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Tag: Literary Fiction

Just A Pretty Turkey

There is no other word to describe how my sweet chickie Trudy looked today. Turkey. She looked like a huge male turkey. When I let the ladies out this morning, Trudy decided to hang back in the coop and sit on the eggs. Oh I...

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The World She Knows

Pink by J.B. Cantwell is a well written story of a young girl that escapes an abusive home life to enter the service. The story tells of her escape and passage through the many channels to be approved by the service. Cantwell...

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Deeper Than It Looks

I am pretty sure I got red carded by the mom referee last night. I was making dinner last night while the boys were on the other side of the counter chatting it up with me. The horror began when I sliced through what appeared to...

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Million Dollar Pig

Apparently Mother Nature didn’t get the memo yesterday that it was the first day of Spring. It was cold, rainy, and windy. Which made our trip to the vet yesterday with my guinea pig Henry seem almost a predictor of the...

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What Day Is It?

So I Googled, “First Day Of Spring 2017” and it is today. AWESOME! I am done with the rain and cold. Time to bring on the sunshine and ladybugs. I saw a few ladybugs in my neighbor’s yard, so I might snag a few...

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I Debt Owed

I kinda lied to everyone yesterday, actually I have been lying for a while now and it’s been a few lies. I could say I didn’t tell the whole truth. That sounds nicer. I have been sneaking lunch meat to my oldest...

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Betray My Twice Mr. Couch

I have my best ideas at night while I am sitting on the couch. The problem is, it’s usually too late to do anything by that time. The next day when I have the time, my brilliant idea seems to be too much trouble and not as...

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No Crying Over The Cake

I consider yesterdays birthday party for my youngest basset a great success. No one, including me, had a breakdown or cried. The Target H (The Penetrator Book 1) by Chet Cunningham (44 Reviews) Genre: Thrillers | Mystery FREE...

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U-Turn In Life

My Grape Escape: (The Grape Series #3) by Laura Bradbury (294 Reviews) Genre: Travel | Biographies & Memoirs FREE for a limited time A twenty-six year old newlywed on the path to a prestigious legal career in London buys a...

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I Will Huff & Puff

No guinea pigs yet. Oh the waiting is killing me. The piggies got delayed one extra day, which is a good thing because their cage isn’t due to arrive until today. I had a temporary pen set up for them, but if we have the...

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What Village Is This?

Once my mind gets stuck on something, there is just no getting it out until the job is done. I have been obsessing over what to about the little piggies outdoor habitat. I want to to it all natural one moment, and the next I...

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