Just Drive Faster

I watched a very funny movie last night, so I should have had a funny dream or at least a pleasant dream. Nope! I was being chased by zombies and driving a Ferrari. Okay… the Ferrari was pleasant, but the zombies were really putting a damper on the thrill. RECKLESS – Part 1 (The RECKLESS […]

Turkey In Clean Clothes

I have no idea why I believe the turkey will taste better if all the laundry is done, but I must do it anyways. If I clean out the junk drawer the turkey will be moist. Before The Clock Strikes: A Kyle Simmons Thriller E.G. Michaels Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense FREE for a limited […]

You Did What Now?

Tomorrow is the big day! The worst day of the year to drive. My plans are to hide in my house with the other bassets, watch movies and get the house ready for Thanksgiving. My hubby and I are not on good terms right now though. He forgot to get the pumpkin pie and cheesecake […]

It Was Just A Thought

As the day lingers on, my plans for grocery shopping keep changing. The latest plan is to send hubby on his own. I like that plan the best. I will be busy anyway reading the last book in this post…The Balloon Bible. Heck YA!!! Undeserving: (Novella 1 in the Someone To Love Me trilogy) Gladys […]

Chase The Turkey To The Mall

I am happy to say my hearing is back and the ringing has stopped. Now I feel good enough to have a go at that power tool again and make a few more gifts for Christmas. I have to say I am quite proud of myself. The gifts are turning out beautifully and I can’t […]

Could Have Had Seeds And Nuts In It

We are on day 3 of rain. It’s only a slight drizzle right now, but around here we are happy to get anything. If anyone is caught singing the “Rain Rain Go Away song”, it’s quite possible they would be pummeled with low-fat bran muffins. Don’t laugh, those things are dense and it’s not fun […]

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