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Tag: Humor

My Scary Talent

It takes a special kind of talent to do what I did last night. I went on a sneezing kick because I was messing around in a dusty place. At one point I sneezed so hard my jaw tensed up pretty tight and locked into position. The...

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Hit The Snooze

My birthday is coming up. I feel like I should go into stealth mode to avoid it. I’m not exactly sure why I feel the need to avoid it, maybe it the feeling that I need to accomplish things before it happens. It’s...

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My Kinda Cone!

I saw this awesome gardening idea on Amazin Things, and I think I am going to try it out today. Instead of starting seeds in the trays, you put them in ice cream cones and then plant them directly in the ground when they are...

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A Jar Full of Nerf

I think I broke my toe. I don’t know when or how, but it looks bad. This is pretty common for me. I run around so much, and I am so focused on what I am doing that cuts and bruises show up all the time without me even...

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I am so torn. Hubby made these awesome garden boxes and I had bought seeds to fill them, but I made one huge mistake. I went to the garden center at my local hardware store. Why plant seeds when I can have instant gratification...

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Oh Dear No!

Now, I’m not going to spend all of my time talking about my baby bassets because not everyone wants to hear me go on and on about them, but I gotta ask this. Why is my oldest playing “Bouncy Ball in the Bucket”...

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It Was A Good Day!

Yesterday was just about the best Saturday ever. It started out kinda sad that our plans to Tahoe were canceled due to the only two highways in to Tahoe had huge mudslides, closing down all lanes. Hubby thought with the sun...

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Gone Brain Gone

There is nothing like staying up all night with a sick child to make your brain a beautiful mush of potatoes. It took me a second to remember how to spell potatoes. That is how my day will go I see. I should be getting my Mom of...

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A Toy Hammer

Have you ever screamed No in your head so loud you were sure people could hear it? I am pretty sure my hubby heard my thoughts after he told me that my youngest baby basset wants to help build the raised garden boxes. Hubby...

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My Mind Is Crazy

I just do not like it when, in the middle of the night, I hear mysterious large booms. It gets especially worrisome when it is stormy outside and the wind is crazy wild. Had it been July, I would have thought the noise came from...

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Brilliant Mind

It’s BATHING SUIT SEASON! Haha… well that probably made you feel horrible didn’t it? Sorry, not cool first thing in the morning. Last might hubby and I were shopping for bathing suits for the baby bassets, and...

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