The Beekeeper Army

I should have thought of my beekeeper classmates as fellow warriors for the good of bees, but instead I see them as competition. That’s just until I secure our order of bees of course. The beekeeping class was pack last night. As I looked around the room I recalled the beekeeping club meeting that my […]

Soon Bee Soon

I am starting a new blog in addition to Book Basset, about the beekeeping adventures of my partner in crime and I. I am very curious to see how this will work, since it will be written by both of us. I have had Book Basset all to myself and while a few people see […]

Santa Wore Red

Today is February first, so I can decorate for Valentines Day! I know that it seems a little weird to decorate for a small holiday, but it’s so easy and it’s fun for the kids. I just put a bunch of hearts all over the living room and hang a little banner that says Happy […]

A Pleasant Crackle

My little bassets know the sound of a Lego package being opened, and that is unfortunate for me. Yesterday, while the kids were playing oh so loudly in their rooms, I decided it would be a great time to relax and put together a Lego set I had been saving for quite some time. The […]

Lego My Money

Sadly, it might be the end of an era. The local toy store has the latest series of Lego Minifigures and the price is just too rich for my blood. At $5 a piece and 16 in each series, it is no longer fun, but an over-priced indulgence that seems a bit outrageous. Legos have […]


I hate all these articles or whatever, that say I have been doing something wrong my whole life. Apparently I have been eating chips wrong (in my heart no matter how you eat chips it’s never wrong), I have been using shampoo wrong, tying my shoes wrong..bla bla bla bla. Who is this pompous person […]

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