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Tag: Literary Fiction

Footprints On The Ceiling

When handing out punishment to my baby bassets for things like being called to the principles office twice in one day, I like to stick to the classics like no TV, no video games, and scrubbing all the floors in the house with a...

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Take A Chance On Goodbye

It has been about three years since I have finished the second to last book of a series I absolutely loved. I refuse to read the last one just because I am not ready to break up with the characters I have grown to love over the...

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Necessary Madness by Jenn Crowell

From the critically acclaimed author of Etched On Me comes a poignant, moving story of resilience and second chances. Necessary Madness Jenn Crowell (26 Reviews) Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Women’s Fiction | Literary...

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An Evil Pumpkin Plan

The pumpkins are multiplying nicely in my front yard. Yesterday hubby and I went to a discount food store where they had the fancier pumpkins for the same price of the regular pumpkins at other stores. I am so smart. Hubby...

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Bring The Beans And Candy

It is only six days until my baby bassets school walk-a-thon, that I am responsible for. I am responsible for planning one of the biggest fundraisers of the year, and all I can think about right now is..(no, not pumpkin spice as...

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I Don’t Know The Lie

THE PUMPKIN PATCHES ARE OPEN!!! AAHHHHHH! GRAB ANYTHING SHORT, ROUND,  AND PUMPKINNY! So it begins. Every year I buy pumpkins and start putting them around the front of the house is a number and arrangement that is hard to pin...

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Very Very Necessary

Hubby says I should learn to do things last minutes like the rest of the world does. Then I wouldn’t be so tired. CRAZINESS! Also a bit true. I am completely ready for the baby basset’s school walk-a-thon. I have the...

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Milk, Eggs, Boogie Board

Every time I go to Costco I want to buy myself a little present like a set of colorful pens or a couch. Maybe a boogie board in case I feel the need to be a cool mom. I never get to be a cool mom, so the boogie board would...

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Do you know how much Halloween stuff I have put out? Just one little 20 pound pumpkin. THAT’S IT! By now I would have snuck out a few hundred bats and a least four or five glitter skulls. You just can’t have enough...

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Is It Monday Still?

My plans to do nothing are always thwarted by my busy schedule and the whole having to work thing. That gets in the way to. Hmmph. Murder U R.D. Sherrill (7 Reviews) Genre: Mystery | Suspense FREE for a limited time...

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No You See Me

No matter how much I tried to convince my sweet chickies yesterday, they would not come out of their coop. I even stepped back out of the way thinking they really must not want a pet from me this morning, but that didn’t...

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