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Tag: Historical Fiction

Eighty and Out by Kim Cano

A page-turning narrative filled with love, passion, and pain, author Kim Cano’s Eighty and Out is an emotionally-charged novel about the bond between sisters, friendship, and fate. Eighty and Out will certainly have you...

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A Winter Bee

I know that every beekeeper goes through something like this, but it really doesn’t make it any easier. Fine, I will mark it as experience, but I don’t like it. A few days ago my partner in crime checked on the bees...

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Pass it To Me!

There is nothing like a fun night out watching the Globetrotters with your family to make you want to stay home the next day and veg out with your family under one big blanket on the couch. Now mind you I didn’t. I was a...

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Mullet In The Can

I am not usually one to write about anything sad. Quite frankly I hate reading about sad stuff, and that’s why you never see my watching award winning movies. My thought is if it won an award it will most likely make me...

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Make It So

The goal is set. In one month my partner in crime and I are going to try out the Ninja Warrior course at Rebounderz. My kids love Rebounderz. They could jump for hours on the trampolines and the foam pits are pure heaven for...

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Who Was She?

Normally I wouldn’t quote memes I see on Facebook, but this one was me the other day. “My Mom Voice was so loud even my neighbors brushed their teeth and cleaned their rooms.” Long ago I turned into the crazy...

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No Balloons Today

I have been holding on so tight to what little honey my partner in crime and I harvested from our bees this year, that I have not been enjoying it like I should. When someone new comes over I let them take a taste, but then I...

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A Deal On A Boat

I certainly seem to be eating my words. This just might be the storm of the century with more than one town under water, blizzards in the mountains, and flash flood warnings for everyone else. The seven year drought has caused a...

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101 Ways

If I follow all the spiffy tips that I see on Facebook everyday, I will be an amazing person. I will finally look fabulous, be a riot at all the wonderful parties that I will finally know how to throw, and I will be able to...

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