Adventure Is Out There

Well I’m afraid this is my last post of the day. But do not fret I will return…until then read and seek out new cricket recipes…so then when I return you can serve them to me on a silver platter (if you don’t have silver gold works just as well) I will miss you adoring […]

Love In Time

If you are looking to fall in love with a romantic book series then look no farther than the Love in Time book series by author Cate Dean. These books will have you hooked by page one. You yourself will fall in love with the characters Cate Dean has created. Their story of longing to […]


Man that cat nap was to die for…but sadly I can’t seem to shake the feeling of sleepiness…I think I need to keep sleeping. I’m afraid my evil plan took more out of me than I thought it would…man I need to get back into shape if this evil thing is gonna be a full […]

The Cat Is On My Desk

Oh my stars! The cat is on my desk. He is walking all over it like he owns the place…who does he think he is? Tsk Tsk… something like this never happens in the coop because all the ladies know their place (below me). Well it looks like I am going to have to teach […]

Dreamers Wanted

Good morning fellow book lovers! You know what they say the early bird gets the best book… or something like that.  Now where is my parade? My cricket cake? A giant bouquet of marigolds? No… shame. Your queen really does deserve better, I must say this really hurts my pride. Oh well, I will get […]

Work Hard To Relax Hard

We are only going to be gone for four days camping, but by the chaos that is happening you would think we were leaving for a year. I’m so exhausted from all the packing and getting the house ready that It will take me the full trip to recover. Of course camping is hardly relaxing. […]

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