Just Empty

I had a horrible nightmare last night. Someone took all the completed Legos off the display shelves and put them in one large bin. I ran from room to room in hopes that they were just moved, but no. All I found were empty shelves. The horror. Rose Hill (Rose Hill Mystery Series Book 1) […]

Run Rabbit Run!

The pumpkins have exploded again in the backyard. I am so excited that I am actually seeing little tiny baby pumpkins forming. I am going to go on YouTube and see what the suggestions are for getting the most out of your pumpkin plants. My mother was asking about YouTube the other day, as she […]

I Must For The Ladies

Was I complaining to Mother Nature that we weren’t getting enough sunshine. Oh dear..my bad. She certainly has been making up for the lack of sunshine at the end of the baby basset’s school year now with a good amount of sun and heat. I have been moving as slow as a snowman in summer, […]

Until The Fence Is Shorter

My poor fat kitty, Sinatra, has been on a diet for about six or seven months now and has not lost even one pound. In fact I think he might be even chubbier. I have a new plan. Go against everyone’s belief and kick him outside. I think the indoor lifestyle has made him fat […]

Thinking The Worst

I am worried about my chickie Naughty. I think she is sick. I woke up early this morning while it was still dark to check on her and I was thinking the worst. But here is the funny part. I have no idea why I think she is sick. She is eating, clear eyes, clucks […]

The Time Is NOW!

It’s HAPPENING! The new chicken coop building has started. With my weird and mostly undecipherable plans my hubby made a few measurements and it was off to the hardware store for supplies. He bought everything he needed for the bottom section of the coop and went to work immediately. I was shocked at how well […]

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