Run To The Carrot

When your goal each day is to not eat a piece of cake, and that is a challenge, it might be time to check yourself. You might want to also question why the heck there is always cake around. If Only I had… Jacqueline Garlick Genre: Coming of Age | Romance | Teen & Young […]

It Must Have Been The Mud

Not to scare anyone and cause panic, but does anyone else see how close October is? As soon as October first comes around it’s like the starting gun going off for the holiday race. Everyone talks about how crazy Christmas is, but for some reason it’s October that feels the busiest. I straitened up the […]

Ain’t Nothing Good About Humidity Except Corn

Truly original and captivating, author Robert K. Swisher Jr. novels raise the bar of writing with his distinctive and highly original stories, verging on a brand new genre. He has an ability to create unusual but believable characters and deliver a highly entertaining read, with hidden depths. Enjoy! HOPE Robert K. Swisher Jr. Genre: Metaphysical […]

My Best Friend

I spend a lot of time making decorations for kids birthday parties, holidays, and now walk-a-thons. One thing I really appreciate when I am in the middle of a big project is instant costumes at the party store. Usually, towards the end of September, I take the kids to the party store to pick out […]

Who Said Cake?

I don’t recall ever being more glad it is Friday. I can even accept the fact that I still have a full day of work ahead of me, just knowing that Friday night is only a few hours away. I might buy myself a little cupcake just to start the celebration early. Mad Tinker’s Daughter […]

Did You Know About This?

Oh my gosh! I’m think my kitty Sinatra and pup Jethro wrote a book. I will have to spend the morning reading it to see what they are up to. Check out the last book I listed today. Happy Monday! A Perfect Mess (A Perfect Secret Book 1) Zoe Dawson Genre: Coming of Age | […]

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