A Spark Of Brilliant

I am feeling rather clever today. I am very close to finishing the inside Halloween decorations, and I have re-purposed a lot of the decorations from last year. I’m using the same old decoration, but in completely different ways. Hubby thinks I am nuts when I decorate. He can hear me walking around the house […]

A Cute Little Haunt

Decorating is in full swing right now. I am thrilled that the tiny haunted town, that was so easy to make, turned out so cute. You can see the final display on my Pinterest Board titled “Halloween Time” by clicking here. I think the next project will be a 2D house for the witch I […]

Fear The Pit!

Today we are celebrating my oldest baby basset’s birthday with his school friends. His actual birthday isn’t until the end of the month, but if I throw a party closer to his birthday we have to compete with Halloween parties. This year his party is at an indoor trampoline place, and I am completely thrown […]

No! I Will Not Watch

Here’s the thing… I DON’T WANT TO WATCH YOU WHIP AND NAE NAE! If you don’t know what Whip and Nae Nae is, be grateful. Don’t Google it, you do not want that song stuck in your head. My oldest basset needs to learn the song for his school play, and while I appreciate that […]

A Teenie Tiny Haunting

I have been waiting for this day all September. Today I can decorate for Halloween!! Now I am not entirely crazy. I put out just a few things at a time and build it up over the month. If I do too much at once I feel a little smothered. I will start with my […]

Easy As A Tiny House

My tiny haunted village certainly was a lot easier than I had planned, and it looks adorable. It actually looks like the picture I saw on the HGTV website. That never happens! A few coupons brought the cost down of the wooden houses I got at the craft store, and it only took maybe half […]

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