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Tag: Humor

Don’t Move A Muscle

All the critters are working against me. During the week I always feed them at the same time, and even in the same order. It always goes, kitty first because he screams the loudest. Next is pup because he doesn’t bark or...

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Every Five Minutes

When carried away on a flight of fancy, Bronwyn Elsmore might say that if she’d been gifted with a better voice, she might have chosen to be an opera singer. Sadly for her, that wasn’t the case, but luckily she found she could...

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Back For You Later

Coco the guinea pig is a ninja. I had the piggies in a little enclosure on the ground for floor time so I could clean their cage, and that’s when little Coco showed off his ninja skills. He was scaling those walls faster...

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Goat Goes Here

My partner in crime posted a video of her introducing a three day old baby goat to her pup on Facebook the other day. It was filmed in her backyard, so I assumed she got a baby goat. Naturally my first reaction was, if she gets...

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Maybe Twenty Pounds

While everyone else is going nuts over some unicorn frappuccino, I have discovered the item of the century. I wish I had it when I was in high school. I might have been the Homecoming Queen, or maybe Miss America. Yes, you...

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Gardening For Me

Growing carrots is not for impatient people. I planted those little guys years ago and they have barely cracked the surface of the soil. To date, they have brought me no joy and I want to pull them out! The rest of the veggies I...

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Lazy Fur

I love the fact that after we have a gathering at our house, the next day the critters are so exhausted. They are slow to get out of bed and are just plain lazy for the whole day. I don’t remember them having to clean the...

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Please Don’t Eat Me

I have tried to explain to my sweet little guinea pigs that today is Easter and I will not try to eat them. They still don’t believe me and run every time I open the cage. Since I have to give Henry medicine twice a day he...

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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Everyone! I would joke that I have my bucket in hand and my running shoes on, ready to hunt down some chocolate eggs, but that won’t happen today. Nope. I let the candy come to me these days. My baby bassets...

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