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Tag: Horror

The Disruption

For fans of The Walking Dead, The 5th Wave series, and 28 Days Later, The Disruption series by C.A. Huggins is a diverse take on post-apocalyptic thrillers that will have readers adrenaline pumping. Enjoy! A Hard Reset: (The...

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With No Warning

M. Lauryl Lewis’s take on the zombie apocalypse is fresh, gritty, raunchy, and with a new twist on the genre that will have fans coming back for more. Enjoy! Grace Lost (The Grace Series Book 1) by M. Lauryl Lewis (296...

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Judgement Day Pt1

Good morning book lovers. It is I Jackie. Look I need your help with something, you know the darling little inters well I need your help to see if they are worth training after these trail days. So send me a tweet (hahahaha get...

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