Happy Day Of Eating A Lot

Happy Thanksgiving! It's going to be a wonderful day of food, family, and pie. I am not going to get all mushy and sentimental with you guys. I am sure you will get plenty of that throughout the day. Maybe Aunt Betty will make you cry when she tells … [Continue reading]

He Is An Excellent Driver

My youngest baby basset is pretty good at driving those little cars in his video game Mario Cart. I wonder if that translates to real life. It's A Wonderful Death E N McMahon Genre: Mystery FREE for a limited time "Someone had gone to … [Continue reading]

It Started With A Piece Of Paper

Today we have two wonderful novels, by Amazon Bestselling author L.B. Johnson, that take a deep look into family -- at hope and faith and why we end our days surrounded by souls that may not bear our name or share our blood, but who are our true … [Continue reading]

Silly Question

I think my pumpkin spice candle is making me crave sweets all the time. I can't stop eating cookies when I burn that silly candle. So do I stop? No..then I would have to take the trash out sooner. The Slow Train To Rishikesh Sharan Kumar … [Continue reading]

Brr..It’s Cold

Shhhh. I'm hiding. Today is the worst day of the year to be on the road. It's very crowded and people are a bit nuts. I did all the yard work last weekend, so technically I don't even have to go outside. Well.. I do have to let the ladies out for … [Continue reading]

No Time For Beer

There are only three turkeys gathered downtown. The turkey gang I was telling you about earlier normally has about 6 or seven, but yesterday I saw only three. I'm not going to panic. No one would actually hunt those turkeys, right? I mean really now! … [Continue reading]

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