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Tag: Horror

They Are Talking Again

Today it seems my computer doesn’t trust the decisions I am making. It keeps asking me if I am sure I want to do what I just did or I have to click on things multiple times before it will do what I asked. I think it is...

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Beyond The Pancake Hill

I just want pancakes. I have been craving pancakes for a week now and haven’t been able to get them. I can’t believe how hard this has been. I will try again today, but it isn’t looking good. I am sad. Another...

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Glitter Is The Trick

I seem to be addicted to finding new Halloween decoration ideas. I posted a few on my Pinterest page titled Halloween time, and you can see them by clicking here, but I am seriously wondering if I am actually going to do any of...

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Hate My Brain Tonight

The bad thing about waking up in the middle of the night is everything sounds spooky. Why does it have to be so noisy with creepy sounds at two in the morning? Maybe it’s just me, and the noises are perfectly normal...

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Enter Snowman

After last nights rain I was expecting to see little critters looking for Noahs Ark. When it rains that hard I just think to myself about how great this summer will be at the lake. The beach towels don’t even have all the...

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Just a Little Chirp

Today my youngest basset is going to play his first rainy day football game. I am less worried about him, since he will be running around and won’t notice it as much, and more concerned with the rest of us in the stands....

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One Simple Word

I am trying to figure out how to enjoy the holidays this year. Every year I am so busy running around doing gosh knows what,  and then I wake up to find the holiday season is over and I am left gasping for breath. Nope. Not this...

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It Was The Lion

FINALLY!!!! Gosh golly it has finally happened. My oldest basset has finally discovered the joy of reading! We have gone through countless books trying to find something that pulls him in and really shows him why reading is such...

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