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Tag: Humor

I Hid The Gnome

My diabetic kitty is getting fat again. I don’t understand it one bit. He is exercising, eating well, and getting plenty of sleep. So why is he gaining weight again? I can sympathize with him, but I will admit I am a bit...

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Eyes For You Bacon

I seemed to have re-kindled my love for bacon. Not sure exactly what happened, but I seem to be going through enough of it to make me ponder buying stock in it. I am starting to look for funny bacon memes, and unique ways to...

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High Risk…High Stakes

The fun loving novel Shell Game by bestselling author Chris Keniston, returns to the beginning of the popular beach read Aloha Series. A glimpse into the past sheds light onto the friendship between the regulars at the Big...

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No Temptation Monday

Somehow I justified eating Circus Cookies for breakfast. Not sure how I did it, but it happened and now I am paying the price with a stomach ache. I think once you have gotten to that point it’s time to go on a diet. Not...

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Just Plain Nice

When I was a kid my family and I would enjoy camping in our orange 1973 VW Camper. That thing was SWEET! It had everything! Sink, refrigerator, slept a family of four perfectly, and was easy to drive. I remember I loved the...

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Not A Good Mix

You haven’t had a nightmare until you have a dream with Christopher Walken as a psychotic mobster trying to kill you. He is quite creative with his methods to, so you can imagine how fast I was running away. In my dream he...

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Saved By The Celebutante

Saved by the Celebutante by Kirsty McManus is a wonderful story with just the right amount of sizzle and heart. The down to earth characters, fun locations and intriguing plot twists will have you reading well into the night....

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Golden Sunshine

I stopped buying junk food. Correction…I stopped buying treats and dessert. I still buy junk like chicken nuggets, fries and hot dogs, but no dessert. One step at a time please. I can’t go healthy all at once. Plus I...

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The Dog Knew The Truth

If you are looking for a really good laugh, then author Bob McCullough has just what you are looking for. These hilarious novels are well written, incredibly imaginative and just a truly fun read! Enjoy! The Secret Sex Diaries...

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Angry Penguins

I just need a decent band-aid for my knuckle that I somehow skinned while making the bed. Who the heck skins their knuckle while handling soft sheets and fluffy pillows? I have no idea, but I seem to have accomplished the...

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