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Tag: Romance

A New Beginning..Again

If I jog a bunch today, can I take it easy for the rest of the week? Oh wait… it’s Sunday. It’s a day of rest. I will try again Monday. The Heritage Paper by Derek Ciccone (26 Reviews) Genre: Suspense | Mystery...

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Don’t Move A Muscle

All the critters are working against me. During the week I always feed them at the same time, and even in the same order. It always goes, kitty first because he screams the loudest. Next is pup because he doesn’t bark or...

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Midnight Burn By Ashur Rose

Step into the sexy world of the Bane brothers in this first installment of the Gothic Angels series by author Ashur Rose. This is a full, standalone novel. Midnight Burn: a New Adult Paranormal Romance Novel (Gothic Angels) by...

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Back For You Later

Coco the guinea pig is a ninja. I had the piggies in a little enclosure on the ground for floor time so I could clean their cage, and that’s when little Coco showed off his ninja skills. He was scaling those walls faster...

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Happiness In Montana

This clean, sweet romance anthology by Rose Jenster, includes the novellas Mail Order Bride Leah and Mail Order Bride Tess, books 1 and 2 of the series. Enjoy each of their journeys in overcoming their challenging situations in...

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