I Never Heard That One

Still no swinging chickens. Did I hear it wrong? Was it swinging or singing? Oh drat! Temp: An Accidental Fairytale A.E. Mayer Genre: Mythology & Folk Tales | Fantasy | Teen & Young Adult FREE for a limited time You might imagine the Collision that catapulted magical creatures to Earth would make every moment miraculous. […]

She Didn’t Call Him Chicken

Have you ever been insulted by a chicken? Jackie just walked up to my dog Jethro, looked him straight in the snout and pooped. She then turned around and slowly walked away.  Kinda rude…just saying. The Art of Becoming Homeless (The Greek Village Collection Book 5) Sara Alexi Genre: Travel | Literary Fiction FREE for […]

Hands Of Goo

I just don’t want to share my toys. I know I should, but I just don’t want to. Kids have sticky gooie hands and they always break stuff. My Father’s House: In Search of a Lost Past Matthew Carr Genre: Biographies & Memoirs FREE for a limited time In 1995 Matthew Carr returned to Guyana […]

Get To Work Chicken

I might need to take drastic action with Jackie. I think she may be taking advantage of me with her non-egg laying habit. I was going to just ride it out and let her do her thing naturally, but I swear it’s been well over a month now since she laid an egg. I have […]

The Cure Is Not The Cure

Okay… it’s been like what… 3 months now that Jackie has been broody? It’s time for her to snap out of this grumpy chicken mood and get back out there. It’s sunny, the bugs are out and the flowers are in bloom. She is like a moody teen that has been hiding in her room […]

It’s Not What You Think

The Zombie Apocalypse wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. Yes, they walk around moaning and groaning, stumbling around a bit. The stopping and twitching gets a little distracting when you try to communicate with them. But all in all it’s not as bad as I have read. So far […]

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