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Tag: Fantasy

Return Home My Friend

It’s a strange thing to miss the company of a large slug. I used to have a huge slug that wandered the garage at night eating spilled dog food and leaving shiny trails all over anything that was left on the ground. All...

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What’s In The Cauldron?

OKAY (Holding hands up)Don’t be mad at me, but I put a few Christmas books in this post. I am not trying to bring Christmas earlier or make your life crazy, but I thought they were good looking books and maybe you could...

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Extreme Instincts

Entertaining and fast paced, the Missy the Werecat series by P.G. Allison is a refreshing take on the genre. Unapologetic for what she is, Missy embraces her abilities which make for an exciting read filled with action and...

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Hanging On By a Ribbon

Your car has a six CD changer and your IPod holds fifteen thousand songs? Meh… I would never need such a thing. I listen to the same album over and over again, and nothing will sound as good as the album that is my...

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A Fun Cry?

Why on Earth did I binge watch a show that makes me cry they entire time? It was one of those medium shows where the medium contacts the dead of a loved one and everyone cries. Hey, nice to meet you, a dead guy here is telling...

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Trouble Finds A Home

Dare to enter a world of Historical Fantasy that is action packed, gut wrenching, startling and wondrous, in author Lory Paduano’s The Wonderland Series. From start to finish, this trilogy will have you at the edge of your...

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Catch That Charmander

I adulted pretty hard yesterday. I cleaned the house inside and out! I worked my tushy off and got it all done…except for the laundry. Why is it no matter what you do, there is always laundry? Have you noticed that? No...

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Twice As Nice!

One thing I always loved was that my original four ladies all laid different colored eggs. It was an easy way to see who was laying and who wasn’t. But the three new ladies all lay the same color eggs as Jackie, so now I...

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