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Author: The Basset

The Mafia Madame Series by Alexa Spagnoli

Casino meets Pretty Woman. The Mafia Madame series is a non-stop thrill ride following the intense and colorful life of Cyn Spagnoli. Casino revealed the behind-the-scenes workings of the Mafia’s skim of the Vegas casinos in the...

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Bring Back The Scare

I see a lot of vintage Christmas decorations for sale online and a good number of them are really creepy looking. Blow mold Santas that seriously look like they will kill you in your sleep. Elves that look like they have been...

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The World’s Most Traveled Man: Ian Boudreault

Commonly known by his blogger name “The Digital Globetrotter,” Ian has spent more than half of his life as a full-time digital nomad — almost 20 uninterrupted years on the road as a pioneer digital nomad,...

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Make Room For Zombies

The problem with working from home is the constant interruptions. Unfortunately for hubby I just can’t help myself. I get an idea stuck in my head and I just can’t stop myself from bugging him and asking questions....

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Glitter Is The Answer!

I know they say it’s too early, but I want pumpkins. I also want a few of those huge chrysanthemums that they have at Costco. If I buy them now I will certainly kill them before Thanksgiving, but I have a tiny bit of hope...

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