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Author: The Basset

But It’s A Lego

I was standing there holding my latest mystery pack Lego Minifigure, when my oldest baby basset told me he wants to watch a horror movie. But we love Legos. We can’t watch horror movies and love Legos. My baby is now...

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Powerful & Dramatic

Anastasia Simonds masterfully crafts a powerful yet dramatic novel that exudes raw emotion, will, and surrender. Irrevocable Consequence is a poignant and heart-wrenching tale of redemption and revenge, love, and death… where...

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No Flowers For You Mr. Snake

I might be freaking out a little. There have been a bunch of snake sightings around town. Higher than normal. It seems every time I go to my friends house I see a dead snake on one of the streets to her house. My baby bassets...

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What is this madness??? I have been lying to myself all day today (It’s only noon). All day I have been thinking it was Thursday. Okay, this is a common mistake, but I have been doing all my Wednesday things even though I...

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Amber Reed Mystery Series by Zanna Mackenzie

If you love plenty of intrigue and humor with your mysteries then grab an Amber Reed book and join fun female sleuth Amber on one of her many sleuthing adventures! “Addictive new series, approach only if you are willing to...

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