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Older & Wiser

I just had a horrid realization. I hurt my jaw so bad last night that I can barely eat. My birthday is in two days and I want cake. How….but why…. OH GOSH!!! Bishop’s War (Bishop Series Book 1) by Rafael Hines...

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My Scary Talent

It takes a special kind of talent to do what I did last night. I went on a sneezing kick because I was messing around in a dusty place. At one point I sneezed so hard my jaw tensed up pretty tight and locked into position. The...

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Brilliant Use Of Time

I am pretty sure the neighbors must think I am murdering someone over here. My computer has decided to go retro and take me back to the days of dial-up. Everything I do right now takes and extra 30 seconds. I should look at this...

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They Land With A Thud

I always find it funny how my curious little ladies always want to know exactly what I am up to when I am in the garden. Every day, when I go out to check on my sweet chickies and let them out, I also inspect the garden to see...

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I Wish So Hard!

I don’t think hubby is taking me seriously when I tell him I wanted a hedgehog for my birthday. Maybe because he knows they are illegal in California, and also because I am insane. I have been asking for one for the past...

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Becoming The Legend

Well researched and enjoyably written, The Forest Lord series by author Steven A. McKay is a fast-paced and original re-casting of a familiar legend. McKay’s gift as a storyteller pulls the reader into a world of violence,...

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Not Quite Too Mean

I think I lucked out. After all the work I did in the garden moving plants from their pots into the ground, I think most, if not all, have lived. A week later and they have not turned in to dried up twigs is a good sign. They...

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My Kinda Cone!

I saw this awesome gardening idea on Amazin Things, and I think I am going to try it out today. Instead of starting seeds in the trays, you put them in ice cream cones and then plant them directly in the ground when they are...

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Not Wise Little Frog

Wow! I’m a genius. I am quite the ambitious person when the event is half a year away. Last night I signed myself up for another Tough Mudder (12 miles/ 20 obstacles..pain , snow.. eeeww) this year. That’s two in one...

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Oh Dear No!

Now, I’m not going to spend all of my time talking about my baby bassets because not everyone wants to hear me go on and on about them, but I gotta ask this. Why is my oldest playing “Bouncy Ball in the Bucket”...

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Bunny Rabbit Slippers

I am beginning to think I have a problem with commitment. With the sun shining so bright and warm, I have been out in the garden making plans for Spring and Summer. Then it hit me. All my plants are in containers. ALL of them....

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Robot Army

I found the cure for chocolate addiction. Play with your food. I am trying to come up with a fancy Valentines Day dessert for hubby and my baby bassets, and I have been testing out different ways to mold chocolate. I really had...

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