Fun For Us

It’s the middle of the day and I can hear the fireworks going off already. Boom Boom Boom. They are probably not fireworks, cannons maybe, but they are loud and constant. I was worried that my pup would be upset about it, but he doesn’t seem to even notice. I think his hearing might be […]

Discover Life and Friendship

The first three novels we have today are based on author Bev Spicer’s real life experiences and are tongue-in-cheek, laugh-out-loud novels about being young, free, and hungry for adventure. Bev and Carol are intelligent and the best of friends, with no idea about what they want to do after a university education. France, London, Seychelles. […]

Until The Fence Is Shorter

My poor fat kitty, Sinatra, has been on a diet for about six or seven months now and has not lost even one pound. In fact I think he might be even chubbier. I have a new plan. Go against everyone’s belief and kick him outside. I think the indoor lifestyle has made him fat […]

The Time Is NOW!

It’s HAPPENING! The new chicken coop building has started. With my weird and mostly undecipherable plans my hubby made a few measurements and it was off to the hardware store for supplies. He bought everything he needed for the bottom section of the coop and went to work immediately. I was shocked at how well […]

To Prove Murder

The Richard Sherlock Whodunut series by Jim Stevens are fast paced, laugh out loud, fun reads that mystery lovers just can’t get enough of. Get to know Richard Sherlock, a Chicago detective, as he works at raising two feisty daughters while his ex-wife continues to tries to pick his pocket for more child support during […]

A Great Story

I have managed to avoid the gym now for two weeks. Last week I was camping, and this week I am trying to catch up with all the stuff that happens while one is on vacation. I was so dedicated to exercise when I had Tough Mudder as an incentive, but now that is gone. […]

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