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Tag: Humor

Pass it To Me!

There is nothing like a fun night out watching the Globetrotters with your family to make you want to stay home the next day and veg out with your family under one big blanket on the couch. Now mind you I didn’t. I was a...

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No Balloons Today

I have been holding on so tight to what little honey my partner in crime and I harvested from our bees this year, that I have not been enjoying it like I should. When someone new comes over I let them take a taste, but then I...

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Lazy Chickens

My sweet chickies have been cooped up for so long because of the weather, and I felt so guilty. When we finally have a break in the rain, and I sent them free on the yard, they spend it inside another house. You should have...

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Brussels Sprouts For Life

I watched a short Youtube video about foods that are a lie. It wasn’t supposed to be a big life changing video or anything. It was just a little eye opener into the crazy world of food manufacturing. Like when you think...

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Should I Stay Or Snow?

Well things are getting crazy in Lake Tahoe. The Sierra Avalanche Center has issued an advisory that all residents stay inside. Just stay there people. Don’t go on the streets, don’t wander in the woods, don’t...

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Swim This Way

My poor pup was not liking the rain at all yesterday and he was going to stand his ground. He had decided that he was going to wait it out and be very uncomfortable rather than just go outside, go pee and get a little wet. Well...

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A Solid Plan

If this is the storm of the century I should go hang out in Costco. Maybe make a little fort for myself and family in one of the racks. … Sound of Thunder (Freedom’s Coalition Book 7) James Huber (158 Reviews) Genre:...

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A Wish For Squishy

I did the walk of shame this morning, but not quite like the college kids do on Sunday morning. No, it was a mom style walk of shame through my living room with all my goodies from my yearly pilgrimage to IKEA. I really...

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Chickens In Leggings

Three days into the new year and I have decided I am not going to try and keep any New Years resolutions. Especially since I had already blown any that I was even slightly thinking about by 2:15pm on January 1st. NOPE! Now I...

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