Bear Like Twinkies, Right?

Today we are going up to the mountains where the bears hang out. I am being serious when I say I am a little nervous. When we were in Tahoe last February there was a mamma bear and her cub living under a porch two houses down. Now I think papa bear has moved into […]

Common Or Worldly bestselling author Connie Shelton has wowed readers with her down-to-earth characters, including female sleuth in her Charlie Parker mystery series. Now she introduces a new set of characters in a mystery series that contains a little romance, a little magic and a lot of chocolate! Enjoy! The Woodcarver’s Secret (Samantha Sweet Mysteries) Connie Shelton […]

A New Beginning

It feels like I have moved to a whole new neighborhood. My neighbors 30 foot tall trees that were cutting us off from half the neighborhood are gone. I was really happy to learn that the one next that was in the tree had long been abandoned, so no baby birds were disturbed. The sun […]

Red Lights, BREAKS, Red lights BREAKS!

It’s the Friday before a three day weekend. Everyone will be crazy. This is a fact, and I will be one of those crazy people. Saturday morning we are heading up to Tahoe. I love Tahoe. I love the trees, the mountains, hanging out with great friends and their kids. The whole thing is wonderful. […]

Count Your Eggs

Today my next door neighbors horrible tree that is more weed than tree is getting cut down. The good part is the tree is ugly, and I have been fighting the leaves and junk from it for years, so now that will finally come to an end. The bad part is there are birds nests […]

The Pumpkin Turns At Midnight

I don’t think I could be happier that it is Friday. This has been one of those weeks where everything had to happen all at once and just thinking about all the stuff that had to get done is exhausting. The ink from the notes on the calendar was so heavy I had to reinforce […]

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