Dysfunctional, Bumbling, Crazy Babe-Magnet

Bestselling author Mike Faricy kicks off his highly entertaining Dev Haskell Private Investigator mystery series with Russian Roulette, a  humorous, suspenseful tale of intrigue, rank ineptitude, and one night-stands. Followed up by more laugh  a minute novels in the series  with deliciously engaging worlds and laugh out loud scenes that will keep you turning the pages. […]

What’s A Murderer To Do

Today we have a great collection of Edgar-winning author Julie Smith’s mysteries. These clever novels are filled with humor, thrills, and a good dose of  comeuppance for the bad guys. Enjoy! Louisiana Lament : A Humorous New Orleans Mystery; Talba Wallis PI Series #3 (The Talba Wallis PI Series) Julie Smith Genre: African American | […]

A Mystery In The Bay

Enjoy these cozy mysteries in the Jake Samson and Rosie Vicente detective series by award-winning author Shelley Singer. The breathtaking action is offset by the wise-cracking Jake and Rosie. The tension will keep you reading all night long. Compelling characterization by Singer makes this series a must-read, with authentic details and witty dialogue. Samson’s Deal: […]

Her Treacherous Allies Are Around

The Dark Faeries Tale series by Alexia Purdy, is a fast-paced tale of dark and light magic, with an engaging heroine who is only beginning to learn about her true self. Shade is human, but she is something more, too. When she witnesses a magical battle between two faerie foes, she is drawn into a […]

Renegades From The Asylum

Tony Dunbar is the rare author able to make you laugh and shake in your shoes at the same time. Enjoy this great collection of offbeat mysteries in the TUBBY DUBONNET series, by Anthony- and Edgar-nominated author Tony Dunbar. Crooked Man: A Hard-Boiled but Humorous New Orleans Mystery (Tubby Dubonnet Series #1) (The Tubby Dubonnet […]

The Road To There

Author Greg Strandberg brings us a fantastic collection of novels from humor, science fiction, or high intensity action, there is something for everyone. Enjoy! Bring Back Our Girls Greg Strandberg Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Warning: This book contains foul language and wretched levels of violence as well as a high disregard for authority. What […]

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