentine Vampire takes place in Chicago on the night of the St. Valentine’s Day massacre, mixing a little history with vampire romance.The second short story in this book is Retired Vampire, originally published in the Steampunk Widow and More anthology.

Additional reading: first chapter of Vampire Career, the first book in the Turning Vampire series published by Dark Quest.

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Vampire Career
Phoebe Matthews
4.2 Stars (5 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Fantasy | Teen & Young Adult

A new vampire…

A gnawing hunger…

A friendly guy…

Disaster…just a heartbeat away.

Newly turned vampire Georgia can deal with the “dead all day” part, but she definitely wished the rest of her new lifestyle came with a training manual. Despite all the legends, she definitely can’t turn into a bat at night and finding a vein to suck doesn’t come easy. Luckily, she’s got a new boyfriend willing to help her. Unluckily, a vampire hunter with a stake may prove at least one myth true: how to kill an undead girl.

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Vampire Disaster (Turning Vampire)
Phoebe Matthews
Genre: Fantasy

A nice girl doesn’t bite. Unless she’s me.

Last fall I found a kindly vampire to turn me. It was that or die of an incurable heart defect at eighteen. Personally, I thought death at eighteen was premature and unacceptable. What I wanted was a long life.

What I got was immortality, unless somebody drives a stake through my heart or leaves me out in the sun. A few tried. I managed to escape.

I also met Justin and gained a very human boyfriend. I would like to say all the disasters of my life are now over, but you know they aren’t.

A couple of kidnappers.

A card carrying slayer.

A creepy stalker.

The life of a vampire is full of surprises. The bad kind.

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Vampire Escape
Phoebe Matthews
Genre: Fantasy

An undead vampire… A lively boyfriend… A deadly future…

Why does trying to do what’s right always turn out going so wrong?

Newly turned vampire Georgia wishes her romance could imitate novels and end with an HEA. But she knows it is more likely to end with a dead boyfriend.

A new offbeat urban fantasy novel from award-winning author Phoebe Matthews.

On Vampire Career

“A fantastic book that will appeal to teens and adults alike!” ReadersFavorite review

“Vampire Career is a great beginning to Phoebe Matthew’s Turning Vampire series…a really fun and entertaining way to spend a few hours. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves reading vampire novels.”Douglas Cobb, Bestseller World

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Use As Intended

Turns out my exercise outfit is very comfortable to take naps in.Bet in the Dark: A Romantic Comedy Rachel HigginsonGenre: RomanceFREE for a limited timeAll Ellie Harris wanted was a life of her own.In a shortsighted decision, … [Continue reading]

The Fight For Survival Continues

In the twenty fourth century, a scientific experiment gave a few species the gift of intelligence, and after much struggle, they've carved out a place in society. By the thirtieth century, humans find themselves co-existing, negotiating, and residing … [Continue reading]

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