Even The Cat Agrees

This week for some reason seemed to be a long one and I couldn’t be happier that it is Friday. Although this is a Friday will not be all fun and games. I have to go to the grocery store and battle it out with the other Easter Brunch shoppers. Eggs might be flying. A […]

Just To Let You Know

No dieting or thoughts of dieting will be allowed on Sunday. Just thought I might give everyone a warning of this fact. Easy Bake Coven Liz Schulte Genre: Romance | Fantasy FREE for a limited time For Selene Warren being a witch is no big deal. She dabbles in harmless magic with her friends and […]

Time To Start Again

It’s time for more coffee. Just…more. Valens Remembered, The Story Begins Sherrel Lee Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense | Mythology & Folk Tales | Fantasy FREE for a limited time Do you love reading about ShapeShifters? Psychics? Genetically Engineered Monsters? Get your free copy of Book One of the Valens of Legacy series now. As […]

Chicken Trouble In Paradise

I spent the late afternoon yesterday arguing with my chickens. They seemed to be a bit peeved that I would not let them out of the coop while I was replacing the flowers in the garden that Naughty had destroyed. I hope to golly my neighbors didn’t hear me. But seriously… those ladies need to […]

Look What I Found

I just found glow in the dark paint from last Halloween. Lets see what that will do do those eggs. Shattering Halos Sunniva Dee Genre: Fantasy | Coming of Age | Horror FREE for a limited time I am Gaia Samuelle and I should have died in the car accident that killed my friends. Only […]

The Flowers Of Bright

OH!! GRRR!! That Naughty. She is a naughty chicken for sure. A few weeks ago I had planted flowers in preparation for the family coming over for Easter. I wanted the plants to be well established and filled in. I had them all caged up like a plant prison and all was good. Until Yesterday. […]

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