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Tag: Horror

A Coat Of Feathers

My sweet chickies do not seem to be affected by this cold weather at all. They cluck around the backyard like it’s not a freezing 50 degrees in the sun. Here I am thinking I should lock them up in the nest box area of the...

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Grab A Cookie And Ride

With the Christmas decorations twinkling all throughout the house and the cookies baked, I feel like it’s time for me to hold on tight and enjoy the ride. I will try my best not to blink because I will surly miss...

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The Clock Starts Now

So it begins! The elf on the shelf has arrived, the first door on the advent calendar has been opened, and the calendar has been flipped to December. I am just going to put the running shoes on permanently for the month, since...

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Powers Worth Hiding

If you like a good whodunnit with a paranormal slant like the shows “Medium” and “Ghost Whisperer,” you’ll love this wonderful collection from master story teller, Andrea Drew. This...

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The Hidden Turkeys

That certainly went by quick. I didn’t even have time to do my battle cry at the start of Thanksgiving dinner. Oh but it was delicious! I wonder if the turkeys downtown know they can come out of  hiding now. I really hope...

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Emu-ed At The Door

I just read that you can have an emu as a house-pet. Can this be true? That would be so awesome. I would have him answer the door when people knocked. The look on their face would be worth all the poop on the floor. I would make...

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A Dangerous Game

Amy McNulty is a freelance writer and editor from Wisconsin with an honors degree in English. She was first published in a national scholarly journal (The Concord Review) while in high school and currently writes professionally...

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