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Tag: Literary Fiction

Free Range Kindle Books

After watching a ton of YouTube videos on how to introduce a new guinea pig to a pair of piggies (and a few cat doing crazy stuff videos as well) I got to work making Peanut best buds with Coco and Henry. Oh.. by the way…...

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Odds Are Not So Good

Do you know what I like most about my bees? The fact that I set about 1500 new bees next to our other bee colonies and they didn’t say one nasty thing to each other. They just went buzz buzz and went out exploring. I might...

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Attaining The Dream

Author C.A. Huggins novels are sly, humorous and a entertaining look at people in everyday life. His novels are darkly comedic and full of ‘that’s so wrong’ kind of humor, the kind you’ll want to read aloud to your spouse and...

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