Don’t Move!

I am addicted to cat videos on YouTube. I know it sounds cliche, but I just love watching those silly little critters do cute and funny things. You always hear about those people who watch those videos, and you automatically think they are the weird people. Now I won’t deny my level of uniqueness, there […]

Tax And Fruit

I wonder how much my hubby notices what plants I have in the garden. The citrus plant I lost wasn’t terribly expensive, but still a big bummer and I want to replace it. He doesn’t give me any grief when I lose a plant, but it is tax season and money is always a sore […]

Jump, Crawl, Run

I am still trying to jog. I say trying because running has not gotten any better for me. I don’t get that high those happy runners talk about and I don’t get lost in my thoughts. I have one thought, “I hate this.” I need to get myself in shape for Tough Mudder (A 10 […]

Fly Chicken Fly

I want to put on a blue spandex outfit with a red cape and free all the chickens that are not free range. I would have to wear red rubber boots. I can see that would be very important. Off the Grid (Underground Book 1) Cassandra Carr Genre: Action & Adventure | Mystery, Thriller & […]

But It Makes Sense To Me.

I was a good and responsible parent today and I did not play hooky with my kids. I think just knowing I could if I wanted to gave me a boost of energy, that and the cup of coffee. I learned years ago to never make any decisions before the first cup of coffee is […]

Did She Really Sound Like That?

My little chicken Naughty was originally meant to be a companion for my very round little bantam Heather. Heather seems to have other plans. She spends all her time hanging out with Summer, and this is a bit of a surprise since Summer was very aggressive towards her in the beginning. For a while I […]

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