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Tag: Humor

Hate My Brain Tonight

The bad thing about waking up in the middle of the night is everything sounds spooky. Why does it have to be so noisy with creepy sounds at two in the morning? Maybe it’s just me, and the noises are perfectly normal...

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Take A Chance On Goodbye

It has been about three years since I have finished the second to last book of a series I absolutely loved. I refuse to read the last one just because I am not ready to break up with the characters I have grown to love over the...

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Now What Little Elf?

Hubby and I are having a blast right now making our youngest basset’s robot costume. We aren’t even asking his opinion anymore. It’s all about what we want now. Lets just say there will be working lights and a...

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Wait For The Spring

It’s funny that I am excited about my partner in crime and her family going to a pet adoption fair tomorrow. They are looking to adopt a boxer puppy, and I will admit I’m a little jealous. I know I am an adult and...

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Something crawled across my face last night while I slept and bit me on the eyebrow. I am not sure if I am more freaked out that something took a short stroll across my face, or that now I have a huge itchy lump above my eye...

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A Little Batty

My oldest basset was watching me decorate the house for Halloween, while hubby and and my youngest were at football practice. It was the greatest feeling when my oldest looked around the house and said, “Wow mom! You are...

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A Happy Little Buzzy

My partner in crime and I did a pretty thorough inspection of our hives yesterday, and I wish I could say we were thrilled. I should start by saying I am thrilled that we still have two healthy hives with queens that are doing...

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