The Company To Keep

When I give my kitty catnip, I always pour it on the same spot on the floor. I haven’t given him any for a few days and he is currently scratching at the ground looking for more. I could just give him more and make him happy. When I look in my refrigerator I kinda […]

Perfectly Normal

There is only enough coffee in the house for one person. I am currently holding on to it calling it my precious. I see nothing wrong with that. Love Me Later (Second Chances Book 1) Libby Rice Genre: Romance FREE for a limited time Can they love right on the redo? Scarlet Leore enjoys a […]

Peppy Chocolate

My cat was snuggling up to me a bit more than usual last night. Maybe it was the fact that I had been shoveling crab that evening for the school crab feed. So bacon attracts men, crab attracts cats, what will attract bakers with chocolate cake? Just wondering. A friend of mine wants to know. […]

Thinking Hurts

I have been thinking again about what I want to plant in the garden this year. The wild flowers that were supposed to attract humming birds and butterflies was cool for a bit, but it took over the yard so fiercely that my dog had to make a tunnel to get through all of it. […]

Time To Run

I am really curious as to why my chickie Summer thinks it is necessary to cluck and cheer as if she just laid an egg, when it was really one of the other ladies that did all the work. I know she is not laying right now. I know what color her eggs are. What? […]


Last Tuesday after school I was called into the teachers classroom, and was told my six year old baby basset has been misbehaving since he got back from Christmas vacation,(heavy sigh). Doesn’t she know he is a perfect angel? Okay…maybe not perfect, but an angel. So I had to ground him for the rest of […]

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