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Tag: Historical Fiction

On The Fence

My partner in crime and her hubby are going to pick up a new puppy today. There are two available and I want to want one, but I don’t want one. I love my old pup and feel like our family is perfect with my creaky old pup...

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Here Little Pumpkin

The pumpkin count in my yard has not changed in a week or so. I have been slacking on sneaking extra pumpkins into the yard without my hubby noticing. This could have ill effects. He will be confident in his count of pumpkins in...

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Hate My Brain Tonight

The bad thing about waking up in the middle of the night is everything sounds spooky. Why does it have to be so noisy with creepy sounds at two in the morning? Maybe it’s just me, and the noises are perfectly normal...

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Take A Chance On Goodbye

It has been about three years since I have finished the second to last book of a series I absolutely loved. I refuse to read the last one just because I am not ready to break up with the characters I have grown to love over the...

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