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Demons Of The Past

Kyla Stone’s brand new release, Who We Are Instead as well as Beneath the Skin, are beautifully written and heart wrenching novels. Emotionally powerful, these tales will stay with you long after the last page. Who We Are...

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The Drums Of War

If you love fantasy and action & adventure, don’t miss the action-packed Age of Dawn Series. Author Everet Martins introduces readers to the fantastical world of Zoria, a land of volcanoes, carnivorous plants and magic....

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Becoming The Legend

Well researched and enjoyably written, The Forest Lord series by author Steven A. McKay is a fast-paced and original re-casting of a familiar legend. McKay’s gift as a storyteller pulls the reader into a world of violence,...

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His Enemies Have A Problem

Author Andrew Diamond gets everything right in these fast paced, action filled mystery thrillers. Diamond does an excellent job crafting these gritty and savvy thrillers that make these compelling mysteries hard to put down....

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An Honorable Place

Revolutionary young samurai with dirigibles take on Commodore Perry and his Black Ships in this alternate history steampunk technofantasy set in 1850s samurai-era Japan. Readers who enjoy steampunk alternate histories more...

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With A Chill In The Air

Linda Crowder is best known for her highly entertaining Jake and Emma Mystery series. Set in her adopted home town of Casper, Wyoming, the series features a pair of accidental detectives who join forces with the local police to...

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From The Ashes

What happens when you cross Lord of the Rings with Dune? You get a rich, complex fantasy world full of political intrigue and magic, where realistic characters confront dangers and adversity, love and betrayal. The Shadow Wars...

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The Hidden Darkness

The Coon Hollow Coven Tales series by Marsha A. Moore features a coven of witches in a fictitious southern Indiana community, south of Bloomington, the neck of the woods where the author spent her favorite childhood years...

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Designer Mystery

If you are looking for clever, funny, and truly entertaining reads that will have you hooked from page one, then look no farther than the Designer Mystery series by author Kathleen Hering. These humorous mysteries feature a...

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Funny, Lively, Irresistible

Author Julie Smith writes like jazz should sound–cool, complex, and penetrating right to the heart. Don’t miss out on this great deal on books 4 and 5 in Edgar-winner Julie Smith’s series featuring funny,...

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Chaos Is The Goal

Find out for yourself why fans of bestselling author C. Gockel, just can’t get enough of her fast paced action, beautifully written complex characters, and story lines that keep the readers hooked and anxious. Enjoy! I...

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Puzzle Piece of The Past

Perfect for fans of The Girl on the Train, Behind Closed Doors, and The Girl With No Past, this collection by Lucinda Berry is dark suspense at it’s finest that will have you on the edge of your seat until the final page....

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