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Tag: Horror

Free Books Ran Freely

No matter how handsome the cast of Criminal Minds happens to be, it is still not a good idea to watch a few episodes right before bed. I love the show except for all the murderiness. Not just regular murderiness, it’s...

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What Would You Give?

The Demon Pool by Richard B. Dwyer, is a supernatural thriller that reveals a world where science, magic, seduction and the demonic power behind the legend of the Fountain of Youth conspire to use biotechnology to turn the world...

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When Secrets Come To Light

Author Stacey Coverstone wrote her first novel in 2006 after an inspiring week at Cowgirl Camp in New Mexico, a gift from her husband for earning my Master’s degree. When that western romance was quickly accepted for...

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Forged Into A Legend

This wonderful collection by J.B. Markes are such well thought out and well executed stories whose characters come to life in a world so vivid that readers can easily pictures themselves  right there with the heroes. Enjoy!...

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A Storm Of The Brain

Do you know what’s a good motivator? Laundry. I got all of my craft supplies out and I am finishing up the cute little mason jars I have been working on. I kept looking at the pile of laundry I needed to fold, and I just...

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Remember To Freeze

I am straight up freaking out. There is still snow up in Tahoe and Tough Mudder is only a few months away. If we don’t have a heat wave soon, I am going to be hiking in snow and swimming in ice water. NO!! NO WAY! I can...

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Plunge Into Darkness

Fans of twisted scary stories are sure to delight in this wonderfully frightening collection by Mark Tullius. Suspenseful and creepy they are sure to have readers checking under the bed and in the closet more than just one time....

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