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Tag: Historical Fiction

Free Books Ran Freely

No matter how handsome the cast of Criminal Minds happens to be, it is still not a good idea to watch a few episodes right before bed. I love the show except for all the murderiness. Not just regular murderiness, it’s...

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Enough Crazy Titles

I still have my Easter decorations out. I feel pretty awful about it, but I just haven’t had time to clear them out. The boys aren’t done with the candy the Easter bunny brought them, so it’s not all bad. Once...

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Goat Goes Here

My partner in crime posted a video of her introducing a three day old baby goat to her pup on Facebook the other day. It was filmed in her backyard, so I assumed she got a baby goat. Naturally my first reaction was, if she gets...

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Maybe Twenty Pounds

While everyone else is going nuts over some unicorn frappuccino, I have discovered the item of the century. I wish I had it when I was in high school. I might have been the Homecoming Queen, or maybe Miss America. Yes, you...

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A Rainbow Of Doom

I must get the word out. I must tell as many people as I can. A warning to everyone. We were never meant to drink unicorns. Stop this madness. It may look pretty. It may be tasty. It may be liquid heaven, but we were never meant...

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The View From The Floor

Last night was my partner in crime and my return to Parkour. If your not familiar with Parkour, it’s a lot of jumping, swinging from bars, and in my case… crashing into walls. I was having a wonderful time and was...

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When Secrets Come To Light

Author Stacey Coverstone wrote her first novel in 2006 after an inspiring week at Cowgirl Camp in New Mexico, a gift from her husband for earning my Master’s degree. When that western romance was quickly accepted for...

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Two Clowns Doing Laundry

I think my prayers have been answered. The toughest thing about Tough Mudder (10 miles / 20 obstacles that make you question your sanity) that my partner in crime and I must face each year is the hills that you must climb. The...

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A Good First half

I woke up this morning feeling guilty about all the delicious chocolate and cakes I ate, and thought to myself that I am going to eat healthy and cleanse my body of all that sugar. It only took one tiny whiff of the homemade...

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