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Tag: Historical Fiction

Grab A Cookie And Ride

With the Christmas decorations twinkling all throughout the house and the cookies baked, I feel like it’s time for me to hold on tight and enjoy the ride. I will try my best not to blink because I will surly miss...

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Darn Those Walls

I think I got punched in the face. I don’t remember getting punched, but my face feels like it was punched. I find it odd that IĀ  asked myself if I got punched in the face, and I had to think about it for a bit. Like it...

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Let Them Roam Free

After two days of baking I was pretty well worn out, but my Christmas tree still needed to be decorated, so I did something that I have never done before. I just handed the box of ornaments to my baby bassets and said have at...

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A City Destined

Author Ahmad Ardalan novels are the perfect blend of suspense and thrills. Never a dull moment, readers are taken on a ride filled with action and the most unexpected twists and turns. Enjoy! The Gardener of Baghdad Ahmad...

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Last night my annual Christmas Cookie bake-a-thon kicked off with a bang. The bang was me dropping all the cookie sheets, but I am happy to report that after that, everything went pretty smoothly. I was able to bake all the...

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Mini Me Meal

Last night I was wondering if there was anything I eat while it is still alive. I had to think about that for a while and then I concluded that in fact no I do not. I questioned it though. An odd thing to wonder, but I was...

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The Clock Starts Now

So it begins! The elf on the shelf has arrived, the first door on the advent calendar has been opened, and the calendar has been flipped to December. I am just going to put the running shoes on permanently for the month, since...

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Her Big Green Head

My friends and family hate me right now. I have finished all my Christmas shopping and it isnt even December yet. I shouldn’t flaunt it in peoples faces, but lets face it Christmas shopping is a chore. Those of you who say...

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Chickens Don’t Wear Hats

It is freezing outside! Okay, I am a soft and weak California girl, so the 47 degreesĀ  is still shorts weather to a lot of you. I on the other hand can’t take it and I am seriously considering bringing out the snow pants...

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Just For Me To Smile

I can hear the tick tock tick tock and time is running out. Actually…I don’t think that’s tick tock. I think that actually might be a ripping sound. The sound of my jeans ripping from all the stress I am...

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