Just One More Person

I seemed to have turned my small, close friends Halloween get together into a large Halloween blow out. I kept inviting people telling them it’s just a small gathering of a few friends, and we are taking the kids Trick or Treating. I’m going to have to put the Legos up on the super high […]

Bad Mom, No Pumpkin

I am going to confess sonmething that people might find strange. I have never carved pumpkins with my children. It has always been that we do not have enough time to carve them after school and before everyone comes over to our house to go out Trick or Treating. There is always that uncomfortable silence […]

Over The Wrong Hill To The Bank

Pumpkins have no reason to lie about their weight. Peacock and Dragon: Short Stories (Quick coffee break read Book 4) Jenny Worstall Genre: Short Stories | Mystery, Thriller & Suspense FREE for a limited time Peacock and Dragon is a collection of short stories by Jenny Worstall, the author of the musical romantic comedy, ‘Make […]

Teal Pumpkins?

As you all know I have a slight love of all things sweet and bad for me, and sometimes I eat before I think. This is a bad thing since I have such a horrible peanut allergy. Growing up my parents had to keep a very watchful eye on me because if people offered me […]

Those Are My Eyelashes Not A Spider

Apparently my face rejects too much makeup. My friend came over Saturday night and had spent 45 minutes taking me from normal little ol me to glamorous 60’s retro Star Trek girl. I was beautiful…for about 30 minutes. I soon became a hot mess with makeup running down my face so fast that it seemed […]

Just Like Another Holiday

The excitement that we are feeling here in the Bay Area with the World Series has been so much fun, I think win or lose it will be sad when it is over. The Imposter (Alexandra Destephano Book 1) Judith Townsend Rocchiccioli Genre: Medical | Mystery, Thriller & Suspense FREE for a limited time LIFE […]

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