Tick Tock Giggle

Every day my baby bassets announce how many days we have left until Christmas. A fun and exciting announcement for them, but a daily reminder of how much I need to panic. “Only 9 more days until CHRISTMAS!” They bounce with anticipation, I sweat with perspiration. It seems like a cruel form of torture that […]

Blue Moon Dancing

It’s a good time to just sit and daydream about elves and cake. Not pie though, it’s too late for pie. A House Divided (The Second Civil War Book 1) Adam Yoshida Genre: Political | War | Mystery, Thriller & Suspense FREE for a limited time The road to the Second Civil War begins here. […]

Not Just Yet

Oh Man. I was feeling so good (except for the cat poop thing). The Christmas cards were written and ready to be sent, the cookies baked and given to the hungry recipients, and I thought I was done with my Christmas shopping. It happens every year. As soon as I get that relaxed feeling, I […]

Jiggle It Again

There is a strand of lights out in my tree. I hate it. It is bugging the padoodle out of me and I just might pull all my hair out. I can’t take my eyes off the dark section. I have baking to do and I don’t have time for this. I jiggled each of […]

Defend The Cookies!

STOP IT!!! Now I am just angry! I am yelling and my face is turning red. Hubby and baby bassets keep eating the cookies. My list of people getting the cookies is HUGE! Do they not understand the pressures of baking delightful tasty treats? I need to spread the joy of the Christmas Season with […]

Rain, Clouds, And Dough

It’s cold, rainy, and we are stuck inside due to flooding on the streets everywhere. I need to bake some cookies. It has all the elements needed to bake cookies. The Sixth Sense (Brier Hospital Series Book 3) Lawrence Gold Genre: Arts & Photography | Drama & Plays | Medical FREE for a limited time […]

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