For years the baby bassets didn’t even notice we had a cat. Until one day, about a year or so ago, they found him.  They realized that the giant fuzzy pillow was actually a living creature and was fun to pet and hug. Now, a twenty pound cat isn’t easy to move when you weigh […]

Humans Are On The Run

Readers who enjoy old style science fiction are sure to get hooked on the AMP series by author Stephen Arseneault, starting with AMP Messenger. The fast paced action will have you on the edge of your seat from page one. Enjoy! AMP Messenger Stephen Arseneault Genre: Science Fiction | Fantasy FREE for a limited time […]

After Eleven Years

There is a roof on the chicken coop! YES!!! My evil stares and constant nagging has produced a roof for my sweet ladies. I put in a lot of hours and hard work nagging hubby and it’s days like this that make it all worth it for me. And since today is our eleventh year […]

Golden Treasure

This little cookbook is such a great find. My partner in crime’s grandmother gave her this cookbook with honey recipes that is dated all the way back to 1945. It’s fantastic treasures like these that make me even more excited about us starting our own little beehive. With all that fresh honey we can make […]

A Little Rude

Something ate my water plant. Who the heck would eat a water-plant? It hadn’t even spouted leaves yet and was still just a bulb at the bottom of the pond. I think there is a critter out there just being a jerk. I know we would all like to think that animals are great and […]

I See You Hawk!

Looks like the ladies are going to be cooped up for a while. A nice big hawk has decided to hang out in the tree across the street and I am sure he knows the ladies are there. I know that it is common for people to loose their chickens to hawks and other predators, […]

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