Coffee First, Meaning Of Life Next

Everything looks better on a Friday! Even the sound of my kitty screaming at me right now sounds like music. Well...bad music, but music just the same. He is still screaming at me right now as I type this. What is wrong with you kitty! I might be in … [Continue reading]

What Time Is Brunch?

It's been about a week since I have had a piece of bacon. The colors of the world are starting to fade out and become bland.Fairmist (The Whisper Prince Book 1) Todd FahnestockGenre: Fantasy | Teen & Young AdultFREE for a limited … [Continue reading]

Survive The Disasters

Disasters, natural or thrust upon us, can happen at any time without any warning, or so little, that you cannot do anything about it. Except...if you are already prepared! Better to be ready than sorry later! Today we have an extensive collection of … [Continue reading]

A Fly In My Coffee

I downloaded a book on how to become a better athlete, but my Kindle feels so heavy right now I am having trouble keeping it in the upright position. Ugh.An Island of Illusions (Sarah Woods Mystery Book 3) Jennifer L. JenningsGenre: … [Continue reading]

Pain For Two Please

My friend and I are training pretty hard to prepare ourselves for Tough Mudder this year. We are bound and determined to conquer the 10 mile, 20 obstacle event, but oh my gosh I hate jogging. I love the fact that she seems to hate it as much as I do, … [Continue reading]

I Thought About It

Have you ever seen the body of a slug that died of old age?California Schemin': She's on a Killer Vacation (The Bree MacGowan Series Book 2) Kate GeorgeGenre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense | Romance | Teen & Young AdultFREE for … [Continue reading]

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