A Great Underdog

My oldest basset played the first of two championship baseball games last night. Had they won last night they would have been in first place, but they lost so they have to play the same team again tonight to determine who is the number one team of the league. I can’t really feel bad if […]

It’s My Lucky Day!

You know it’s going to be a great day when your bowl of Lucky Charms looks like this! Broken Lines Omnibus: A Tale of Survival in a Powerless World James Hunt Genre: Science Fiction FREE for a limited time The advancement of technology has allowed our society to grow in leaps and bounds. The fields […]

Do The Chickens Have Large Talons?

I have to admit. Life in the garden has been a lot quieter with Jackie being broody. I love that chicken dearly, but she is a handful. Dirt in the pup’s food dish, poop all around his food bowl and bed, tomato plants ripped out and tossed aside like weeds. I have pumpkin sprouts to […]

What’s The Buzz About?

Today should be a pretty fun day. My partner in crime and I are going on a tour of a few bee and lavender farms. We are going to watch demonstrations on bee keeping and get the real lowdown on what it’s like to live with these cute fuzzy little critters. We are sticking to […]

Time To Wait

Despite the fact that I couldn’t make it through a tomato tutorial on Youtube without falling asleep, a few tidbits of information soaked into my brain and I was able to trim a bit from my tomato plants (hopefully without killing them). I had only planned on plating two plants, but ended up with five […]

Coffee First, Meaning Of Life Next

Everything looks better on a Friday! Even the sound of my kitty screaming at me right now sounds like music. Well…bad music, but music just the same. He is still screaming at me right now as I type this. What is wrong with you kitty! I might be in trouble for something. I can’t quite […]

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