Glitter Makes It All Better

My baby basset’s school announced to the kids that the walk-a-thon’s theme this year is Candyland. The kids got all excited and had huge smiles on their faces. I freaked out. Oh my gosh! I’m doing the decorations for all these kids! I can’t let them down! I need more glitter!!

Death In July
Michael Joseph
4.1 Stars (17 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

FREE for a limited time

When retired war veteran Geoffrey Compton is found dead in his home, all the evidence points to suicide. However, his son Benjamin suspects there was more to the death and hires maverick ex-cop Sam Carlisle to investigate. Sam discovers a number of Geoffrey’s old acquaintances have also passed away recently in suspicious circumstances, leading him to believe somebody is exacting revenge on these people, snuffing out their lives in the most calculating manner. To prevent more fatalities, Sam must trawl the past and find the cause of this twisted retribution, putting himself on collision course with the elusive figure responsible.

The follow-up to A NEW DAWN RISING sees the return of former undercover cop Sam Carlisle, now free of his demons, tackling his first mystery as a private eye. As well as investigating Geoffrey Compton’s death, Sam also finds himself trying to protect a friend from her vengeful ex. Sam is stretched to the limit in DEATH IN JULY, juggling two separate cases full of intrigue and danger.

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Return to the Double S Ranch (Book Two – Rance)
Kerry Jo
4.6 Stars (9 Reviews)
Genre: Westerns | Romance

FREE for a limited time

Growing up in an orphanage, Samantha Austin has never had a family.When her one and only true friend lay dying she begs Samantha to care for her child.Unable to refuse, Samantha vows to do anything to keep the child safe… anything.Struggling to survive she unwittingly becomes an unwilling accomplice in a series of bank robberies.Labeled the Masked Lady, Samantha, with the help of her friends concoct a foolproof plan to escape.Will it set her free; or will it put them all in mortal danger?

Rance Harding is a Texas Ranger, sworn to uphold the law.When he receives a telegram from his estranged brother he finds himself on the trail of the Masked Lady. Promising to bring her to his brother, Rance tracks her down.He quickly realizes that everything may not be as it seems.Is she a ruthless outlaw?Or is she just a beautiful woman caught in an impossible situation.Either way, Rance will see to it that justice prevails.

When Rance reveals everything he knows about her past, Samantha is stunned.What will she find at the end of the trail?Heartache?Or will Rance and Samantha both find the one thing they desire most.

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The Outlaw King (The Line of Kings Book 1)
Craig Saunders
3.8 Stars (13 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy

FREE for a limited time

The old king dies, murdered with only the moon to bear witness.

Now, a tyrant rules the land of Sturma in an iron grip, and a terrifying new threat masses across the ocean on the world of Rythe. The land, and humanity itself, balances on the brink of destruction.

But hope remains, for the line of kings lives on in one man. The hunted man. The master of the blade. The leader of the lost. The Outlaw King.

Note: The Line of Kings Trilogy is an extended prequel to The Rythe Quadrilogy. Either series can be read alone.

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Ashes (The Tales of Tartarus)
A.L. Mengel
4.8 Stars (6 Reviews)
Genre: Horror | Literary Fiction

FREE for a limited time

You’ve seen Antoine before.

You’ve seen him walking in his high black boots, his long, flowing coat catching the wind and charismatic demeanor as he would stop and smile. Everyone wants to know him. He is captivating. Alluring. Exotic. Mysterious.

But you haven’t really seen him.

He is haunted and hunted by the same demons that follow him around every corner. Despite his transgressions, he is still regarded highly in society. A paranormal researcher wants to write a book about him. And several others become enamored with Antoine’s keen sensitivity, creating a growing, infecting obsession with this mysterious creature.

But with the obsession comes a price. No matter how much one can try to transform, can the wretched be forgiven? Ashes will take you on a journey – the struggle to understand one’s inner self in the midst of chaos and madness. As the glimpse of light seems so far through darkness, the journey towards redemption is where the soul lies.

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King Pirate
Tom Stern
3.8 Stars (21 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

FREE for a limited time

After modern-day pirates murder his best friend, an American ex-Marine captains a fighting ship to wreak revenge.

A sexy, cinematic action-thriller in the tradition of Lee Child and Casino Royale.

Ryan Kelley is a former Marine who’s drifted into knocking around Southeast Asia as a merchant seaman. His best friend is murdered by King Pirate, leader of the biggest criminal organization currently stalking the Malacca Strait.

Kelley swears revenge. He hunts down one of King Pirate’s lieutenants, but swiftly realizes he’ll never get far without help. Kelley goes to Cuchulain, the bizarre leader of the IPC, a law enforcement agency dedicated to fighting piracy. Kelley almost immediately begins an affair with Cuchulain’s lead investigator, the beautiful Russian ex-pat, Anastasia.

But Kelley can’t tolerate working in an office and taking orders. He quits to fight King Pirate alone. Cuchulain makes Kelley an interesting offer: if Kelley agrees to become a modern-day privateer – a pirate of pirates – Cuchulain will fund the expedition. Though he has his suspicions, Kelley agrees.

Kelley buys a ship, attracts a crew of rogues and arms them with black market weapons. He takes King Pirate by surprise, raiding pirate ships on the high seas. The mission is almost too successful; King Pirate’s lieutenants quickly come after Kelley and his men.

Kelley digs into King Pirate’s organization, and realizes that the mysterious criminal’s plans are vastly farther-reaching than just hijacking ships, and his influence in government is far deeper than Kelley imagined. Reaching even into the halls of the IPC…

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Locked in Continuous Motion

Join the fight for the soul of humanity in the first installment of The Circuit Series, by 2014 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winner Rhett C Bruno. Enjoy

The Circuit: Executor Rising
Rhett C. Bruno
4.6 Stars (46 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction

It has been centuries since Earth was rendered a barren, volatile wasteland. With their homeworld left uninhabitable, humanity founded a system of colonies throughout their local solar system. Known as the Kepler Circuit, these settlements are strung together by a network of nonaligned Solar-Ark transports, locked in continuous motion. They have served to provide resources to every faction ruling over the remnants of humankind, the most important being the newly discovered element Gravitum which is found only in the Earth’s unstable mantle.

By 500 K.C. a religious sect known as the New Earth Tribunal has risen to preside over most of The Circuit. Though there is barely a faction left to challenge them, a string of attacks on their freighters forces them to send Sage Volus, a Tribunal Executor, to spy on the their mortal enemies, the Ceresians, who they believe are the culprits. She quickly infiltrates the ranks of a roguish mercenary named Talon Rayne, who, for his own reasons, is also interested in the raids. Against all her intentions, however, she finds her faith tested by him and his ragtag squad. While they search for answers, the shadowy power behind it all initiates his plan to bring down the Tribune once and for all.


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Didn’t Bake The Cookies

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Get The Apron!

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Mischieveous View In

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Not The Same As Real Candy

Just a little fact for your Monday morning. Did you know that a slug will eat a board game if left on the garage floor. It would seem that the slug that lives in my garage and strolls around looking for dog food, is not a picky eater. I found the … [Continue reading]

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