Goodbye Frank…or Hank

Hubby found where Frank, the garage slug that was big enough to slap a saddle on and ride, has been hiding for the last week or so. He discovered the bag of dog food that we had yet to put in the sealable food bin and had been living the good life. Well all good […]

Coffee First, Meaning Of Life Next

Everything looks better on a Friday! Even the sound of my kitty screaming at me right now sounds like music. Well…bad music, but music just the same. He is still screaming at me right now as I type this. What is wrong with you kitty! I might be in trouble for something. I can’t quite […]

What Time Is Brunch?

It’s been about a week since I have had a piece of bacon. The colors of the world are starting to fade out and become bland. Fairmist (The Whisper Prince Book 1) Todd Fahnestock Genre: Fantasy | Teen & Young Adult FREE for a limited time Within the Thiaran Empire, citizens put on jeweled masks […]

Everything In Their Power

With vivid descriptions and tight character development, author Greg Strandberg takes you on the ultimate adventure. Enjoy! The Hirelings Greg Strandberg Genre: Religious & Inspirational Fiction | Religion & Spirituality | Fantasy It’s been six months since the horrendous incident atop Mount Misery, the incident that broke Beldar Thunder Hammer’s band of adventurers apart. Now […]

Get The Cold Water

It’s kinda quiet in the hen house with Jackie sitting in the nest box all day. Summer is always reestablishing her position as number two in the flock when Jackie is around, but she seems to be slacking on that right now. It’s almost like the rest of the girls just lay low and hang […]

A Will As Hard As A Diamond

The Cole Sage series, by author Micheal Maxwell, are mysteries that could be torn right off the front page of the paper. These political thrillers contain true crime, current news, and the serial killers Cole deals with have real faces. Fans of the genre will enjoy these great reads, that have twists and turns, that […]

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