Hug A Chicken Today

While at the fair yesterday, I had to visit the chickens. There were some amazing looking breeds and they were so beautiful! But none of them were quite as beautiful and precious as my little ladies. My ladies have such personalities and are so clever, that it really seems like my chickies are special. It […]

It’s Not A Bean, It’s A Heart

Yesterday was hubby and my 11th wedding anniversary, and as a special treat I made him a heart shaped pizza with fresh from our garden tomatoes and fresh from the store basil. The other half had pineapple and ham. So Yummy! I had bought the pizza dough from the store and I have to say […]


When I was young and my parents took me to the county fair, I hated it when they would pull me away from the cool rides to go look at a bunch of flowers. It drove me nuts! Why on Earth would anyone want to see a bunch of plants? UGH!! Yesterday was my turn. […]

Crazy Chickens

The ladies are going crazy. It has been about three days since I let them out of the coop to roam free because of a hawk lingering too close to home. I don’t see him this morning, so it may be clear for them. I am going to let them out and put my pup […]

Golden Treasure

This little cookbook is such a great find. My partner in crime’s grandmother gave her this cookbook with honey recipes that is dated all the way back to 1945. It’s fantastic treasures like these that make me even more excited about us starting our own little beehive. With all that fresh honey we can make […]

A Little Rude

Something ate my water plant. Who the heck would eat a water-plant? It hadn’t even spouted leaves yet and was still just a bulb at the bottom of the pond. I think there is a critter out there just being a jerk. I know we would all like to think that animals are great and […]

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