Should I Stay Or Should I go?

I should go back to the gym today. I don't want to, but I should. Ity's what you do on a Monday.  I will feel better if I go and it's good for my health. I haven't been there in two weeks, and the longer I wait, the more painful it will be. It's not … [Continue reading]

Phase One

The plans for the new chicken coop are drawn and today we should begin phase one! It is not going to be a fancy coop, but it will certainly be larger and water-tight. I don't regret buying the first one from Costco. It was great to learn over the … [Continue reading]

Lettuce Bee

I complain when I have too much yard work to do and can't keep up, but when I have completed the yard work I get restless. After a few week of really working hard to get the yard and garden in order, on Saturday I finally completed the work. Plants … [Continue reading]

An Extraordinary Gift

Part romance, part murder mystery, the Dream Series by author J.J. DiBenedetto, is a wonderful series about a young woman who can see into other people’s dreams without them even knowing it. It is also about a woman who is finding herself and coming … [Continue reading]

I See It In The Stars

I think I have convinced hubby to start on the new chicken coop. All the planets seem to be in alinement and the moon is doing whatever it is the moon needs to do in order for it to be right to start building a new chicken coop. I know exactly what I … [Continue reading]

Do Not Act Like Dinner

On Friday I had cleaned out the chicken coop and added fresh bedding as well as a few rose pedals, marigolds and some lavender in the nest box. The next day the chickens went nuts. They were singing from 8am well into the afternoon. I thought the … [Continue reading]

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