Toast With Jam

I have a weeks worth of nosy neighboring to make up. I better get a snack. Thores-Cross: A Yorkshire Ghost Story (Yorkshire Ghost Series Book 1) Karen Perkins Genre: Historical Fiction | Horror | Women’s Fiction | Fantasy FREE for a limited time #1 Bestseller – British Horror, A haunting horror thriller set in […]

Do I Get A Point?

On the one hand, my baby bassets are not watching TV or playing video games, and they are using their imagination as I have always encouraged them to do. On the other hand, they are making up songs about poop and farts. Is this a win or not? Hijacked (The Appalachian Foothills Series Book 1) […]

I Would Be Eaten First

Despite my kicking and screaming and clinging to the side of my friends houseboat, I was still forced to go home. As much as I loved being on the lake, I was still freaked out by the lake monsters. I really should be over these irrational fears, but shows like “River Monsters” certainly doesn’t help […]

Just One More Week

Time to pack up and return to civilization. I managed to not be eaten by lake monsters, my baby bassets are now 20x better swimmers than they were just seven days ago, and we have all had just about the best time hanging out with our family and friends. Forget this..I’m not going back. I […]

No I Do Not

I know there are no lake monsters in these waters, but I always have the feeling that something is watching me while I swim and wondering to itself, “I wonder if she tastes just like chicken.” Summer of Firefly Memories (Loon Lake Series Book 1) Joan Gable Genre: Women’s Fiction | Family Life | Contemporary […]

Take That And This

This whole week the fish have been teasing us. They jump out of the water and yell, “Can’t touch this!” I chomped on a few fish sticks and yelled back, “Anyone ya know?!” Silver Tongue Evelyn Ink Genre: Teen & Young Adult | Fantasy FREE for a limited time As the ice melts on Pearl […]

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