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Tag: Humor

Pillow Me Purr

I read that listening to a cat purr is good for your health. I decided that since my kitty Sinny is as big as a pillow, and wasn’t earning his weight around the house, it was time to put him to work. I was kinda half...

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A Walk In Your Claws

Today we are off to the San Fransisco Academy of Science, or as my baby bassets like to call it, the Academy of Scientists. I haven’t corrected them yet on that one.. maybe when they are 30. The place is fantastic with the...

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Bacon Hugs

Today I am taking my baby basset’s guinea pig, Henry, to the vet for a recheck. One week into having him I found out he had a horrible ear infection and it appears to have caused a lot of damage. His head will be forever...

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I Debt Owed

I kinda lied to everyone yesterday, actually I have been lying for a while now and it’s been a few lies. I could say I didn’t tell the whole truth. That sounds nicer. I have been sneaking lunch meat to my oldest...

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Sprout Today

It’s funny how this one little sprout is making me so happy. I think it might be a Morning Glory, and not the snap pea that I originally thought, but it’s a start! Oak Mountain (The Oak Mountain Trilogy Book 1) by...

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I Named It Bacon

It’s noon and all I have had to eat was a very yummy piece of bacon. It’s like magic. I am not hungry at all after having one piece of bacon at 7am. I think I am going to start a new weight loss craze. I will call it...

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Lettuce Love

The piggies don’t quite love me yet, or at all for that matter. As far as they are concerned I am still the giant claw that comes down and swoops them out of their happy place. They haven’t resorted to biting yet...

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A Fork And Duct Tape

Tomorrow is garbage day. I have to eat as much of the leftover birthday cake as I can. I’m just going to tape the fork to my hand. Murder at the Lodge (Inspector Peach Series Book 7) by J M Gregson (3 Reviews) Genre:...

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A New Plan

If you’re looking for funny chick lit or a romantic comedy, than look no further than this collection from a breakout voice in chick lit,  Charlene Ross! Humorous and  entertaining, this sassy heroine will have you...

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Buzzy Buzzy Days

The sun is out and the days are getting warmer. This week at least. I heard it was going to rain next week, so I am going to enjoy the nice weather while I can, sick or not. Yesterday was a wonderful taste of warmer days top...

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