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Small Town

If you are looking for a heart warming, page turning, cozy mystery book then look no farther than author Deborah Garner. With colorful characters and twists and turns lurking at the end of every page these books will soon become...

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Budding Hedgerows

If you are looking for your next cozy mystery book then look no farther than Death in an English Cottage by author Sara Rosett. She is a great storyteller with likeable characters, a well plotted book that keeps your interest to...

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No You Move

Good morning book lovers, my I must say today is already starting to look like a beautiful day. Though between you and me I have been staring at the sky since the break of dawn, I just couldn’t get comfortable in the coop...

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No Comment

Well good afternoon fellow book lovers, I am afraid I am rather tongue tied at the moment, and my poor little chicken brain can’t think of anything to say… any suggestions… I am rather embarrassed that this has...

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