Awaiting His Arrival

No cat has arrived yet. I must be patient. I must be brave. Convince Me To Live (The Grainger Files Book 1) Niles Manning Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense FREE for a limited time Would you take your own life to save the life of someone you loved? Janelle, a freshman in college, is coping […]

On A Mission

It feels like a gardening kinda day, but it will all be a waste of time if I can’t get that cat to stop pooping in my yard. I guess I will be forced to sit in my front yard all day in a lawn chair with a refreshing beverage and a garden hose. It […]

A Hundred Hearts

I know I am a day early, but I am going to decorate for Valentines Day. I am officially recovered from all the holiday decorations, and I feel comfortable about having more junk hanging from the walls. Time for the heart shaped doilies! Robin Hood Hacker Collection: including the #1 Techno-Thriller Encrypted (Robin Hood Hacker […]

The True Identities

Authors Jasmine Bowen and Zhu Hsia have combined their talents to write a young-adult, paranormal romance, that is an attention grabber from the start with a new twist on witches. This is an enthralling story about magic, about acceptance and tolerance, and the pitfalls of growing up. It is the first book of a trilogy. […]

Chicken Chalet

My chickies seem to have outgrown their little coop. It’s more like they are too heavy for the nest box. Hubby has reenforced it a few times, but that is just a band-aid. So for my birthday next month he has promised to make me a new chicken coop. Now how do I say this? […]

I Got Cupcakes On My Mind

I am not sure what I am more excited about for this weekend. The Super Bowl, the food, or the Super Bowl Commercials. My friend is bringing her cupcakes that I LOVE so much. OH MY!! It’s just going to be a beautiful weekend…cupcakes. DOUBLE UGLY Jim Murray Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense FREE for […]

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