One Wrong Step

Click clack. It was two in the morning. Click Clack. I'm I awake? Click Clack Click Clack. What is that noise? CLICK CLACK CLICK CLACK! What is that smell? (dog whimpers). Oh no. I turn on the lights, and through a foggy head and blury eyes, I see my … [Continue reading]

Coffee And Eggs

It's time for me to start collecting coffee grounds and egg shells for my tomato plants. Both of which I have plenty. Heck, I could live on coffee and eggs. My tomato plants are already starting to show a few little flowers, but the tomato guides I … [Continue reading]

Luck Number Thirteen

They are back!! This incredible collection of TWELVE authors consists of 13 new mysteries/thrillers . That's seven thrilling novels, three edge-of-seat novellas, and three page-flipping shorts. Together they've received nearly 500 five-stars and over … [Continue reading]

In The Cover Of Night

There is a chicken thief living in my town! This is just crazy. One of the local farms was robbed of over 100 of his chickens in the middle of the night. This was not a predator, but rather two legged evil humans. I have felt pretty lucky that no … [Continue reading]

No Rest For The Non-Wicked

I was so inspired from my stay at the bed and breakfast, that on the way home I stopped at a few stores to pick up a few plants. The first plant I grabbed was a Calamondin, unfortunately after just reading the tag on the plant, says the fruit season … [Continue reading]

No Resting

Our 35 minute ride home is going to turn into a 2 hour trip. The Victorian we stayed in has given me so many ideas that I MUST stop at the hardware store and grab a few essentials, such as a citrus tree, delightful metal scoops, and a few extra … [Continue reading]

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