I Heard It Through The Grapevine

I hope it's not just a rumor, but I heard that after 145 years the Ringling Bros Circus has finally retired the last of the elephants. I have never liked the circus for this very reason...and the clowns... scary scary clowns. It always breaks my … [Continue reading]

When Life Goes Sideways

The Intrepid Women series by award-winning author Kathryn Jane is about kickass self sufficient women and the men who dare to love them.Enjoy! DO NOT TELL ME NO (Intrepid Women Book 1) Kathryn Jane Genre: Women's Fiction | Romance | … [Continue reading]

Back To Joy and Dirt

The countdown clock is ticking pretty loudly. The last day of school is just a few weeks away and you can see panic in some parents eyes. The question on a lot of their minds are what are we going to do with our kids this summer. There are those who … [Continue reading]

It’s In The Jeans

I ordered a pair of jeans online. They are the exact style and size as a pair I already own. I know they won't fit. Jeans ordered online never fit, yet I am putting my heart on the line and taking the chance. The jeans are discontinued so my only … [Continue reading]

The Cowboy Rides In

Check out these sweet, inspirational romances that are perfect for when the days are getting a little longer and theĀ  nights are getting a little warmer. Enjoy! You Don't Have to Be a Star / Once Upon a Cowboy (2-in-1): inspirational … [Continue reading]

There Is Certainly An Order.

My sweet chickie Naughty was showing a very different side yesterday. While the baby chicks were in their little pen enjoying the warm weather, my sweet ladies were free to roam around the yard to scratch and find delicious bugs to eat. They were … [Continue reading]

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