A Plan To Go

I have the craziest desire to go to the beach. The weather is nice, and I haven’t been in a long time. I hate the beach. Sand gets everywhere, there are bugs and seagulls, and I hate the wind. I have lived my whole live 30 minutes from the beach and I hate the beach. […]

High On A Ladybugs Shoulders

I thought it was Friday when I woke up. Classic Thursday morning mistake. I always complain that time speeds by way too fast, so I should be grateful for this bonus day. There is so much I can do with it. So much to accomplish. So much to achieve. I could become the brilliant person […]

Fall Prey To The Tyranny

The illumination Paradox Series by Jacqueline E. Garlick is an exciting young adult coming of age steampunk fantasy, steeped in myth, filled with action and adventure, magic and romance, and swashbuckling historical intrigue. Enjoy! Lumière (The Illumination Paradox Series Book 1) Jacqueline E. Garlick Genre: Children’s eBooks | Romance One determined girl. One resourceful boy. […]

My Pet Velociraptors

Without a doubt, my little chickies know what a bag of crickets looks like. As soon as they see me coming with that bag, they throw all lady like behavior out the window and attack like a pack of velociraptors. I was about two seconds away from running back in the house screaming, CLOSE THE […]

Not A Silent Scream At All

PLEASE!!! Another gift giving/candy filled holiday is coming up. Valentines Day. I just want a vacation from all that. I would say at least 6 months. No parties, no gifts, no trying to dress up and finding that you don’t fit in that outfit anymore because the holidays just wont let go of your thighs. […]

No Makeup Required

I love reading a good romance. After reading a somewhat dark science fiction I always like to lighten up with a sweet romance to get myself back to feeling balanced. Plus I love the thrill of experiencing new romances without having to do my hair and dress up. Waltz Back to Texas (Lost in a […]

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