I’ll Be Over Here.

The much needed rain yesterday was a bit too cold for my taste, but it didn’t seem to bother the baby bassets school friends at all. Wearing shorts and very light jackets, they ran around the schoolyard barely noticing the large raindrops that hitting the ground.  The chilly 50 degree weather was making me a […]

Find A Good Cartoon

I stayed up too late last night watching a movie where everyone dies in the end. They all die. They didn’t have to die, but they did anyway. This is why I only watch kids movies. I like my happy endings, and if I stay up late watching a movie with a happy ending, I […]

What’s The Scoop?

I have no idea what the heck I am going to do with these two big metal scoops I just had to have. Thankfully I got a really good deal on them and they cost me less than $14. They just reminded me of beautiful gardens and country baking. One of the scoops is so […]

The Doc Is In

I rented the movie Mockingjay part 1(The third book in book in the Hunger Games Series) the other day, and not wanting to wait until next September to find out what happens I read the book. They say this is a young adult book, but as an adult I am not sure I can handle […]

Candy, Candy, Land The Candy

It took me about three months, but I can finally hear the name Candyland without breaking into a cold sweat. I spent 5 months of my life working on the school walk-a-thon decorations, and it became my obsession. I thought of nothing else for those months and I was on the verge of completely cracking. […]

It’s Because The Cats Are Bad And Poop In My Plants.

I can accept people in my neighborhood seeing me in my blue robe and thinking I might be off my rocker a bit, while I yell at cats, holding a chicken. I’m cool with that because it’s only a few people and some day they might be acting all crazy in the front yard. Unfortunately, […]

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