Just A Few Rolls Of Pennies

I think my copper shirt, that is meant to relieve aches and pains, is working. It could all just be in my head, but that would mean the shirt is still working, just not as originally intended. Either way, I will take it. Of course now I am getting the brilliant idea to duct tape […]

Just A Cup Of Happiness

Hubby Basset and I rarely argue about anything. We disagree on stuff, but our voices are usually pretty calm. The tension was high yesterday. Oh, it was getting ugly. What was the problem? Money? Nope. House or kids? Nope. It was me trying to figure out how to do something on the computer. My usual […]

Hungry Eyes

I was attacked yesterday by my cat. I thought for sure he had finally gone off the deep end when he wouldn’t stop licking my shoulder. I tried to push him off, but 18 pounds of determined kitty is a struggle I was not physically prepared for. You gotta train for that kinda thing. Like […]

Two Trips To The Samples

As far as being a rebel, my level is “Kiddie Pool”. Costco is getting in their veggies and plants in now, and I just couldn’t help myself. I bought a three pack of tomato plants, but I really didn’t want three of the same kind of tomato, so I mixed the pack. First I looked […]

Green And Honest

I just don’t trust Kale. It smiles sweetly, but never drinks coffee. I just can’t. The Mascherari: A Novel of Venice Laura Rahme Genre: Historical Fiction | Mystery, Thriller & Suspense FREE for a limited time In this late medieval tale of mystery and the supernatural, Laura Rahme evokes a Venice long forgotten. From the […]

A Bat In The Wind

I had a dream last night that I was transporting crystal cups on a battleship with Robert De Niro, in a wind storm with not so sticky Post-it notes. The dream book states I am crazy as a bat. Good to know. Malevolent (Cases of Lieutenant Kane Series of Police Procedural Novels Book 1) E.H. […]

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