The Flowers Of Bright

OH!! GRRR!! That Naughty. She is a naughty chicken for sure. A few weeks ago I had planted flowers in preparation for the family coming over for Easter. I wanted the plants to be well established and filled in. I had them all caged up like a plant prison and all was good. Until Yesterday. […]

Glitter Glitter Glitter Sparkle.

In a few minutes my friends and their kids will be over to do a bit of egg dyeing. I have learned my lesson and bought mass quantities of glitter, un-natrural dye, and stickers. We are going to show the world what real egg dyeing is supposed to look like. Girl Jacked (A Jack Stratton […]

Ruffle A Few Feathers

My four little chickies are a happy group. They get hugs and cuddles each morning (like it or not), they know their place in the hierarchy, although don’t talk hierarchy to Naughty… she is a rebel, and we have a comfy routine. So why is it I want to mess all that up. I will […]

Red Pears On Mars

It was a dangerous thing to do, but I did it anyway and now I can’t get it out of my head. I went to the feed store yesterday and with Spring come baby chicks. I shouldn’t have looked in the box. I knew what was in there….I heard them. Their cheep cheep cheeps called […]

To Anger A Clown.

Today all I can think about is my hair. The at home hair color didn’t quite turn out like the box, and I feel like a clown has taken up residence on my head. Walking out of the house today I felt like I belonged in some crazy 1970′s science fiction novel. All I needed […]

That’s A New Color?

I tried a different at home hair color last night. I took one look at myself this morning and suddenly I’m in the mood for a McDonalds egg Mc-muffin. Mc-what the Mc-heck? THE POPPY FIELDSBook #1 (Romantic Drama) D.G. Torrens Genre: Arts & Photography | Romance | Drama & Plays FREE for a limited time […]

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