On The Couch For Five Days

I feel like I am about ten years behind everyone with the whole Harry Potter craze. A few years ago, when I couldn’t walk down the street without hearing a Harry Potter reference, I just couldn’t really get into the books or movies. I saw the first three movies, and I did enjoy them immensely, […]

PJ’s To School

I think I am looking forward to the last day of school more than my baby bassets. I am thrilled right now that I do not have to worry about homework, spelling tests or crazy math that you spend more time answering why you came up with that answer and not just solving the problem. […]

Where’s The Snooze?

Oh my goodness gracious what time is it? As happy as I am to be blogging for you this last day…that’s right it’s me Jackie if you haven’t figured it out yet…but I am so exhausted I can barely keep my eyes open. Last night the ladies and I threw quite the party and while […]

Strike Two

Why I outta just pound those little chickens into the ground I’m so mad right now! After our first talk I decided to go for a nice peaceful stroll…but no…. the little girlies wanted to practice their singing! What a bunch of tone-deaf, high pitched girls! Ugh and now I have a headache! If that […]

She Really Doesn’t Mind

One of the little faerie figurines I have in my garden had fallen off the little faerie bench yesterday. This should not make me feel bad. When I spotted her, while I was watering, I gasped and ran over to put her upright again. What the heck am I so concerned about? It’s a fake […]

Naughty My Naughty

I’m a little disappointed this morning. My sweet chickie Naughty has gone too far this time. She did quite a little number on the back of the head of one of the chicks and I had to separate the two flocks. The chick is fine and I put a little medicine on her, but there […]

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