Stop And Smell

I spend so much time working in my garden that I forget to appreciate it once in a while. Yesterday, rather than just putting allĀ  my garden tools away and relaxing inside, I took a moment to check out the fresh blooms and snip a few flowers. I literally stopped to smell the roses. It […]

A Rare Kind

Romantic and engaging, author Mona Hanna draws her readers into a world of witches and magic. You will meet wonderful characters that endure conflicts and trials and experience the joy of overcoming them. Enjoy! High Witch (High Witch Book 1) Mona Hanna Genre: Romance | Fantasy FREE for a limited time Brayden dreams for thirty […]


My hubby is sleeping so quietly and sweetly, but I want pancakes. I don’t cook, so this is an issue. I can cook and I am very good at it, but everything I make is from scratch and takes forever. So I don’t. I’m am going to send the 18 pound cat in to walk […]

I Ordered Extra Cheese

With a new Star Wars movie coming out and the parties and costumes being planned, one thing is for certain, there will be plenty of Princess Leias. I live in a college town, it’s inevitable that all those young students will want to be Princess Leia. I’m talking both men and women. Those college boys […]

Jabba Would Approve

The big news on the playground at my baby bassets school is all about the new Star Wars movie that is coming out. A new preview was release and boy did it cause a frenzy. It featured Chewbacca and Han Solo, and I actually screamed out loud when I saw them. It’s not the kids […]

A Comfort In Deception

For fans of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror this is a great opportunity to check out a great collection of novels by author Chrissy Peebles. Today you will find a wonderful selection of novels, each from a different series, and most of them are free today for a limited time. Enjoy! Eternal Vows (Book 1 […]

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