Oh!! I’m Worried

I’m not gonna lie. I am still wearing my copper woven shirt. I really believe it has the power to heal and I can’t give it up. The coach at my gym strongly suggested that I attend a workshop that is taking place tonight with a guest coach. It a very nice way he advised […]

Can I Get Zapped With This?

I made a purchase with my Birthday money and the package arrived yesterday! I have been trying to workout in the gym and I have to say, working out pretty much makes me feel like poop. I am always sore and in pain. I don’t get these people who are happy about working out. I […]

Just A Cup Of Happiness

Hubby Basset and I rarely argue about anything. We disagree on stuff, but our voices are usually pretty calm. The tension was high yesterday. Oh, it was getting ugly. What was the problem? Money? Nope. House or kids? Nope. It was me trying to figure out how to do something on the computer. My usual […]

The Rush Of Crazy Love

If you love contemporary romance with a touch of humor, you will love author Lily Zante’s A Perfect Match Series.  Find out for yourself why so many fans have fallen in love with high-flying career woman Nadine, and the sexy, smoldering hunk of a man, Ethan. Enjoy! The Proposal (A Perfect Match Series Book 1) […]

Better Start Now

I put a book in today on how to be totally awesome. This is my plan. I am going to be totally awesome. On a daily basis I tell my very young and impressionable baby bassets that I am awesome, and so far they believe me, but they will get older and wiser and realize […]

Two Trips To The Samples

As far as being a rebel, my level is “Kiddie Pool”. Costco is getting in their veggies and plants in now, and I just couldn’t help myself. I bought a three pack of tomato plants, but I really didn’t want three of the same kind of tomato, so I mixed the pack. First I looked […]

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