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Tag: Horror

Swim With The Tuna Cans

I am pretty sure the only time my sweet, yet extremely lazy fat cat gets any exercise is when he is running in his dreams. Right now he is sleeping and I have never seen him twitch and move so much in his life. I am including...

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Orange Is The Fall

I am counting the days down to when it will be acceptable to bring out my Fall decorations. It was one hundred degrees outside this weekend and instead of going to the lake or the beach I was dreaming of pumpkins. I know I...

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Saved By A Pool Noodle

After spending a lot of time not knowing exactly how I was going to decorate for my baby basset’s school walk-a-thon, yesterday the ideas finally hit me. My partner in crime and I are in charge of coming up with Pokemon...

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Run Rabbit, Run!

My poor chickie Summer. She looks almost “Oven Ready” as they say. It is that time of year again. The time when it looks like my sweet chickens were attacked because there are feathers everywhere. The first time I...

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Try Running With A Moth

Do you guys remember me complaining about the hideously large couch my hubby bought? I’m not sure why, but for some reason I let him pick out the couch this time around, and I immediately regretted it and he set it up in...

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Who Is That On The Table?

I am just going to go ahead and admit it. Even though it will bring shame to my family and my baby bassets will get picked on in school. I have to be true to myself and accept it for what it is. I love everything pumpkin spice....

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Yoga Pants Are Too Tight

I am really flattered that they have made not only a new TV show based on me, but a movie as well. I absolutely can not wait to see the movie Bad Moms. This will definitely have to be a girls night out kinda event. I betcha we...

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In Just One Minute

The Anathema series by Olivia Rising, adds novel twists to the Urban Fantasy and Superhero genres and was selected by the Bibliosanctum blog as a semifinalist in Mark Lawrence’s SPFBO 2016 competition! Enjoy! Transition...

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