Spider Hide And Seek

You ever had that feeling that you knew there is a spider crawling across your body, but you just can't wipe it off? Creepy.The Rise of Agnil (Agnil's Worlds Book 1) Susan NavasGenre: Children's eBooksFREE for a limited timeWhen … [Continue reading]

There Is More Candy This Way

I wonder if that clown will be out this Halloween. He really creeped me out. Maybe I will take the group on a different route this year to avoid his house.Monarch Michelle D. ArgyleGenre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense | RomanceFREE … [Continue reading]

A Moment In History

Author Philip Gibson asks the question, "What if there had been social media during major events in our worlds history?" Not written in the usual format, this incredible collection of novels gives us a glimpse into these exact scenarios. Enjoy … [Continue reading]

Mysteriously Hank

I wish I knew where Hank the slug that lives in my garage was during the day. I can never figure that out. Seems like It should be something I should know. It's like he is a secret agent or magical creature.Sword Bearer (Return of the Dragons … [Continue reading]

I Could Hug A Carrot

You know it was a busy weekend when you are thankful that Monday has arrived. I had a fantastic weekend, but it was so filled with activities and parties that I looked forward to being back at my desk Monday morning, working, sitting, and not running … [Continue reading]

What A Pretty Kitty

Longtime friends of ours have a beautiful 19 month old little daughter that since the time she could crawl we have called her a little kitty. When she would crawl into the room we would tell the older kids, "Be careful not to step on the kitty" She … [Continue reading]

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