Not Yet

Nope. I am just not in the mood yet to clean up after the Fourth of July party. It was a great party with family and friends and I had a blast as usual, but today I am finding it particularly hard to get up off the couch. The house has the strong smell of […]

Over The Rolling Green Hills

Wild Irish Rebel, by Tricia O’Malley, is a warm and endearing novel. O’Malley paints a gorgeous picture of Ireland that makes the heart yearn for the beautiful green hills and gentle fields of that beautiful island. Enjoy Wild Irish Rebel (The Mystic Cove Series Book 4) Tricia O’Malley Genre: Romance A loner at heart… Morgan […]

Sorry Boom Boom

I think my pup has declared the Fourth of July the worst day of the year. Not even the extra treats, including my hamburger, were enough to make the day even the least bit acceptable. No matter how much I shelter the critters there is just no escape from the flashes and booms that seem […]

Refuse To Fall

Author Alan Stroe describes himself as an adept of Romantic Realism. He strives to write about life as it was, is, and could be, dreaming about a better world that might come into existence through change in the hearts of men. Stroe has the ability to pull you into the story and hold your interest […]

Happy Fourth Of July!

House is clean, food is bought, hubby is ready to BBQ. Don’t forget the FIREWORKS!!!! I love Thanksgiving because it involves a lot of great food, and I love food, but the Fourth of July involves food AND fireworks! I love sitting in the front yard while the men and kids set off fireworks and […]

Not A Nice Care Bear Stare

It seems that my little chickies have gotten together and decided that only one egg will be produced each day. I have four chickens and I only get one egg a day! I love my sweet ladies, but we had an agreement. With hubby building the larger coop it is getting very tempting for me […]

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