Get The Apron!

Today is a day to BBQ! Out of Tune Michelle D. Argyle Genre: Parenting & Relationships | Romance | Teen & Young Adult FREE for a limited time Twenty-year-old Maggie Roads’ parents are legendary in the country music world. She wants nothing more than to follow in their footsteps, but the limelight isn’t reserved for […]

Not The Same As Real Candy

Just a little fact for your Monday morning. Did you know that a slug will eat a board game if left on the garage floor. It would seem that the slug that lives in my garage and strolls around looking for dog food, is not a picky eater. I found the Candyland boardgame that I […]

The Cat is Too Big

Normally I would feel bad about picking up my kitty when he is snuggled like a little angel on a soft warm blanket fast asleep, but the very fact that he is not so courteous to my youngest basset makes it quite easy. In the middle of the night my baby basset came into my […]

Oh Dear!

I did something so embarrassing yesterday, that I found myself hiding in a bathroom for 5 minutes. Really? At my age? I thought that kind of thing didn’t happen to people after they got out of high school. No, I am not ready to tell all of you what I did, but I find it […]

A Good Time For A Snack

It was a huge hawk! I could tell by its terrible screeching. He was going to eat my chickies! I was terrified for them. I couldn’t see him though. I searched the trees, the rooftops, EVERYWHERE! Where was he hiding? SCREECH!!! Oh my gosh…he coming in! Ladies! In your coop! NOW! Then he landed on […]

Charlie The Unicorn Is Creepy

What’s that feeling? I’m a bit confused. Kids are back in school, I’m waking up before the rabbits and the rest of the world. Oh.. that’s what getting back to normality feels like. Not sure how I feel about it. Maybe another cup of coffee will help me decide. Poppy Lane (short story) (Great War […]

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