Tick Tock Giggle

Every day my baby bassets announce how many days we have left until Christmas. A fun and exciting announcement for them, but a daily reminder of how much I need to panic. “Only 9 more days until CHRISTMAS!” They bounce with anticipation, I sweat with perspiration. It seems like a cruel form of torture that […]

Parents Had To Do That In The 80’s

I will not punch a person to get a Cabbage Patch Doll. Thaloc Has a Body (The Brodie Wade Series Book 2) Jerry Hanel Genre: Fantasy | Teen & Young Adult FREE for a limited time The Truth returns to torment Psychic Detective Brodie Wade, and he is caught off-guard with three bizarre statements from […]

Use Your Knees

I found the broken light in my tree..FINALLY!! The trees has little bits of cookie dough in it, since I kept checking it between batches. Fine..it will heat up and smell like cookies. I meant to do that. Now I have a new issue. With a jar filled with extra Christmas lights, why can’t I […]

Special Ingredient

The cookie baking has begun. Once the baby bassets began making their gingerbread house and the smell of cookies filled the air, I couldn’t help myself. I started to panic though. My list of people who receive cookies has grown quite a bit this year. I would ask the baby bassets to help, but lets […]

The Man Needs Cookies

Everyone is the entire Bay Area here has been preparing for the storm that started last night and is going to continue through Thursday night. The shops were overflowing with people buying supplies and all the schools were already notifying everyone that they would be closed. So it’s gonna be big. Gotcha. What I saw […]

One Step Before The next

I always remember I am on a diet after I finish the treat. Funny how my brain works. Family Secrets (The Third Charon Family Adventure Book 3) Rod Pennington Genre: Humor & Satire | Action & Adventure THE #1 KINDLE BESTSELLER IN “Dark Comedy” In this humorous dark comedy series you’ll meet the Charons. They’re […]

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