Fear The Pit!

Today we are celebrating my oldest baby basset’s birthday with his school friends. His actual birthday isn’t until the end of the month, but if I throw a party closer to his birthday we have to compete with Halloween parties. This year his party is at an indoor trampoline place, and I am completely thrown […]

No! I Will Not Watch

Here’s the thing… I DON’T WANT TO WATCH YOU WHIP AND NAE NAE! If you don’t know what Whip and Nae Nae is, be grateful. Don’t Google it, you do not want that song stuck in your head. My oldest basset needs to learn the song for his school play, and while I appreciate that […]

15 Blinks and 1 Long Stare

Just after I complained that I was not getting any inspiration for my Halloween theme this year it hit me. Fantastic I thought. The visions were coming in and I was ready to go. Then I started feeling the pressure of all the work I had to do and the little time I had to […]

A Bacon Smile

I must be feeling guilty about the weekend. The smell of bacon from yesterday’s breakfast is holding on tight to the walls in this house and I may or may not have eaten a lot of it (I did) throughout the entire day. So I start today’s books out with a vegetarian weight loss cookbook. […]

Buy A Pumpkin To Start

Usually inspiration hits me like a tons of bricks and I just about explode with ideas. The avalanche of ideas takes over me and it is all I can do to stop myself from going nuts. Um… not this year. I am sitting here with some awesome Halloween props and all I can hear in […]

Boo, I Said BOOOO

I finally posted a few pictures of the ladies new coop on Pinterest, you can see it on the board titled, My Sweet Ladies, by clicking here. I was so hesitant to post it because it still had a few pieces of trim to put up and hubby and I can’t agree on a few […]

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