Silence In The House

It’s Saturday morning and the baby bassets are at grandma and grandpa’s. I have no clue what to do with myself. I could either accomplish a lot or nothing at all. Too many options. You just never know what I might do in the front yard, in my blue robe. With no kids to embarrass, […]

Do The Chickens Know What You Did With The Egg?

I don’t understand eggnog. Montana At Sunrise (The Brides of Broken Spur Book 1) Blaire Brand Genre: Romance FREE for a limited time A sweet western romance. The Brides of Broken Spur, #1 Montana Territory 1875 For Ellie Sheridan, becoming a mail order bride for Sheriff Frank Patterson and traveling to a small town in […]

Special Cookies You Don’t Want

I volunteered to help out in my baby basset’s classrooms today. They are having Christmas parties and I just can’t resist the homemade goodies the kids bring in. I have the routine down. As the kid are bringing in the snack I say to them, “OH what a delicious looking treat! Did you help make […]

I Love The Timing

The best is when I am singing along to my favorite tunes in the car, and I get to a stop light the same time the song turns into just music. Then the light turns green and the lyrics start back up. No one needs to see me singing badly, alone in my car, missing […]

Well That Was Weird

THE ELVES!!! They are after me! Marching by the hundreds…wait no…by the THOUSANDS they march towards me! Their tiny red hats pointing straight in the air, their smiles frozen on their faces. They are coming after me to…… Actually I have no clue why they are chasing me. I woke up completely confused. Nano Contestant […]

Follow A Star

Author M.A. Harper deft characterization, wry humor and quiet but momentous scenes of growing affection create deep-down satisfying novels. Enjoy! Diamonds In The Sky: A Southern Love Story M.A. Harper Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Women’s Fiction | Romance A LOVE STORY WITH GEMSTONES– AND UFOs! When struggling artist/shoe clerk Caddy Keyhoe stumbles across what may […]

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