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Tag: Fantasy

Time For A Picnic

I will certainly give Jackie credit for being the most dedicated chicken I have ever known. She has been broody now for about a month or so, maybe even longer. Why on earth does she pick the hottest time of the year to keep...

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The Gnome Stood On Top

I must have chosen wisely this year with my garden because it is at it’s peak and my pup can still walk through his yard. By this time last year it had gotten so overgrown, that my poor pup had to dig through large...

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Giant Chicken Rides

I was gone for only five days and my new chickens have doubled in size AGAIN! WHAT IS HAPPENING? If I leave again will they grow more? At this rate I should make a sign for the front yard that advertises chicken rides for kids....

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Just Plain Nice

When I was a kid my family and I would enjoy camping in our orange 1973 VW Camper. That thing was SWEET! It had everything! Sink, refrigerator, slept a family of four perfectly, and was easy to drive. I remember I loved the...

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Not A Good Mix

You haven’t had a nightmare until you have a dream with Christopher Walken as a psychotic mobster trying to kill you. He is quite creative with his methods to, so you can imagine how fast I was running away. In my dream he...

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Chocolate Chicken

Last night was the first night the younger chicks have slept in the main coop with the original four ladies, and I couldnt be happier. All this time the new four chickens have been sleeping on the landing just below the opening...

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Flight Or Flight

My baby bassets keep talking to me about Mindcraft. I am trying really really hard to find it interesting. Oh gosh… I just can’t. Every time they bring up the subject I have a flight response. Bonus though… I...

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Grow Up!

UGH! Today I have to be extra adulty. I hate adulting sometimes, especially when I have a lot of adulting to do. Murder & Mayhem in Goose Pimple Junction (Goose Pimple Junction Mysteries Book 1) Amy Metz (575 Reviews) Genre:...

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No Bugs Here

The baby chicks are no more. They are officially full grown chickens. They stand as tall as Summer and Jackie now. Even sweet little Iggy is a big girl. It’s quite a sight to hear all of them greet me in the morning, and...

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Keep An Eye On Oma

The weather has been so hot around here and I am worried because my sweet chickie Jackie. She is still broody and wont come out of her nest box. I am certain I am going to go out there one day to find a delicious smelling...

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