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Face First In The Trashcan

When your x-rays come in and everyone in the room gasps, you know you might be a little messed up. Nothing crazy happened yesterday. I went to the chiropractor to see if they could help me with some back pain and headaches, and...

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Just Like A Bakery

My dining room table is filled with Christmas cookies. They look so pretty with their colorful sprinkles, bright red cherries, and adorable little sugar characters of Santa, the Gingerbread man, and Frosty the snowman. It is...

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Chicken What?

It’s that time of year again. My sweet chickie Jackie is oven ready. I feel so bad for her when she molts. She doesn’t just lose a few feathers over a few days, she loses all of them in about five minutes. One moment...

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Storm? What Storm?

If I had any doubts before, I certainly do not now. Those kids are TOUGH! As soon as it was time to go tick or treating they grabbed their goodie bags and umbrellas, and marched right out into the downpour. It was not a little...

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Bacon Improves Brain Activity

So I read in a very well respected online publication (shhhh…it was Facebook) that there is a very good explanation for why sometimes when we walk into a room we forget why we went in there in the first place. It has to do...

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Giant Chicken Rides

I was gone for only five days and my new chickens have doubled in size AGAIN! WHAT IS HAPPENING? If I leave again will they grow more? At this rate I should make a sign for the front yard that advertises chicken rides for kids....

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Before One Foot

It’s time to leave our little wooded paradise and get back to civilization. Of course we camp in a pop-up trailers, so we are not that far from the real world. Some might not call that camping, but if I have to fight...

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Robbing The Pollen Pants

I feel like Winnie the Pooh. I tasted the honey that our bees made, and now I can’t get it out of my head. I want more. I want to rob those fuzzy little critters right now. Just open the lid, stick my hand in there and...

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Do You Like My New Look?

Well! We finally did it. We have given Book Basset a fresh new look. I hate change, and it really took all I had to just take the leap and update Book Basset. Truth be told it was actually my hubby who did all the work, and...

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Mommy Meanest

I have decided to use tough love to merge my two flocks of chickens together. Yesterday and today I left all the ladies and girls in the coop and run, and did not let them out into the yard to stretch their wings and forage. In...

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