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Tag: Romance

Jacks Are Wild

This top-rated mystery series is on sale for a limited time to introduce you to the wildly popular Detective Jack Stratton Mystery Books from bestselling author Christopher Greyson. Enjoy! JACKS ARE WILD (Detective Jack Stratton...

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Return Home My Friend

It’s a strange thing to miss the company of a large slug. I used to have a huge slug that wandered the garage at night eating spilled dog food and leaving shiny trails all over anything that was left on the ground. All...

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What’s In The Cauldron?

OKAY (Holding hands up)Don’t be mad at me, but I put a few Christmas books in this post. I am not trying to bring Christmas earlier or make your life crazy, but I thought they were good looking books and maybe you could...

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Hanging On By a Ribbon

Your car has a six CD changer and your IPod holds fifteen thousand songs? Meh… I would never need such a thing. I listen to the same album over and over again, and nothing will sound as good as the album that is my...

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Let The Cake Help Me Think

I am not exactly sure what the heck my sweet chickie Iggy was doing, but it sounded like she was making demands. All the other ladies had gone to bed last night, and I was just settling in myself, when I heard her. CLUCK CLUCK...

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