Sometimes He Just Feels Like A Cat

Sometimes I wonder if I blink too much. The Silver Hook: A Story of Deception, Love, Greed and Violence Simmering in the Heart of the Deep South J. A. Griffin Genre: Action & Adventure | Literary Fiction FREE for a limited time “The Silver Hook” is about life in a small southern town in the […]

Just The Right Time

I’m glowing. No..walking on air with the biggest smile on my face.  My youngest basset asked me if he could play ice hockey. This seemed a bit out of left field so I asked him why he chose ice hockey. He said he wanted to play all the sports that I did. He wanted to […]

More Running, More Punching

Today the boxing class is being taught by an awesome instructor, but…and there certainly is a “But” in this one, she makes you work..A LOT! Oh my gosh, I have seen her classes and those students are running a lot, punching bags 100 times, burpees, and other forms of cardio torture. This morning I seem […]

Be The Care Bear

I have zero interest in putting my chickie Heather in a broody box. She has always been sweet and cuddly, but now she is insanely cute and cuddly. She even changed shape into a cuter version of herself. I had her sitting on my lap, petting her and telling her about my day (I think […]

Floating On The Surface

Patty Friedmann, the reigning queen of black comedy, hits it  out of the park with each of her novels. Humorous and heartbreaking, she is adept at capturing that quirky combination of love and resentment her characters feel, that I am sure a lot of us are familiar with in our own lives. Enjoy! Pick-Up Line: […]

Stop Yelling At The Dog

I do not really like to take aggressive measures with my little chickies and avoid it at all costs. Putting my sweet Heather in a broody box just doesn’t sit well with me. Yes, I know it doesn’t harm her, and I know it is a perfectly acceptable way to deal with a broody chickie, […]

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