What’s The Buzz About?

Tonight is our second beekeeping class, and now that I have my bees ordered I no longer see my classmates as competition. Problem solved. The reality is that it is a wonderful thing that so many people are interested in becoming beekeepers and want to be the solution to the ever declining bee population. I […]

A Bee In My Bonnet

Last Friday I ordered the bees and they will be here in May. My partner in crime and I are actually going to be beekeepers. We gave ourselves a year and now we have a date. When we went to talk to the local beekeeper supply shop we asked a ton of questions. So many […]

I Say Super You Say Bowl

Oh it’s almost party time! I am so excited I keep getting all my feathers in a ruffle, naturally of coarse then I have to fix them because heaven forbid the paparazzi get a bad picture of me. Well soon enough the neighbor girl should be coming over to feed us, and then once she […]

I Was Winnie The Pooh

My partner in crime and I got lost at the bar yesterday. We couldn’t help ourselves. We get a free pass though, because seriously…who could resist. We were shopping around the cutest beekeeper supply store when we stumbled across a free honey tasting bar. It was amazing. They easily had about 30 different types of […]

I Am Hoping For A Bee In The Class

Today is my first day of school. I should have bought an new outfit. Don’t you get a new outfit for the first day of school? I wonder if I have time to go shopping. Sure I do..my beekeeping class doesn’t start until 7pm! I am usually in bed by 8, so this is going […]

The Lavender Was Tense

I think hubby finally settled down with the moving around of the living room furniture. Either that or he got tired. Kitty and I have come out of hiding and I gotta admit, he did good. The couch looks less like an enormous porpoise beaching itself in the middle of my house digesting his lunch, […]

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