A Shield Will Be Used

The weather has been looking more like Spring and less like the cold wet Winter we were promised, so I have caught a fever. Spring Fever! I bought a few flowers, and some mulch, and this weekend I intend on taking back my garden from the cold grip of Winter. I looked out there…it’s pretty […]

Magic Toothpaste

Oh the kid’s class parties. Today the baby bassets have their Valentines Day class party. I am bringing the craft for one class, the veggie platter for the other. It’s seems by now I have participated in about a thousand of these just this year. The chaos, the over sugared screaming kids eating glue, glitter […]

Pretty As Plastic

Since the bees seem to be overwhelming me at the moment I am going to sit with my sweet little chickies. These ladies know how to keep it simple. If you show them a treat they will eat it. If you put one in your lap, they will sit quietly and you can pet them […]

The More I Learn The Less I Know

I am loving the beekeeping class that my partner in crime and I are attending this month. My partner in crime said it best though when she said the more I learn the less I know. I knew there would be a lot to it, but it’s almost overwhelming just how much there is to […]

If I Could

I know I can’t have a pet fox, but if I could I would name her Beth. The Good Life Jodie Beau Genre: Women’s Fiction | Romance | Contemporary Fiction FREE for a limited time I was sitting on the toilet when he told me he wanted a divorce. Just like that, my charmed life […]

Taming The Wild Ones

Bestselling author Jane Porter’s Taming of the Sheenans is a brand new series about six powerful wealthy brothers from Marietta, Montana and boy oh boy do these men know how to take over a scene and own the room!┬áThe Sheenans are big, tough, rugged men, and as different as the Montana landscape. Vivid, inviting, and […]

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