Chicken Chalet

My chickies seem to have outgrown their little coop. It’s more like they are too heavy for the nest box. Hubby has reenforced it a few times, but that is just a band-aid. So for my birthday next month he has promised to make me a new chicken coop. Now how do I say this? […]

High On A Ladybugs Shoulders

I thought it was Friday when I woke up. Classic Thursday morning mistake. I always complain that time speeds by way too fast, so I should be grateful for this bonus day. There is so much I can do with it. So much to accomplish. So much to achieve. I could become the brilliant person […]

T-Rex Hates Pullups As Well

OH MY GOSH!! Will someone please just send California some rain!? I was daydreaming about what plants I want to plant for Spring, but maybe I should be looking at rocks instead. What do I want to go with, round or jagged rocks? Hmmmmm… Delusions of Grandeur: A Novel (Shattered Delusions Book 1) Buck Winthrop […]

Time To Run

I am really curious as to why my chickie Summer thinks it is necessary to cluck and cheer as if she just laid an egg, when it was really one of the other ladies that did all the work. I know she is not laying right now. I know what color her eggs are. What? […]

Look To The Past

Award-winning author David W. Berner’s stories linger like wood smoke on a cold night. This┬ámemoir weaves tales of broken bonds, of need and longing, of glimmering memory and buried regrets, all with clear-eyed affection and recognition that to be human is to shoulder on despite what we’ve lost. Enjoy! Any Road Will Take You There: […]

Touched By Fate

Author Cara Swann is fantastic at creating compelling characters and writing stories with outcomes that you would never had expected. Enjoy your Friday night with a beautiful collection of her novels filled with intrigue, romance, and mystery. Quest for Destiny Cara Swann Genre: Romance | Fantasy Have you ever met someone you felt you’d known […]

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