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Tag: Literary Fiction

The Gnome Stood On Top

I must have chosen wisely this year with my garden because it is at it’s peak and my pup can still walk through his yard. By this time last year it had gotten so overgrown, that my poor pup had to dig through large...

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Fit For A Turkey!

I am going to say something I have never said before in my entire life. I really want to go for a run. I downloaded a free app called Zombie Run, where you live out a zombie adventure while you jog. I am not a big zombie fan,...

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One Level Lower

So those books on the nightstand that made me feel smart yesterday…they have dust on them. UGH! Now I feel lazy and like a slob. Where did all that dust come from? The glasses look pretty dirty as well. Just add that to my...

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Made You Smile!

This guy!!! Sabotage: A Reece Culver Thriller – Book 2 Bryan Koepke (7 Reviews) Genre: Action & Adventure | Mystery FREE for a limited time An auto accident – A vacation interrupted – A budding romance...

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Redefining Life

The warmth of an evolving friendship bound by mutual interests and a family’s recovery from close-held grief makes the processes in A Widow Redefined by Kim Cano revealing and involving. Any reader seeking a story of...

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Peel Back A Shade

Author Thea¬†Atkinson is a two-time winner of the Indie B.R.A.G Medallion for her mainstream novels One Insular Tahiti and Throwing Clay Shadows. If you’re a new adult paranormal romance reader or a lover of women’s...

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It Was Worth It!

They lied to me. I know they meant well, so I can’t get mad at them, but it was a lie. Last year my partner in crime and her hubby said I water skied. I doubted them at first because all I saw was water rushing over my...

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