The Price You Pay Little Puppy!

It’s funny how the pets know when you are getting ready for a long trip, and you can see that they are clearly upset by this. They see the suitcases being packed, supplies put on the dining table, and just the hustling and bustling about. My kitty Sinatra has been screaming at me extra loud […]

He Didn’t Have To Be

Back in 1999 (I think) country music star Brad Paisley came out with a song called, “He Didn’t Have to Be”. It was a song from the point of view of a son looking back on a man who fell in love with his mom and become the father the boy needed so much in […]

The Future Is So 2006

I know this might sound crazy to some of you, but I am just going to say it… I think I love Twitter. EEEEEK! Did she just say that? Yes..yes I did. I will tell you why… I am finding some great authors and books this way, and I am also seeing a lot of […]

Crazy Chicken Man?

I am happy to report that everyone has all their feathers. It’s been two days with the chicks locked in the coop with my sweet ladies and no one is dead, and no blood has been shed. I am not going to lie to you and say those chicks are happy. They practically jump into […]

Mommy Meanest

I have decided to use tough love to merge my two flocks of chickens together. Yesterday and today I left all the ladies and girls in the coop and run, and did not let them out into the yard to stretch their wings and forage. In the run section they have plenty of room to […]

Just A Happy Zombie Thought

I am not sure what it is about the Summer, but it puts me in the mood to check up on my SHTF supplies. The weather gets warm, and the Zombie Apocalypse comes to mind. Maybe I could add a new machete that I bought from Harbor Freight for $5. Possibly check to make sure […]

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