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Tag: Humor

Did Somebody Say Lunch

Oh my goodness gracious, I think all that lack of sleep has finally caught up with me…After out last talk I just couldn’t find the strength to walk all the way back to the coop so I just thought I would take a little...

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Hanging On By a Ribbon

Your car has a six CD changer and your IPod holds fifteen thousand songs? Meh… I would never need such a thing. I listen to the same album over and over again, and nothing will sound as good as the album that is my...

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Catch That Charmander

I adulted pretty hard yesterday. I cleaned the house inside and out! I worked my tushy off and got it all done…except for the laundry. Why is it no matter what you do, there is always laundry? Have you noticed that? No...

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Did You Say Animal Farm?

If my sweet chickies ever want to go out on the town and meet a few single roosters, Walgreens is the place to go. I have mentioned before that the Walgreens in my town has a few chickens roaming about, but I think it has gotten...

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No Grudge In A Chicken

I guess chickens don’t hold grudges. I just can’t figure out how Naughty can chase, ruthlessly peck at, and just be all around mean to the new chickens, (Stella, Iggy, and Trudy), but then snuggle up to at night....

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Heck No! I Won’t GO!

I am digging my heals in and screaming and biting anyone who tries to tell me school starts in a few days. I know a lot of parents who are very much looking forward to sending their little sweeties back to school and have the...

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A Hobby Of Winning

It was a last minute thought for me to fill out the entry form for a contest, but I am sure glad I did. I won a complete beehive setup! I WON! When I went to the store to pick up my prize I felt like I was stealing. I picked out...

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Stick A Fork In Me

I’M BAAACK! I can never figure out why on earth there are so many chicken feathers on my keyboard when I get back from vacations, but the critters are all happy and the house is still standing, so I don’t question it...

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