In The City Of Light

Today we have the #1 Hot New Release in Essays & Travelogues. Paris — the most romantic, beautiful and frustrating city in the world! If you’ve ever traveled to Paris, lived in the City of Light or dreamed of setting foot on its cobblestoned streets, you’ll enjoy escaping into this collection of short stories about […]

Crazy Magoo

I completely forgot I attacked my neighbor at three in the morning yesterday with a mop. I was in full Mr. Magoo form as well, which really doesn’t help my coolness factor at all. I had just gotten up, I didn’t have my glasses on and I was still getting used to the light. I […]

A New Beginning

Yesterday was both exhausting and hilarious. It was the final stage in completing the new chicken coop. We finished building it and set it in it’s final place in the garden. The whole day was building, painting, and lifting a thousand pounds one inch at a time. All the while being watched by the ladies. […]

How Much Has It Grown?

It’s August now. This means one big thing for me and a lot of drivers who want to go south on the highway. Stay away from the section of highway with the pumpkin patch/corn field on the side. I don’t know why people can’t just drive by this section of highway at the regular speed. […]

How About A Treat?

Hubby has it in his head that we will be getting rid of the old chicken coop. I agreed with him in the beginning, but now I am having ideas. Great ideas! Ideas like, maybe I should turn it into a coop for breeding cute little chicks. Make it a nursery. I will keep my […]

Crazy Chickens

The ladies are going crazy. It has been about three days since I let them out of the coop to roam free because of a hawk lingering too close to home. I don’t see him this morning, so it may be clear for them. I am going to let them out and put my pup […]

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