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Author: The Basset

I Will Keep My Soul Today

I am happy to report that no evil worm lord has taken over our house and souls. Yesterday I told you all about the earthworms I found in the shower, and I was certain an evil spirit might be trying to take over. Well… I...

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Long Rough Road

Okay… Earthworm update. I FOUND ANOTHER ONE!!! It was on the windowsill of the bathroom shower. Gross. They are coming in from outside!!! Kinda knew that part, but I like to be dramatic. Why? Why would they do that? Its a...

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A Race Against Time

The Vampires of Oxford as well as the Iron Fists series are two hugely original works by author Margot de Klerk. These action packed novels are chock full of exceptional world-building, unique characters, and jaw-dropping twists...

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The Movie Opens With A Worm

I woke up this morning to find an earthworm in my shower. GROSS! You know that’s how horror movies start. It’s always something strange, but not all that scary nor threatening. Then it turns into a house filled with...

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Time To Give Them Up

At what point is it okay to eat the Christmas candy your kids have in their rooms? It’s almost February! Time to give it up. Maybe I should eat some of it to see if it’s still good. Don’t want them o get sick....

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