You Can’t Eat Cake In Bed

Some things I am good at, and other I most definitely am not good at. Teaching is one of those things I should avoid at all costs. Trying to help my youngest basset with math homework has been just about as frustrating as opening a jar with greasy hands. I seem to have zero patience […]

His Thought On The Matter

Counting to 170 can get a bit tricky, but jelly beans make it easier. Winds of Betrayal Books 1 & 2: The Cry For Freedom and Embrace of Enemy Jerri Hines Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense | Romance FREE for a limited time THE CRY FOR FREEDOM, Book One A rousing family saga for the […]

The Rules Of Nature Are Rewritten

Enjoy the twists and turns of book one in the Grace Series by author M. Lauryl Lewis. Grace Lost (The Grace Series Book 1) M. Lauryl Lewis Genre: Horror | Science Fiction After a night spent at a run-down cabin in the woods, estranged friends Zoe and Boggs wake to find that the dead have […]

Who Is That?

You know that moment when you wake up, look in the mirror, and think the Zombie Apocalypse has actually begum? Yup, that’s me this morning. I can’t hear a darn thing either. The Mack truck carrying a cold decided that it was a good day to hit me. Well, now I know I would make […]

I Will Let You Know

I have a surprising sense of no pressure today. I am a bit confused. I always have a sense of urgency. I keep looking around to see if I missed something. Hmmm… something will sneak up on me. You’ll see. Awaken (Fated Saga Fantasy Series Book 1) Rachel D’aigle Genre: Teen & Young Adult | […]

A Rule To Remember

With six fingers on one hand you got to know your dreaming. Moral Infidelity Rebecca Warner Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense | Contemporary Fiction | Women’s Fiction FREE for a limited time POLITICS…LUST…LIES…BETRAYAL When his mistress becomes pregnant, pro-Life Florida Governor Michael Romano finds himself embroiled in a moral dilemma that threatens to shatter his […]

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