Not The Same As Real Candy

Just a little fact for your Monday morning. Did you know that a slug will eat a board game if left on the garage floor. It would seem that the slug that lives in my garage and strolls around looking for dog food, is not a picky eater. I found the Candyland boardgame that I […]

Dive Headfirst Into The Quicksand

The Women of Greece series by Alex A. King, are skillfully written novels with a smooth pace and captivating imagery. These are touching novels that readers find are both humorous and authentic. Enjoy! Seven Days of Friday (Women of Greece Book 1) Alex A. King Genre: Literary Fiction | Humor & Satire | Women’s Fiction […]

Rebel Chickie

I’m going to winterize the garden today. Yes it’s too soon, but the chickies decided I don’t need any plants. How can four sweet tiny chickens be so destructive? I better get some good eggs out of them for that. Post-Human Series Books 1-4 David Simpson Genre: Science Fiction FREE for a limited time This […]

Sometimes He Just Feels Like A Cat

Sometimes I wonder if I blink too much. The Silver Hook: A Story of Deception, Love, Greed and Violence Simmering in the Heart of the Deep South J. A. Griffin Genre: Action & Adventure | Literary Fiction FREE for a limited time “The Silver Hook” is about life in a small southern town in the […]

Just The Right Time

I’m glowing. No..walking on air with the biggest smile on my face.  My youngest basset asked me if he could play ice hockey. This seemed a bit out of left field so I asked him why he chose ice hockey. He said he wanted to play all the sports that I did. He wanted to […]

More Running, More Punching

Today the boxing class is being taught by an awesome instructor, but…and there certainly is a “But” in this one, she makes you work..A LOT! Oh my gosh, I have seen her classes and those students are running a lot, punching bags 100 times, burpees, and other forms of cardio torture. This morning I seem […]

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