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Tag: Literary Fiction

A Fun Cry?

Why on Earth did I binge watch a show that makes me cry they entire time? It was one of those medium shows where the medium contacts the dead of a loved one and everyone cries. Hey, nice to meet you, a dead guy here is telling...

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No Grudge In A Chicken

I guess chickens don’t hold grudges. I just can’t figure out how Naughty can chase, ruthlessly peck at, and just be all around mean to the new chickens, (Stella, Iggy, and Trudy), but then snuggle up to at night....

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Marigold Cake

Hello all – It is me Jackie, and I’m afraid that over the last couple days I have made rather a fool of myself. I know I can blow things out of proportions, and some of the ladies helped me try to understand that. So...

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Kickass Heroines

If you are looking for a great book from fantasy to historical fiction then look no father than author Thea Atkinson. Her books will have you hooked. Once you pick them up you won’t be able to put them down. Filled with...

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The garage sale is happening this Saturday whether I like it or not. Oh I do not like it soooo bad. It will happen though. I have spent the last two weeks cleaning out the attic, going through boxes I haven’t opened in...

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