Might Need To Rethink That

Tough Mudder is in two weeks, so I have been upping my training regimen (kinda..sorta… ish) and I am not exactly sure that exercise is quite the way to go in life. Every time I exercise I am exhausted and need to take a nap. I then accomplish nothing else that day except what I […]

Always Wanting More

We are taking off this weekend for Tahoe and I have been looking for a good book to read during the drive. I find this very odd since I have about a gazillion awesome books in my Kindle, yet I am shopping for more. This is very similar to me searching for food in the […]

Sell It Bert!!!

I was getting that overwhelmed feeling again that all the clutter in my house was going to smother me, so yesterday I decided to try out one of those local sell your junk sites that I have been seeing on TV. I honestly do not have time for a garage sale, so I figured why […]

For Just One Moment Please

I’m not sure why, but my sweet chicken Jackie needed a hug yesterday. She was on the dog deck, where she knows she is not supposed to be, so I picked her up to move her. Instead of squirming like she always does, she relaxed and shut her eyes. I gave her a little hug […]

I Won’t Pay A Dollar

I guess it’s been scientifically proven that Mondays are not the most hated days of the week. It turns out that Tuesdays are. I heard this from friend and found it interesting at the time, but now that it’s actually Monday, it’s saving me from crawling back into bed and ignoring all of my responsibilities […]

The Grape On The Vine Likes Cheese

You would think with all this talk talk talking that I do each day on Book Basset I would be quite the conversationalist when face to face with humans. Hmm…..NOPE! Last night reconfirmed what I already knew about myself. The baby basset’s school was putting on a BBQ fundraiser and I was tasked with kitchen […]

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