Strike Two

Why I outta just pound those little chickens into the ground I'm so mad right now! After our first talk I decided to go for a nice peaceful stroll...but no.... the little girlies wanted to practice their singing! What a bunch of tone-deaf, high … [Continue reading]

Not Your Average Princesses

If you are looking for a twist on the classic fairy tales then look no further than The Blood Prince series by Jennifer Blackstream. These are not your typical Prince Charmings... which is good, because these ladies aren't your average princesses … [Continue reading]

Strike One

You know how in baseball it's three strike you are out? Well these little "girlies" Mrs. Book Basset brought out to our coop are really getting on my nerves. Thankfully in order to try to clam me down Jackie allowed me to blog for a day! That's right … [Continue reading]

Eating Right: It’s All About Those Crickets

I'm back! After a lovely stroll around the garden, I was able to grab a quick morning snack. (Ha! I crack myself up! I literally had to grab my morning snack because it was trying to escape being eaten... oh chicken humor) Anyways, I have yet to find … [Continue reading]

Killer’s Cross Hairs

Are you looking for the next hair raising book, well look no farther, written by award winning author V.B. Tenery, Downfall is he book for you. It is well written and easy to read. Once you start the book you won't be able to put it down. It features … [Continue reading]

They Are Running Amuck!

Well, well, after all this time I'm back! Thank heavens for long weekends... am I right? Though I must say I am a little disappointed that there were no fireworks, or confetti, or at least a tray full of crickets! This is a pretty pathetic welcome … [Continue reading]

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