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Tag: Humor

A Coat Of Feathers

My sweet chickies do not seem to be affected by this cold weather at all. They cluck around the backyard like it’s not a freezing 50 degrees in the sun. Here I am thinking I should lock them up in the nest box area of the...

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Rules For My Sanity

It was only the first day and I was already up in the middle of the night , worrying if my baby basset’s Elf on The Shelf was able to make it to the North Pole and back last night. Apparently my youngest basset was worried...

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The Clock Starts Now

So it begins! The elf on the shelf has arrived, the first door on the advent calendar has been opened, and the calendar has been flipped to December. I am just going to put the running shoes on permanently for the month, since...

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Chickens Don’t Wear Hats

It is freezing outside! Okay, I am a soft and weak California girl, so the 47 degreesĀ  is still shorts weather to a lot of you. I on the other hand can’t take it and I am seriously considering bringing out the snow pants...

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No Normal Today

I am trying to figure out what size pants will fit my chickens. Have you ever done that before? Yaa…not normal. Love, Lies & Consequences Natasha D. Frazier (11 Reviews) Genre: Literary Fiction | United States |...

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When The Robots Takeover

Since today is Cyber Monday and no one is actually going to get any work done, can we just declare it a holiday? I think that would be best. Thank you. Living Apart Together (Book 1) Elise Darcy (38 Reviews) Genre: Women’s...

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Let The Battle Begin

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!!! I plan to push the elastic waistband on my pants to the limit today. I know what’s going on that table and by golly I will conquer every last bite. When the family finally sits down and is...

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A Very Comfy Hallway

I just had to inform my hubby and kids that there is a new rule today. They are not allowed in a room after I have cleaned it. That includes the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and the living room. No, that is not unreasonable....

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Chicken, No Chicken

I really need to learn how to speak chicken. It would just make my life, and theirs, so much easier. I am trying to figure out if I want to put a covering over their run area so they will still have plenty of space to scratch...

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