Her Treacherous Allies Are Around

The Dark Faeries Tale series by Alexia Purdy, is a fast-paced tale of dark and light magic, with an engaging heroine who is only beginning to learn about her true self. Shade is human, but she is something more, too. When she witnesses a magical battle between two faerie foes, she is drawn into a […]

Just A Peek Into The Future

I think I’m in trouble. My usually cautious youngest baby basset has discovered going fast on a jet ski. I had a flash of what my future life with teenage boys will be like. Oh help me. Assassins of the Steam Age (Aetherium, Book 1) Joseph Robert Lewis Genre: Fantasy FREE for a limited time […]

A Truth Smack

It is always fun to try new things especially the ones that scare you a bit. For me it was a Jet ski. I actually drove one yesterday. I haven’t been that scared and thrilled at the same time in years. I might just be getting hooked on the thrill. Maybe I will become one […]

Today I Am A Pirate

On this house-boating vacation I have discovered a new love. Treasure hunting. We scour the shores of the lake for items lost when the lake was fuller. This lakes is about half full….or half empty.  I’m on vacation so I am optimistic right now… it’s half full. The shores are full of lost fishing lures, […]

The Road To There

Author Greg Strandberg brings us a fantastic collection of novels from humor, science fiction, or high intensity action, there is something for everyone. Enjoy! Bring Back Our Girls Greg Strandberg Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Warning: This book contains foul language and wretched levels of violence as well as a high disregard for authority. What […]

A Fresh Box Of Lucky Charms

You just can’t be sad on a jet ski. Amish Neighbor Volume One: Becoming Amish Melanie Schmidt Genre: Religion & Spirituality | Romance | Religious & Inspirational Fiction FREE for a limited time Rain is falling in Paradise, Pennsylvania and it threatens to flood the town, sweeping through the homes and businesses of the citizens […]

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