Where’s The Snooze?

Oh my goodness gracious what time is it? As happy as I am to be blogging for you this last day…that’s right it’s me Jackie if you haven’t figured it out yet…but I am so exhausted I can barely keep my eyes open. Last night the ladies and I threw quite the party and while […]

Not Your Average Princesses

If you are looking for a twist on the classic fairy tales then look no further than The Blood Prince series by Jennifer Blackstream. These are not your typical Prince Charmings… which is good, because these ladies aren’t your average princesses either. Fairy tale romances have never been so wicked. The Blood Prince Series, Books […]

They Are Running Amuck!

Well, well, after all this time I’m back! Thank heavens for long weekends… am I right? Though I must say I am a little disappointed that there were no fireworks, or confetti, or at least a tray full of crickets! This is a pretty pathetic welcome back for the queen of Mrs. Book Bassets ladies! […]

She Really Doesn’t Mind

One of the little faerie figurines I have in my garden had fallen off the little faerie bench yesterday. This should not make me feel bad. When I spotted her, while I was watering, I gasped and ran over to put her upright again. What the heck am I so concerned about? It’s a fake […]

Heart Of Stone

Enamor by Veronica Larsenis an exquisite read from start to finish that pulls on your heart strings, makes you howl with laughter and burn up hotter than a house on fire. Enjoy! Enamor Veronica Larsen Genre: Romance | Women’s Fiction | Sagas | Humor & Satire The first step in solving a problem is recognizing […]

Can You Cook That?

I am rather enjoying selling some of my old things using a garage sale app that I saw advertised on TV. I have only sold one thing so far, but it was so easy I am getting the itch to sell more and more. Everyone in the house better nail down their stuff because if […]

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