I Said More Eggs And Chickens

Continuing on with my current obsession with eggs, one of my favorite events is just around the corner. Butter and Eggs Day in the town of Petaluma. Yes.. a whole day dedicated to butter and eggs, where you will find children dressed as chickens and eggs, a five hour long parade, and rumor has it […]

I Can’t Look Directly At Them

Today the baby bassets and I are going to color Easter eggs, so I bought white eggs from the store. They look so white. I am really thrown off by how clean and white they are. Not one feather or piece of poop on them. I almost wonder if they are bleached. They are not, […]

What’s The Scoop?

I have no idea what the heck I am going to do with these two big metal scoops I just had to have. Thankfully I got a really good deal on them and they cost me less than $14. They just reminded me of beautiful gardens and country baking. One of the scoops is so […]

I Am Not Into Brown

When it is still dark outside I run the sprinklers for my lawn. Anywhere else in the country this is not a shameful act, but in drought threatened California, brown is the new green for lawns. I don’t water it much, just a little. I am hoping that the attention will not be on my […]

Be A Bee In A Hive

I was having such a hard time figuring out what to do with my pumpkins and the trellis idea, that I started cleaning out the garden shed. Now I have garden tools all over the place as well as pumpkin seeds and conduit scattered in the yard. I am really not making any progress. The […]

Where Is The Inn Keeper?

I am still a bit fired up from our stay at the beautiful Victorian B&B. I want my garden to be as awesome as theirs. Unfortunately reality has hit me in the face. I seem to be lacking a very important ingredient..Patience. ERG..GROW DARN YOU! I want to start making homemade jams, and fresh squeezed […]

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