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The garage sale is happening this Saturday whether I like it or not. Oh I do not like it soooo bad. It will happen though. I have spent the last two weeks cleaning out the attic, going through boxes I haven’t opened in...

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Life Starts With Death

Unpredictable, engaging and highly entertaining, the Sky Brooks Series by author McKenzie Hunter is not your typical vampire/werewolf story. With a cast of solidly dark, cynically antiheroic characters and a heroine brimming...

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Fly The Coop

I have been denying it for a few weeks now, but the truth jumped on the table and went COCKLE DOODLE DOOOO! Literally. One of my chicks is not a hen. I even hate saying it, but she is a rooster and has to go. We are not able to...

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Not My Cup Of Tea

I know if I watch a horror or scary movies right before I go to bed I will have nightmares. Seems logical, right? I am about as confused as you can get as to why on earth after watching Return to Amish, I would have dreams of...

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Grow Up!

UGH! Today I have to be extra adulty. I hate adulting sometimes, especially when I have a lot of adulting to do. Murder & Mayhem in Goose Pimple Junction (Goose Pimple Junction Mysteries Book 1) Amy Metz (575 Reviews) Genre:...

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Golden Sunshine

I stopped buying junk food. Correction…I stopped buying treats and dessert. I still buy junk like chicken nuggets, fries and hot dogs, but no dessert. One step at a time please. I can’t go healthy all at once. Plus I...

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Peel Back A Shade

Author Thea¬†Atkinson is a two-time winner of the Indie B.R.A.G Medallion for her mainstream novels One Insular Tahiti and Throwing Clay Shadows. If you’re a new adult paranormal romance reader or a lover of women’s...

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Pets Need A Spa Day

I can just imagine that every dog, cat, chicken, and the rest of our animal friends woke up this morning feeling like they had been run over by a freight train.  I felt so bad for my pup Jethro last night. Apparently I was wrong...

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