Time Again

I love that I get to wear my Star Trek costume again tonight. I really do have to find more excuses to wear it. The problem is, if I wear it by myself I look crazy, but with my friend I look awesome. Thankfully I think my friend is as crazy as I am and […]

Nice Of You To Visit Us

The look of terror on my pups face when I looked out the back window was awesome. He stood there on the wrong side of the fence that separates him from the chickens. He was rethinking his decision to venture to the other side of the yard when someone left the gate open, and then […]

Just The Right Time

I’m glowing. No..walking on air with the biggest smile on my face.  My youngest basset asked me if he could play ice hockey. This seemed a bit out of left field so I asked him why he chose ice hockey. He said he wanted to play all the sports that I did. He wanted to […]

A Wonderful Monday

As it turns out the earthquake we had yesterday did a lot of damage in Napa, but it could have been much worse. Napa had a huge event downtown on Saturday with about twenty thousand people enjoying the beautiful day in the the heart of the town in the outdoor cafes, shops, and at the […]

Be The Care Bear

I have zero interest in putting my chickie Heather in a broody box. She has always been sweet and cuddly, but now she is insanely cute and cuddly. She even changed shape into a cuter version of herself. I had her sitting on my lap, petting her and telling her about my day (I think […]

Weird Kind Of Familiar

I have to pack lunches for my baby bassets lunch tomorrow. That feels weird. Life’s A Cappella (A Cappella Series Book 1) Yessi Smith Genre: Coming of Age | Romance FREE for a limited time I want to tell you how great my life was. How I lived without regrets. With constant laughter. Without any […]

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