The Bunny Hopped On The Road

I hate when I am helping my first and second grader bassets with their homework and I get stumped. Thankfully I am good at faking it and can cover up my confusion quickly.  I eventually get it, but the kids homework is making me think out of the box a little too much lately. Courier […]

Happy Hen Mom

Naughty and Heather are back in action! With a full body of feathers they are laying eggs like little champs. They didn’t loose all their feathers like still bald Jackie, but a few and they have recovered beautifully. It might be just because I want to see it, but I think their new feathers are […]

Chase The Turkey To The Mall

I am happy to say my hearing is back and the ringing has stopped. Now I feel good enough to have a go at that power tool again and make a few more gifts for Christmas. I have to say I am quite proud of myself. The gifts are turning out beautifully and I can’t […]

A Coffee Machine Next To The Bed

I will not make any decisions before I have had my morning coffee. Craving the Alpha: Part One: BBW Paranormal Werewolf Shifter Romance (Lycan Lovers) Kate Kent Genre: Romance | Science Fiction FREE for a limited time Part One of the Craving the Alpha Serial Hot, hunky and seething with raw sexuality, the two weremen […]

Just Crazy All Around

I have been so excited about the holiday season and all the decorations that I just can’t help myself. I have made many trips to Target just to stroll around the Christmas decorations. Of course I will not put up any Christmas decorations in my home yet, but I really love looking at them. I […]

Learn To Stop It.

After making all the decorations for the kid’s school walk-a-thon, I swore I wasn’t ever going to do something like that again. I spent four months obsessing over ideas and painting crazy characters. Now a friend of mine wants me to help him with a Christmas party he needs to plan. I just couldn’t keep […]

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