All My Feathers Are Gone

It has been a rough two days for the baby chicks. I have moved them to the coop with my original sweet ladies, and Naughty has been an absolute meanie! Every chance she gets she corners all four of them and gives them the evil eye and pecks at their heads.  I have actually been […]

The Grape On The Vine Likes Cheese

You would think with all this talk talk talking that I do each day on Book Basset I would be quite the conversationalist when face to face with humans. Hmm…..NOPE! Last night reconfirmed what I already knew about myself. The baby basset’s school was putting on a BBQ fundraiser and I was tasked with kitchen […]

Life Lesson In The Sunshine.

The weather is so hot today there is a good chance the young chicks might be nuggets by the end of day. I put them in the cool grass, but they seem to like the sunshine. I will let my sweet ladies out to show them the ropes. They have made it this long. I […]

Running On Bagel Wheels

Now there are three random ducks hanging out across the street from my house. They have been there for about 3 or four days. A neighbor of mine down the street has a pink kiddie pool that is in a junk pile on the side of their house. Can you see where I am going […]

Not A Boy, But A Bee

I am pretty sure I was sixteen again last night when my partner in crime and I went to pick up our bees. I met her at her house, and the noises we made were laughs and giggles. You would have thought we were going to meet cute boys rather than 1200 bees. While I […]

Legends Can Lie

Brilliant world building and tremendous character design really hold the Destroyer series by Michael-Scott Earle a cut above the rest of its peers, with it’s plots complex enough to have plenty of enjoyable twists in it yet can be easily followed which is a testament to the authors writing ability. The fighting scenes are some of the […]

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