Rain Dance

Glorious news my beloved followers... I Jackie Queen of the Chickens get to write the blog every Sunday (for a while)! We should be celebrating people!Sound the royal fan-fair. I want a parade... and a bouquet of marigolds for me to munch on while I … [Continue reading]

Pudgy Dragons

I had a great dream last night that I was Maleficent. I didn't look like Angelina Jolie, but I had the cool hat. I worked so darn hard to turn into a dragon, but I was a complete failure at that. I tried running fast, but just as I am in real life, I … [Continue reading]

Anything But Ordinary

Can't get away this weekend, and would love to see the Northern California coast? Author Deborah Garner's novel Cranberry Bluff, is a great way to escape. With her skillfully crafted characters, and beautiful descriptions of the bed and breakfast … [Continue reading]

A Simple Request

My hubby doesn't usually show much interest in what veggies I plant in the garden each spring. He usually just sits back and enjoys the harvest. Yesterday, for the first time in 15 years, he made an actual request. Lettuce! He wants lettuce for his … [Continue reading]

The Laws Of Cake

Pie is not dessert, it is breakfast. Cake is dessert and should be cherished. If you put fruit on a cake, you make it a healthy snack and it is no longer dessert, so you can have twice as much. Cupcakes are samples of larger cake, so they don't count … [Continue reading]

Boo Boo Mooooo

I am starting to get a little jumpy with the TV. Halloween is coming up and I am sure there are going to be some horror movie commercials that are going to scare me. I still can't get over that M. Night Shyamalan movie, Signs, staring Mel Gibson and … [Continue reading]

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