It Was Love At First Sight

I fell in love over the weekend. A lot. I feel in love with that guy who helped me get over the big wall. I was head over heals in love with the guy who gave me a banana and some water. Oh wait! I will never forget that guy who helped me out of that … [Continue reading]

Everything Is An Obstacle

Did I make it back? Am I home? Does sitting at my desk count as an obstacle? My body is crying right now from the Tough Mudder event this past this weekend. I did my ten miles, completed 20+ obstacles, and my body is now telling me that it hates me. … [Continue reading]

My Final Hoorah

It's been fun standing in for Mrs. Basset, but I am happy to hand the reigns back over to her.  In our relationship, she is the funny one and I am the serious one.  We are both a bit on the nerdy side.  She keeps Book Basset entertaining.  I keep it … [Continue reading]

Fashionably Late

Good morning all.  Hubby Basset here again.  I failed at the early morning thing today, instead sleeping in until 9am.  My wife will be back with you tomorrow with her unique blend of caffeine-and-lucky-charms-driven silliness.  Hopefully, these … [Continue reading]

Respecting My Hubby

It's 5am my time, and I am awake.  I have been for the past hour.  It's times like this that I respect Mrs. Basset for getting up to do this every morning. I hope you all have a wonderful day! Living Again # Part 1 Lisa C. ClarkGenre: Short … [Continue reading]

Relentlessly Leaving You Breathless

Anyone who loves mysteries, suspense novels, or two-fisted pulse pounding action-adventure stories will find something to love in "Thrilling Thirteen". Enjoy!Thrilling Thirteen: 13 Mysteries/Thrillers Gary PonzoGenre: Action & … [Continue reading]

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