One Wrong Step

Click clack. It was two in the morning. Click Clack. I’m I awake? Click Clack Click Clack. What is that noise? CLICK CLACK CLICK CLACK! What is that smell? (dog whimpers). Oh no. I turn on the lights, and through a foggy head and blury eyes, I see my pup. The guilt on his face […]

No Rest For The Non-Wicked

I was so inspired from my stay at the bed and breakfast, that on the way home I stopped at a few stores to pick up a few plants. The first plant I grabbed was a Calamondin, unfortunately after just reading the tag on the plant, says the fruit season is fall to spring. I […]

A Walk By The Pond

As a birthday gift to my hubby and me, my in-laws gave us two nights at an old Victorian bed and breakfast. I have never stayed in an old Victorian before and at first I was a little nervous about just how intimate it was. I felt like I was in someones house. Which of […]

Silence Of The Peeps

The feed stores are getting in batches of new chicks. The sweet peeps that come from the bins are getting harder and harder to resist. I love my ladies and they are currently producing the perfect amount of eggs for me, so I have no reason to add to my flock. But the peeps.. the […]

Kinda Poopy

A friend of mine showed me a website that will anonymously send a package full of poop to someone. Real poop. That just doesn’t sound very nice. Can you imagine someone asking what you do for a living and you say..I mail poop to people. I do take comfort in knowing that for certain there […]

Hate Me Today

I heard those horrid words today. I would like to say I am a kind and good person, but after I say the words you will hate me and calls me all sorts of names. I wont blame you. Okay…brace yourself….Bathing Suit Season. The Disappearance of Mavis Woodstock: A Val & Kit Mystery (The Val […]

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