Gnome Here And There

I only have two Gnomes in my backyard. I remember going to a friends house and they had about 150 gnomes in their backyard, and I remember thinking the place must be filled with magic. I imagined the gnomes playing at night and tending to the gardens. I always remember that place when I look […]

High Rise Chickens

My baby bassets seem to have outgrown a small pirate ship that we have in the backyard. They never play on it and I believe it is time for it to go. I might be getting a bit pushy about it for selfish reasons. The pirate ship is right next to my ladies coop. If […]

Visit A New Land

The book I am currently reading is so completely different from the genres I usually read that I feel like I am in a strange land I have never been to before. That seems like an odd statement since I normally read science fiction and fantasy novels (when I am not reading about preparing for […]

Drop It!

Tough Mudder is coming up fast. I wanted to drop a little bit of weight before the event so I downloaded a 21 day diet plan about a week ago. It had some great information in it with awesome recipes and exercise suggestions, but I never really got around to doing any of it. I […]

Tempted By Power

Christine Amsden unleashes her brilliant storytelling magic in her Cassie Scot, ParaNormal Detective series. The reader is plunged into an utterly believable world where villains and heroes spring to life from the pages. Brace yourself for a whirlwind ride of adventure, romance and knife-edge peril. These truly original stories are not to be missed. Enjoy […]

To Bee Morgan Freeman

If you didn’t think Morgan Freeman was already the coolest guy around, now his cool level just doubled. I Pinned the full article on my “In The News” board on Pinterest. You can click here to read the full article. Power of Love (The Armstrongs Book 1) Jessica Gray Genre: Anthologies | Anthologies & Literature […]

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