Just A Whole Lotta Nope

I normally would not post a meme, but this is exactly why I use a kindle. The Big Mitt (A Detective Harm Queen Novel Book 1) Erik Rivenes Genre: Mystery | Thrillers FREE for a limited time Life was finally looking good for Harm Queen when New Year’s Day 1901 dawned over Minneapolis. His old […]

The Proof Is In The Clucking

It’s one thing to suspect the neighbors think you are a crazy chicken lady, but a whole other to have it confirmed. Apparently my neighbors next door heard the entire conversation I was having with my ladies as I was cleaning out their coop. Jackie was in her nest box and Summer was standing next […]

Just Another Thought

I have decided that Mega-stuffed Oreos are a gift from Heaven. Thank you. A Hardboiled Murder: An Aggie Underhill Mystery (A quirky, comical adventure): An Aggie Underhill Mystery Michelle Ann Hollstein Genre: Mystery | Humor & Satire FREE for a limited time The body of a film star crashes upon the roof of a moving […]

With Sloths I Run

My body just doesn’t like to wake up in the morning. It is slow moving and feels heavy. Often I need a good ten minutes just to pull the covers away and roll myself out of bed. EXCEPT when I wake up to the sound of a cat gagging. The speed of which I move […]

Just Too Much Jar

How about just a little funny today? At God’s Mercy: WW2 Mystery L. L. Fine Genre: Mystery | World Literature FREE for a limited time Can you escape your past’s ghosts? Poland, World War II. A desperate young Jewish woman sacrifices her life to save her baby twins from the terrible death that awaits them. […]

Bigger Pockets Needed

I have never had a jog/hike that I can look back at and say was exciting. With all the creatures out there who want to eat hikers I really appreciate that nothing exciting happens, until yesterday. My partner in crime and I were out hiking through a beautiful, yet very painful hilly regional park when […]

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