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Tag: Literary Fiction

Grab A Cookie And Ride

With the Christmas decorations twinkling all throughout the house and the cookies baked, I feel like it’s time for me to hold on tight and enjoy the ride. I will try my best not to blink because I will surly miss...

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A City Destined

Author Ahmad Ardalan novels are the perfect blend of suspense and thrills. Never a dull moment, readers are taken on a ride filled with action and the most unexpected twists and turns. Enjoy! The Gardener of Baghdad Ahmad...

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Her Big Green Head

My friends and family hate me right now. I have finished all my Christmas shopping and it isnt even December yet. I shouldn’t flaunt it in peoples faces, but lets face it Christmas shopping is a chore. Those of you who say...

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No Normal Today

I am trying to figure out what size pants will fit my chickens. Have you ever done that before? Yaa…not normal. Love, Lies & Consequences Natasha D. Frazier (11 Reviews) Genre: Literary Fiction | United States |...

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When The Robots Takeover

Since today is Cyber Monday and no one is actually going to get any work done, can we just declare it a holiday? I think that would be best. Thank you. Living Apart Together (Book 1) Elise Darcy (38 Reviews) Genre: Women’s...

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Fuel The Fire

I am so hungry right now, but I don’t want to eat anything because it will take up valuable space in my stomach that is reserved for stuffing and turkey. I don’t want to waste it on a lowly sandwich. BLEGH! I’m...

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An Impulsive Journey

Marianne Sciucco is the master of writing with vivid detail. Take a journey and peek into the lives of these unique and wonderful characters that Sciucco has created. Enjoy! Collection: A Daisy Hunter Story Marianne Sciucco (17...

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A Crazy Kind Of Calm

The curse of the big couch strikes again! OH THAT COUCH! I have nine people coming over for Thanksgiving dinner and because of that ugly, oh so comfy, wanna make you melt into and never come out couch, is making it so I...

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Peace On Earth Carrot

Feeling stressed from the holidays already? Not a problem. Just watch a slow motion video of a hamster, laying on is back, eating a carrot, all in slow motion. So. So. Calming. The Sea and the Silence Peter Cunningham (127...

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