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Just To Know

Why are cats made so cute and fluffy, and also sharp as all heck? It’s almost as cruel as making chocolate fattening. I mean really now! Why do this to us? Admit to Mayhem: Lillian Dove Mystery (Book One) D. J. Adamson (20...

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A Purple Robe To Boot

So my recent scare about being officially old has caused me to panic and announce that we (my partner in crime’s family and my family) are going out tonight. It’s Friday and we are going to party like it’s...

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A World Of Danger

AuthorĀ Amber Bardan’s A Bad for You series isn’t a romance for the lighthearted. It’s gritty, wild and passionate, and will have readers falling hard and fast. These heart-stopping, high-octane, highly...

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The Witch On The Edge

I am so old. It snuck up on me, and hit me hard. I said something the other day and I knew exactly what it meant when I said it. I was talking to a group of parents about my baby basset’s school walk-a-thon that I am...

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Swim With The Tuna Cans

I am pretty sure the only time my sweet, yet extremely lazy fat cat gets any exercise is when he is running in his dreams. Right now he is sleeping and I have never seen him twitch and move so much in his life. I am including...

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Cover That Up!

My sweet chickie Summer looks horrible. She is still molting. Seriously! How long is this going to go on for? Every day I go out to greet my sweet chickies, and I find about ten pounds of feathers scattered everywhere. She is...

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In The World Of Strange Magic

Author Heather Hamilton has an innate gift for writing and takes the reader on a fast-paced journey. Adventure and mystery, magic and intrigue await you at every turn. Enjoy! The Bad Luck Witch (The Bad Luck Witch Chronicles...

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I Like Scones

I am just going to say it. I do not feel bad about liking everything pumpkin spice. Cookies, bread, lip gloss. NOM NOM NOM! Oddly, I am not a fan of pumpkin spice lattes. I feel as if I should love them, but every time I have...

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The Stolen Gnome Pants

I actually made a dinner last night that my baby bassets liked. This happen once every four years. I wish I knew it was going to happen last night because I would have hired a photographer and bought a cake. It had chicken and...

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