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A Coat Of Feathers

My sweet chickies do not seem to be affected by this cold weather at all. They cluck around the backyard like it’s not a freezing 50 degrees in the sun. Here I am thinking I should lock them up in the nest box area of the...

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On Second Thought

The news reports are talking about all the great snow we are getting. I scream at my baby bassets to look at the TV and see all the great snow. YAY! What a wonderful thing it is I tell them. I hate snow. It is everything I...

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Grab A Cookie And Ride

With the Christmas decorations twinkling all throughout the house and the cookies baked, I feel like it’s time for me to hold on tight and enjoy the ride. I will try my best not to blink because I will surly miss...

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Let Them Roam Free

After two days of baking I was pretty well worn out, but my Christmas tree still needed to be decorated, so I did something that I have never done before. I just handed the box of ornaments to my baby bassets and said have at...

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Just Like A Bakery

My dining room table is filled with Christmas cookies. They look so pretty with their colorful sprinkles, bright red cherries, and adorable little sugar characters of Santa, the Gingerbread man, and Frosty the snowman. It is...

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A City Destined

Author Ahmad Ardalan novels are the perfect blend of suspense and thrills. Never a dull moment, readers are taken on a ride filled with action and the most unexpected twists and turns. Enjoy! The Gardener of Baghdad Ahmad...

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Last night my annual Christmas Cookie bake-a-thon kicked off with a bang. The bang was me dropping all the cookie sheets, but I am happy to report that after that, everything went pretty smoothly. I was able to bake all the...

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Mini Me Meal

Last night I was wondering if there was anything I eat while it is still alive. I had to think about that for a while and then I concluded that in fact no I do not. I questioned it though. An odd thing to wonder, but I was...

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Rules For My Sanity

It was only the first day and I was already up in the middle of the night , worrying if my baby basset’s Elf on The Shelf was able to make it to the North Pole and back last night. Apparently my youngest basset was worried...

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Love And Cupcakes

If you are in the mood for fun reads filled with fantastic stories, strong characters, and some delicious recipes, then this romance collection by author Bethany Lopez is just what you are looking for. The perfect recipe for...

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