Popcorn Chicken

One of the cutest things I see the baby chicks do is jump around like popcorn when I put them in the outside pen. When the weather is nice and the wind is not so crazy, I like to put the baby chicks outside on the back lawn in a little pen for some scratching […]

The Happy Warrior

I was never much in to watching professional basketball, but this season I am going to whether I want to or not. All I ever hear about is how the Golden State Warriors are breaking records and doing amazing things. Everywhere I look there are pictures of happy basketball players flying through the air about […]

More Cat Please

I just can’t wait until the elections are over and my Facebook news feed goes back to being filled with funny cartoons and cat videos. ERG!!! Keeper of Reign (Book 1) Emma Right Genre: Teen & Young Adult | Fantasy FREE for a limited time Life couldn’t get more harrowing for Reign’s cursed inhabitants, the […]

Make Me Honey!

The stand for the bee box is built and the bee boxes are set up and ready for bees to make us some honey. Everything is ready to go, and it looks fantastic. Now all we have to do is wait. It wouldn’t be such a bad thing if a swarm came along and decided […]

Don’t Be Yummy

Late yesterday afternoon the fourth butterfly we had flew off into the garden to start it’s life of magic and wonder. I feel almost like a successful caterpillar mom. Almost. Whats with the fifth guy? He is still a caterpillar. Lazily chomping on food, laying about, not doing anything, going nowhere in life. He might […]

Moving On Up!

The baby chicks have graduated to a bigger tote, and they have been moved from inside the house to the garage. They are growing up! Okay, Iggy is not really growing up. She is more like growing cuter, but not bigger. The others are about half feather, half fuzz and little Iggy is still about […]

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