Disaster…Just A Heartbeat Away.

Discover this new offbeat urban fantasy series, Turning Vampire, from award-winning author Phoebe Matthews. Newly turned vampire Georgia can deal with the “dead all day” part, but she definitely wished the rest of her new lifestyle came with a training manual. The first novel, Valentine Vampire, includes two stories about a vampire in the Turning […]

The Fight For Survival Continues

In the twenty fourth century, a scientific experiment gave a few species the gift of intelligence, and after much struggle, they’ve carved out a place in society. By the thirtieth century, humans find themselves co-existing, negotiating, and residing on Earth with these animals as equals. But not all is as equal as it seems. Fans […]

To Save Or Condemn

All Anastasia has ever wanted was to start a new life, a normal life, a life without her parents. As soon as Anastasia gets that chance however, she discovers quickly that a normal life was never a possibility for someone like her. Enjoy! Anastasia’s Suffering (Reborn Series) AnnMarie Stone Genre: Romance | Fantasy Anastasia has […]

The Shenanigans To Boot

Poignant, quirky, and humorous, author Maia Sepp’s novels remind us there’s only one thing harder than living up to other people’s expectations: facing your own. Enjoy! The Migraine Mafia Maia Sepp Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Medical | Women’s Fiction On paper, Viive McBroom lives the perfect life—a key player in a fast-paced, technical field, one […]

Oh Those Blazing Diamonds

If you haven’t yet discovered author M.A. Harper, today is a great day to, starting with “Ghost in The Bedroom.” A funny, warm, feel-good tale with enough literary heft and humor to stick to the ribs. It seems to have an almost uncanny way of keeping its loveable characters on your mind for weeks. Then […]

Before The Downtrodden Rise Up

Author Greg Strandberg provides something for everyone with his excellent mix of genres. From fantasy that is both brutally funny and violent, to thriller novels that take place in 1970′s Hong Kong, that are complex with more than just a tinge of police corruption. You will definitely find more than enough excitement here. Enjoy! The […]

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