You Must Dance

I feel like a butterfly when I listen to ABBA. Catch That Santa Karen Docter Genre: Romance FREE for a limited time When widow, Sara Marks, hears her Grams has gone on the lam from Happy Acres Residence on Christmas Eve – on Santa’s arm, no less — she teams up with sexy stranger, Francisco […]

What Is That Flying Away?

I have been fighting a battle all alone. Most people do not know about it. It is a battle I fight so fiercely I could scream. Actually, last night I did scream. I was standing in my robe in the front yard (As I often do) sweeping a few leaves that were gathering. That’s when […]

Beneath The Bright Sails

Thomas Hollyday brings to life modern Chesapeake characters in his fictional shipbuilding town of River Sunday, a place located at a crossroads of today’s world. Reviewers praise his storytelling, with its rich sense of place, animals and nature coupled with a vibrant imagination. His words resonate with a deep awareness of history and legend, reminiscent […]

Jiggle It Again

There is a strand of lights out in my tree. I hate it. It is bugging the padoodle out of me and I just might pull all my hair out. I can’t take my eyes off the dark section. I have baking to do and I don’t have time for this. I jiggled each of […]

Catch The Wave

Here is a scene I never thought I would see on TV. With all the rain we were having, it of course was snowing in Lake Tahoe. Sounds like the perfect time to go surfing on the lake, right? Wait..WHAT? Snow and Surf? Yup. The waves were up to 7 feet on the lake and […]

Cake Cake Go Away

Dear Cake, I am writing this letter to you to let you know you need to leave me alone. I saw you at Lexi’s birthday party two weeks ago and again a week later at Sophie’s party. I also saw you again last Tuesday at the neighbors house. Was that you the next day at […]

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