They Are Running Amuck!

Well, well, after all this time I’m back! Thank heavens for long weekends… am I right? Though I must say I am a little disappointed that there were no fireworks, or confetti, or at least a tray full of crickets! This is a pretty pathetic welcome back for the queen of Mrs. Book Bassets ladies! […]

She Really Doesn’t Mind

One of the little faerie figurines I have in my garden had fallen off the little faerie bench yesterday. This should not make me feel bad. When I spotted her, while I was watering, I gasped and ran over to put her upright again. What the heck am I so concerned about? It’s a fake […]

All My Feathers Are Gone

It has been a rough two days for the baby chicks. I have moved them to the coop with my original sweet ladies, and Naughty has been an absolute meanie! Every chance she gets she corners all four of them and gives them the evil eye and pecks at their heads.  I have actually been […]

For Just One Moment Please

I’m not sure why, but my sweet chicken Jackie needed a hug yesterday. She was on the dog deck, where she knows she is not supposed to be, so I picked her up to move her. Instead of squirming like she always does, she relaxed and shut her eyes. I gave her a little hug […]

Fated To End The World

Guardians: The Girls by Lola StVil is a fantastic read that has amazing characters and an exciting story line with so many twists and turns you will never want it to end. Enjoy! Guardians: The Girl (The Guardians Series, Book 1) Lola StVil Genre: Teen & Young Adult | Romance FREE for a limited time […]

Forever Bound

Rachel Carrington knows exactly what her readers want and doesn’t hesitate in providing it. Romance, excitement and lots of danger. Hold on tight, these novels will take you on a wicked fun ride. Enjoy! Waking Up Immortal (Universal Security Book 1) Rachel Carrington Genre: Romance | Science Fiction The curse of immortality is just beginning… […]

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