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Tag: Literary Fiction

Tidal Wave Of Fun

I think my old pup Jethro would have thought it was a perfect day at the beach yesterday, aside from all the young pups getting in his face, if it weren’t for that one rogue wave that smashed him up against the wall and...

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No Balloons Today

I have been holding on so tight to what little honey my partner in crime and I harvested from our bees this year, that I have not been enjoying it like I should. When someone new comes over I let them take a taste, but then I...

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Searching The Past

Author Debbie White’s beautifully written and heartfelt romances are a perfect way to spend a cold winter day. These flinch free, clean contemporary novels are charming and a pure joy to read. Enjoy! Ties That Bind by...

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Should I Stay Or Snow?

Well things are getting crazy in Lake Tahoe. The Sierra Avalanche Center has issued an advisory that all residents stay inside. Just stay there people. Don’t go on the streets, don’t wander in the woods, don’t...

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A Solid Plan

If this is the storm of the century I should go hang out in Costco. Maybe make a little fort for myself and family in one of the racks. … Sound of Thunder (Freedom’s Coalition Book 7) James Huber (158 Reviews) Genre:...

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BEE Ready!

I can’t believe it’s that time of year already. Time to order bees for the Spring. I think this year I want to get a colony from a swarm caught by another beekeeper. The swarm my partner in crime and I bought last...

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Quite Fast in Slippers

Hubby was so happy for about two seconds when I said I couldn’t stomach another Hallmark Original Christmas special. The joy was short lived when I noted that Valentines Day was right around the corner, and while I...

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