Quantity Not Quality

To get myself in shape for Tough Mudder, I went to the gym twice yesterday. Once in the early morning, once at night. That is two days worth of gym time. If I can sneak an additional lunchtime gym visit in, then that would be three days worth of gym time in one day. By […]

A Mouse Flying At You

The school supplies have hit the stores and I wish with all my might that needed a backpack for myself. I found a R2D2 backpack that is just about the coolest thing I have ever seen. I am really quite jealous. When I was a kid my backpack choices were red, blue, green or pink. […]

Right At This Moment

Have you ever just gotten a bad feeling and can’t figure out where it is coming from? Chasing Pretty Jennifer Lark Genre: Teen & Young Adult FREE for a limited time All Ashlyn wants to do is fade into obscurity when a scantily clad picture of her is circulated at school. As if life couldn’t […]

Not So Fast

I would like to say that my sweet chickies were little angels and could never do anything wrong, but we all know the truth don’t we? This time is was Jackie who got the bad report from the petsitter. The poor woman was letting the girls out for some free range time while watering my […]

Toast With Jam

I have a weeks worth of nosy neighboring to make up. I better get a snack. Thores-Cross: A Yorkshire Ghost Story (Yorkshire Ghost Series Book 1) Karen Perkins Genre: Historical Fiction | Horror | Women’s Fiction | Fantasy FREE for a limited time #1 Bestseller – British Horror, Amazon.com A haunting horror thriller set in […]

No I Do Not

I know there are no lake monsters in these waters, but I always have the feeling that something is watching me while I swim and wondering to itself, “I wonder if she tastes just like chicken.” Summer of Firefly Memories (Loon Lake Series Book 1) Joan Gable Genre: Women’s Fiction | Family Life | Contemporary […]

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