There Is More Candy This Way

I wonder if that clown will be out this Halloween. He really creeped me out. Maybe I will take the group on a different route this year to avoid his house. Monarch Michelle D. Argyle Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense | Romance FREE for a limited time Nick’s life as a CIA spy should be […]

One Gallon Of Coffee Please

The brain just won’t work this morning. Curby Adrian Del Valle Genre: Health, Fitness & Dieting FREE for a limited time It’s not every day that a newborn baby is stuffed inside a cardboard box, folded up and left in the gutter. Nick Santinelli steers a huge New York City street sweeper around a corner […]

Garden Or The Pool

It looks like I need to download a chicken book for my little chickie Heather that tells her she is only to be broody for 20 days, not 3 months! She must be following in Jackie’s footsteps with that one. I am going to start taking them to the kids school to hang out in […]

No Pumpkin Latte For Me

I like the month of November. It’s an easy month overall. Well..not that crazy day after Thanksgiving when people go nuts for a great deal on a DVD player at 2 in the morning. Personally I boycott shopping after Thanksgiving, or on Thanksgiving, which is way worse. Other than those crazy days, November seems to […]

After the school walk-a-thon was done I pretty much erased it out of my mind completely, so I forgot to post a few pictures of the decorations I had been working so hard on. They looked pretty small when I was finally able to set them up, but the parents told me the kids are […]

The Crazy Right Behind Me

Last night I was decorating the inside of my house for Halloween, giggling at how cute some of the decorations are and just in my own little world. I set out the little phone that talks when you pick up the receiver, the skeleton that glows and recites a spooky message, and the creepy battery […]

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