The Flowers Of Bright

OH!! GRRR!! That Naughty. She is a naughty chicken for sure. A few weeks ago I had planted flowers in preparation for the family coming over for Easter. I wanted the plants to be well established and filled in. I had them all caged up like a plant prison and all was good. Until Yesterday. […]

Chicken Cheerleading.

I have a house full of eggs, but only two I can eat. The rest are either blown and dyed an ugly color or are boiled and waiting to be colored at an egg dying party. If anyone is looking for me I will be outside cheer my little ladies on to lay more eggs. […]

Not For Me, Not Today.

Today I will believe nothing my friends say on Facebook. It will all be lies made up to trick me. April Fools Day is a day I find it best to just sit back, be very very quiet, and ride it out until the morning. The Transhumanist Wager Zoltan Istvan Genre: Science Fiction FREE for […]

Five Six Seven Eight

My youngest basset asked me if he could try taking a Hip Hop Dance class and his first day was earlier this week. He was a bit shy and wouldn’t try anything unless I got up there and danced with him. I was more than happy to beebop a bit with him. My poor friends […]

On The Bright Side Of The Egg

My chickies are awesome eggers, but we eat A LOT of eggs, so sometimes I need to get my eggs from another source. That other source of course is the original chickies that we raised in our garage last year. They are all doing wonderfully and produce fantastic eggs. Yesterday I used their eggs to […]

I Have A Job For You Chickies

Wow!! This seed planting thing is pretty cool. I already have little sprouts peaking out from the dirt. Soon the butterflies and humming birds will be swarming my yard. Of course I already heard the faint yumm coming from beneath the rocks. The slugs have spotted them as well. CHICKIES!!! Dear Bob and Sue Matt […]

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