Sorry Fishy

Don't let the cat be in charge of feeding the fish.Celestra Series Books 1-3 Addison MooreGenre: Science Fiction | Teen & Young AdultFREE for a limited timeFrom the NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author, Addison … [Continue reading]

Dive Headfirst Into The Quicksand

The Women of Greece series by Alex A. King, are skillfully written novels with a smooth pace and captivating imagery. These are touching novels that readers find are both humorous and authentic. Enjoy!Seven Days of Friday (Women of Greece Book … [Continue reading]

Rebel Chickie

I'm going to winterize the garden today. Yes it's too soon, but the chickies decided I don't need any plants. How can four sweet tiny chickens be so destructive? I better get some good eggs out of them for that.Post-Human Series Books … [Continue reading]

Oh Dear!

I did something so embarrassing yesterday, that I found myself hiding in a bathroom for 5 minutes. Really? At my age? I thought that kind of thing didn't happen to people after they got out of high school. No, I am not ready to tell all of you what I … [Continue reading]

A Very Different Kind

Get ready for these fresh and fast paced, gently funny and often touching, mysteries by author Julie Smith. The the Edgar Award-winning author with her well defined characters and always entertaining writing have made her a fan favorite. Enjoy! … [Continue reading]

A Good Time For A Snack

It was a huge hawk! I could tell by its terrible screeching. He was going to eat my chickies! I was terrified for them. I couldn't see him though. I searched the trees, the rooftops, EVERYWHERE! Where was he hiding? SCREECH!!! Oh my gosh...he coming … [Continue reading]

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