All Those Eyes

There seem to be an usually high amount of cats in my neighborhood theses days. They are popping up everywhere. All different colors, so I know there are multiple cats. Not just a few either...six or seven different cats. Kinda like we are being … [Continue reading]

Maybe Another Box

There are only two candy bars left from the original box of 24. I thought it would be hard to sell all 24 bars for the football fundraiser, but now I am wondering why my family isn't looking sick right now. The crazy part is I haven't had one yet. … [Continue reading]

Who Will Restore The Stregnth And Purpose?

The incredibly enthralling Fireblade Array series by H.O. Charles, has wonderful twists and turns in all the right places. The system of "magic" is unlike anything readers have ever seen before. Enjoy!City of Blaze (The Fireblade Array Book … [Continue reading]

Just Letting The World Know

I ate two pieces of a birthday cake yesterday and it made everything better and the world a whole lot brighter. Fact!Fractured Steel (Imperfect Metal Series Book 1) T.J. LovelessGenre: Mystery, Thriller & SuspenseFREE for a … [Continue reading]

It Must Have Been The Mud

Not to scare anyone and cause panic, but does anyone else see how close October is? As soon as October first comes around it's like the starting gun going off for the holiday race. Everyone talks about how crazy Christmas is, but for some reason it's … [Continue reading]

What Will A Dollar Get Me?

Oh Great! I have now sold $10 worth of chocolate bars and I haven't even left the house. Of course now I have a stomach ache. These football fundraisers are going to be the death of me. The big problem is I still have some change in a jar that could … [Continue reading]

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