Bigger Pockets Needed

I have never had a jog/hike that I can look back at and say was exciting. With all the creatures out there who want to eat hikers I really appreciate that nothing exciting happens, until yesterday. My partner in crime and I were out hiking through a beautiful, yet very painful hilly regional park when […]

Popcorn Chicken

One of the cutest things I see the baby chicks do is jump around like popcorn when I put them in the outside pen. When the weather is nice and the wind is not so crazy, I like to put the baby chicks outside on the back lawn in a little pen for some scratching […]

Run Little Giant!

I planted the final seeds in the garden yesterday evening. I felt spoiled by the sunshine that was keeping me warm. It was pretty cold in the shade though. I figure with two new babies (chicks) coming today I would be too busy with them to tend to the garden for a while. Okay, I […]

The Mess Is Gone With Eyes Closed

My house is a wreck from the Easter festivities, but we have one last day of vacation left and I refuse to spend it cleaning. I think I am just going to ignore it. I have never heard of a mess cleaning itself, but have I ever really given it the chance? No, so today […]

The Way It Will Always Be

I think this year I am going to surprise the baby bassets and not steal their candy. Of course I think of this brilliant plan after I have eaten a ton of junk food. I have amazing will power when I am full. Give me about a half hour and I will go all medieval […]

Cake Addiction Plots

My partner in crime baked her delicious cupcakes yesterday for the birthday BBQ we had with family and friends. Right now there are only three cupcakes left and five of us in the house. Hubby of course gets one because there is no stopping hubby from a cupcake. My mother in law doesn’t eat cupcakes, […]

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