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Tag: Literary Fiction

Demons Of The Past

Kyla Stone’s brand new release, Who We Are Instead as well as Beneath the Skin, are beautifully written and heart wrenching novels. Emotionally powerful, these tales will stay with you long after the last page. Who We Are...

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I Wish So Hard!

I don’t think hubby is taking me seriously when I tell him I wanted a hedgehog for my birthday. Maybe because he knows they are illegal in California, and also because I am insane. I have been asking for one for the past...

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The Timer Starts NOW!

Easter is still quite a bit of time away, April 16th, so I feel like I have enough time that I can plan a little something something special. I haven’t figured out yet if that means something special in the garden for...

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Not Quite Too Mean

I think I lucked out. After all the work I did in the garden moving plants from their pots into the ground, I think most, if not all, have lived. A week later and they have not turned in to dried up twigs is a good sign. They...

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Socks On A Chicken

I am getting a bit inpatient waiting for it to be the right time to plant my seeds for the garden. I know you can plant indoors to get them started, but space is a issue in our home. So, I was thinking of stealing space from...

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A Chicken Waiting

So far I feel pretty lucky. My sweet chickies have not discovered the raised garden yet. Maybe it’s because there are too many interesting and tasty bugs underneath distracting them. I would prefer to not have to put...

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A Safe Cupcake

Apparently everything I have been doing and eating is wrong. I really need to stop reading and becoming informed. Table salt is bad, so I switched to Himalayan salt. The cartons of fresh squeezed OJ, that I have been drinking...

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A Jar Full of Nerf

I think I broke my toe. I don’t know when or how, but it looks bad. This is pretty common for me. I run around so much, and I am so focused on what I am doing that cuts and bruises show up all the time without me even...

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Robot Army

I found the cure for chocolate addiction. Play with your food. I am trying to come up with a fancy Valentines Day dessert for hubby and my baby bassets, and I have been testing out different ways to mold chocolate. I really had...

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A Toy Hammer

Have you ever screamed No in your head so loud you were sure people could hear it? I am pretty sure my hubby heard my thoughts after he told me that my youngest baby basset wants to help build the raised garden boxes. Hubby...

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My Mind Is Crazy

I just do not like it when, in the middle of the night, I hear mysterious large booms. It gets especially worrisome when it is stormy outside and the wind is crazy wild. Had it been July, I would have thought the noise came from...

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The Familiar Burn

This top-rated mystery-thriller series is on sale for a limited time to introduce you to the wildly popular Detective Jack Stratton Series from Wall Street Journal bestselling author Christopher Greyson. Greyson’s novels...

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