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Tag: Horror

I Think I’m Hungry

I went to the San Francisco Academy of Science with Oma and the baby bassets the other day, and I did something a bit weird that I didn’t even think about until now while I was looking through the pictures. While going...

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Learn Your Lesson

So far I have learned a lot about guinea pigs in the last two weeks. One lesson includes what a guinea pigs face looks like right before he is about to pee. The other lesson I learned is that when he makes that face it’s...

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Time Is A River

Lindsey Fairleigh has articulated a tale as old as time, while masterfully assimilating a modern twist into the pages of this collection. These are must reads for those who are looking to break out of the normal Sci-fiction and...

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Sink Your Teeth In

NY Times and USA Today Bestselling author Thea Atkinson is a two-time winner of the Indie B.R.A.G Medallion for her mainstream novels One Insular Tahiti and Throwing Clay Shadows. If you’re a new adult paranormal romance reader...

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Death Is The Begining

The Moon Tortured series by author McKenzie Hunter is the perfect read for fans looking for a new and unique character driven urban fantasy series. Well written, with dark, but very likable characters, readers will find this new...

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Hold On Tight

With rich language,memorable characters, and sharp dialogue, award winning author Miles Watson takes you on a trip through worlds where you’re never quite sure what’s coming next. Hold on, it’s going to be a...

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I Do Declare!

I did something yesterday that I haven’t done in so long I almost forgot how to do it. Water my plants! It felt fantastic! It’s a little lame that my new garden boxes are right up next to the house, so when it rains...

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I Will Huff & Puff

No guinea pigs yet. Oh the waiting is killing me. The piggies got delayed one extra day, which is a good thing because their cage isn’t due to arrive until today. I had a temporary pen set up for them, but if we have the...

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Just The Two Of You

Now that my birthday has passed and there are no hedgehogs in my lap getting cuddles, it’s time to move on. After a bit more research I discovered that not only is it illegal to own hedgehogs in California, but if the...

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Can’t Hide For Long

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday To Me! Happy Birthday AWESOME LADEEEE, Happy Birthday to ME! I know I shouldn’t be so subtle, but in case you didn’t know.. It’s my birthday. On my birthday I like to...

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