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Tag: Horror

I Hate Buttons

I hate buttons. I know.. it seems like a ridiculous thing to even mention. I have two things now that need attention because of broken or loose buttons and it is driving me nuts. One is a coat that I absolutely love, but I made...

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A Winter Bee

I know that every beekeeper goes through something like this, but it really doesn’t make it any easier. Fine, I will mark it as experience, but I don’t like it. A few days ago my partner in crime checked on the bees...

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A Struggle Like No Other

“Desolation” by Jesper Schmidt is the first book in the fantasy trilogy, “The Keystone Bone”. It’s not for the faint-hearted, but if you like fast-paced fantasy, with dragons, demons, and magic,...

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Should I Stay Or Snow?

Well things are getting crazy in Lake Tahoe. The Sierra Avalanche Center has issued an advisory that all residents stay inside. Just stay there people. Don’t go on the streets, don’t wander in the woods, don’t...

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Row Row Through Town

For the first time the weatherman wasn’t exaggeration. Yesterday was pretty much the storm of the century, or at least pretty darn close. People traded in their cars for canoes and were making the best out of a pretty bad...

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Keeping An Open Mind

You want to talk about feeling guilty this morning. The rain was seriously coming down harder than I have ever seen, with the wind causing it to shoot across the yard sideways. There I was in the doorway with my poor ancient pup...

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Hubby’s Nightmare

Today my partner in crime and I are going to make our yearly pilgrimage to the second happiest place on earth. IKEA! It’s an organizational lovers dream. I don’t know what it is about all those bins of kitchen...

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