The Wicked Chase

10 Dark, Deadly and Delicious Novels from 10 of today’s hottest romantic suspense authors. At a low introductory price for a limited time. There’s something for everyone who picks up this red-hot bundle. Enjoy!Killer Romances: 10 Dark, Deadly … [Continue reading]

Who Wants Some Mud?

My friend has an addiction to mud. This of course makes Christmas shopping for her pretty darn easy, but it also makes my legs hurt. This is the same friend that I took to Tough Mudder, the 10 mile, 20 obstacle event. I was worried that she might … [Continue reading]

One Pumpkin

I bought a pumpkin last night at the grocery store. It's sitting there on my front step, just screaming that the holidays are quickly approaching! I don't think hubby noticed it yet. Lets see how long it takes. This is just pumpkin number one in my … [Continue reading]

Once He Finds Her

Suspenseful, sexy, and romantic, the Warfield's Landing series by Adeara Allyne, is a wonderful romance series that will get your heart pumping. Enjoy!Dreams Claimed - Book 1 (Warfield's Landing) Adeara AllyneGenre: Contemporary Fiction | … [Continue reading]

I’m An Antique?

My youngest basset saw some nifty used toys in a comic book shop window and just had to go in and take a look. We had a few extra minutes and it was nice to be able to say we have time. A luxury that I don't always get. The young man working in the … [Continue reading]

I Get To Be Chewbaca!

I had a nightmare last night. Not a bad one, just a classic Dracula chasing me kinda dream. It felt a little 1980's-ish so I wasn't too upset. I think we were even playing a Star Wars board game at one point. When I was little that kind of dream … [Continue reading]

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