Where Oh Where Little Chickie

I miss my little chickies. With all this rain I don’t go out and visit them as much and I am missing their bawk bawking. I still go out every day and feed them, give them treats and freshen up their bedding, but I don’t spend a lot of time hanging out with them because […]

Parents Had To Do That In The 80’s

I will not punch a person to get a Cabbage Patch Doll. Thaloc Has a Body (The Brodie Wade Series Book 2) Jerry Hanel Genre: Fantasy | Teen & Young Adult FREE for a limited time The Truth returns to torment Psychic Detective Brodie Wade, and he is caught off-guard with three bizarre statements from […]

A Storm Is Brewing

Storm is coming. It is the talk of the town. The BIG STORM! We will haveĀ  6 inches of rain and 50 mile per hour winds. I wonder if the rest of the country, where severe weather is common place and they take it all in stride, think us here in California are a bunch […]

You Did What Now?

Tomorrow is the big day! The worst day of the year to drive. My plans are to hide in my house with the other bassets, watch movies and get the house ready for Thanksgiving. My hubby and I are not on good terms right now though. He forgot to get the pumpkin pie and cheesecake […]

No Coughing On A Saturday

I do have one tiny problem with the rain. I’m not asking it to stop, so don’t give it any ideas, but just one little issue has come up. As the neighborhood snoop and busybody, it’s been a bit too quiet. Apparently my neighbors don’t like to go out in the rain. They could at […]

I Just Can’t Stop Thinking

My neighbor said to me yesterday that he had a secret about another neighbor. OH MY!!! I love secrets. I am pretty open about the fact that I can’t keep them. I always warn people of this. I can keep a secret about a gift someone is getting because I love presents even more than […]

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