No Time For Beer

There are only three turkeys gathered downtown. The turkey gang I was telling you about earlier normally has about 6 or seven, but yesterday I saw only three. I’m not going to panic. No one would actually hunt those turkeys, right? I mean really now! They hang out downtown near all the bars. You know […]

Risk It All For Love

A great way to keep warm this winter is with these best selling sexy contemporary romances by author Jenn Roseton. Enjoy! A Billionaire Brothers’ Christmas (BBW Romance – Billionaire Brothers 6): Holiday Short Story Jenn Roseton Genre: Women’s Fiction | Romance | Short Stories | Contemporary Fiction FREE for a limited time This short story […]

I Love Chicken Nuggets

March 2012. I am not sure what it was about that month, but that seems to be the date on all of the food in my freezer. Okay…it only popped up three times, but all the other dates weren’t much better. They were all 2012 or 2013. We needed to clean out the freezer because […]

Dear Boss…

During this time of year it is very important that we help each other out. Those of you that work from home, please send a note to the bosses of those who work outside the home, excusing them from work for the rest of the week so that they can get some very important holiday […]

Get Me The Pumpkins

So the battle begins. Just a few days before Thanksgiving and I need to do the grocery shopping. I need a list. You can’t go into the crazy bin unprepared. If I see canned pumpkin I am buying it. They said there would be a shortage of pumpkins, but I have seen plenty. Maybe they […]

The Struggle Is Real

Why is it after I eat the cookie dough I want to go on a diet? Not before, but after. I hid some cookie dough in the freezer a month ago and I forgot about it. Last night I found it. I went all Mission Impossible and snuck about 5 pieces without my hubby or […]

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