I Can’t Look Directly At Them

Today the baby bassets and I are going to color Easter eggs, so I bought white eggs from the store. They look so white. I am really thrown off by how clean and white they are. Not one feather or piece of poop on them. I almost wonder if they are bleached. They are not, […]

Where Is The Inn Keeper?

I am still a bit fired up from our stay at the beautiful Victorian B&B. I want my garden to be as awesome as theirs. Unfortunately reality has hit me in the face. I seem to be lacking a very important ingredient..Patience. ERG..GROW DARN YOU! I want to start making homemade jams, and fresh squeezed […]

Do Not Look Directly In.

Hubby finally decided to replace the lights in the garage. The few bulbs that actually turned on, flickered a lot and  made you feel like you were either just about to be attacked by an ax murderer or you were in a really bad dance club. He replaced all five fixtures with the LED ones […]

No Rest For The Non-Wicked

I was so inspired from my stay at the bed and breakfast, that on the way home I stopped at a few stores to pick up a few plants. The first plant I grabbed was a Calamondin, unfortunately after just reading the tag on the plant, says the fruit season is fall to spring. I […]

Just A Little Heavy Lifting

Walking around the garden in the backyard of this old Victorian Bed and Breakfast has lead me to realize I have not been living up to my full garden potential. There is so much more that I can do with the space I have. Hubby is not to thrilled with this realization. He see’s this […]

What Did You Call It?

I don’t think it’s really procrastinating. I think the list of “To Do’s” is so long that it takes forever to get things done. The Perfect Murder Tracy Stewart Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense FREE for a limited time Murder 1: The Perfect Murder, George Surrounded by the reminders of how social networking is changing […]

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