Don’t Go Bacon My Heart

I can really get behind a diet that allows me to eat as much bacon as I like. Well look at this! There are five pieces of guilt free bacon looking at me right now. Hello! Let me introduce myself, my name is Happy To Eatcha! Irradiated (The Tunnel Trilogy Book 1) S. Elliot Brandis […]

Thrown Out

I was literally thrown out of my dream this morning by an earthquake. The earthquake was not real, just in my dream, but it threw me violently out of my dream and I am pretty sure I jumped a few feet up off the bed, arms flailing around. My brain was pretty darn rude to […]

What Are You Doing In My Dream?

I gotta finish this book I am reading. I once again stayed up way too late reading. I can’t wake up this zombie like another morning. I keep blinking a bunch in hopes that it will help me focus. It doesn’t work, but I guess it’s better than being caught doing one long blink. I […]

How To Be a Monkey

For the first time in my three years of attempting to get across the monkey bars, I was able to complete 7 bars at the park yesterday. My 6 year old baby basset showed me how. It seems ridiculous that the monkey bars have been such a sore spot for so long and to have […]

A Life Offered

Magnolia Belle is an author who creates wonderful, multi-layered novels, with marvelous casts of characters. Always a pleasure to read, and one who writes so flawlessly! Enjoy! T’on Ma Magnolia Belle Genre: Historical Fiction | Action & Adventure | Sagas | Romance FREE for a limited time T’on Ma is set in Texas during the […]

Crazy Smart

They laughed at me and said I was crazy, but at the end of the night I was right! Before my hubby’s birthday party last night I covered the books shelves, that had all the baby bassets Lego’s, with plastic wrap. I knew there would be an army or horde or children running throughout the […]

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