It Must Be Just Me

I know I am going to have to do it and soon to. ERG!! I hate doing it, but I need to have a garage sale. It always makes me so anxious. I feel like people are coming into my yard and judging my junk. The worst is the ones who don't even get out of … [Continue reading]

Bad Wife, Get A Hat

Today is is the 10th wedding anniversary of me and my hubby. I woke up this morning to find a beautiful bouquet of red roses, a mushy card, and a package of Mega Stuff Oreo cookies. Now there is a man who knows me. Guess what I am having for … [Continue reading]

Just On A Cliff

I am fighting an addiction to YouTube video's. I just can't stop watching cute talking pet videos, spoofs on my favorite movies, or bicyclists riding on crazy scary cliffs. It's never ending! This is why I go to sleep so late at night and wake up a … [Continue reading]

Plotting To Throw The World Into Turmoil

Travel back to the year 1964 with insurance investigator Arthor Murray, where murder, mystery, and even a few Nazis are the dangers faced in these intriguing novels by David Thayer.Black Forest (Arthur Murray Thrillers Book 1) David … [Continue reading]

A Haunting To do I Won’t

My to-do list is haunting me. No matter how many times I crumple it up and set it on fire, it just keeps coming back.  There is just one thing I can do about it. Write an un-do list and hope it counteracts the to-do list.Accidental Leigh … [Continue reading]

How Does That Cheer Go Again?

Last night was the first day of football practice for my oldest basset, and I am so thrilled! My hubby is one of the assistant coaches, and to see him out there coaching his son and the other little players is the sweetest thing I have ever seen. I … [Continue reading]

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