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Tag: Historical Fiction

This Is Happening

The box said, “Fits small and medium size cats.” I take it my kitty is not small or medium size, but he is making the best of it. Lawless by Tracey Ward (68 Reviews) Genre: Romance | Coming of Age FREE for a limited...

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I Think I’m Hungry

I went to the San Francisco Academy of Science with Oma and the baby bassets the other day, and I did something a bit weird that I didn’t even think about until now while I was looking through the pictures. While going...

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Just A Pretty Turkey

There is no other word to describe how my sweet chickie Trudy looked today. Turkey. She looked like a huge male turkey. When I let the ladies out this morning, Trudy decided to hang back in the coop and sit on the eggs. Oh I...

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A Walk In Your Claws

Today we are off to the San Fransisco Academy of Science, or as my baby bassets like to call it, the Academy of Scientists. I haven’t corrected them yet on that one.. maybe when they are 30. The place is fantastic with the...

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An Unwavering Course

Aubrey Wynne weaves fascinating tales while displaying different faucets of her characters over time to add depth to our understanding of their personalities. Descriptive passages, unexpected plot twists, well developed...

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What Day Is It?

So I Googled, “First Day Of Spring 2017” and it is today. AWESOME! I am done with the rain and cold. Time to bring on the sunshine and ladybugs. I saw a few ladybugs in my neighbor’s yard, so I might snag a few...

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I Debt Owed

I kinda lied to everyone yesterday, actually I have been lying for a while now and it’s been a few lies. I could say I didn’t tell the whole truth. That sounds nicer. I have been sneaking lunch meat to my oldest...

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My Heads Garden

My friends are warning me that it’s too early to plant some of my veggies and flowers now, but I see the Wisteria and Star Jasmin starting to bloom. Quite frankly I want winter to be done, and I believe if winter sees me...

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Betray My Twice Mr. Couch

I have my best ideas at night while I am sitting on the couch. The problem is, it’s usually too late to do anything by that time. The next day when I have the time, my brilliant idea seems to be too much trouble and not as...

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Sprout Today

It’s funny how this one little sprout is making me so happy. I think it might be a Morning Glory, and not the snap pea that I originally thought, but it’s a start! Oak Mountain (The Oak Mountain Trilogy Book 1) by...

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