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Tag: Fantasy

The Schemes Of Men

If you want to read an excellent fantasy series that you will get caught up in and carried along for the ride then TheĀ  Magic of Dimmingwood series by USA Today Bestselling Author C. Greenwood is the perfect choice. Enjoy!...

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Don’t Move A Muscle

All the critters are working against me. During the week I always feed them at the same time, and even in the same order. It always goes, kitty first because he screams the loudest. Next is pup because he doesn’t bark or...

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Back For You Later

Coco the guinea pig is a ninja. I had the piggies in a little enclosure on the ground for floor time so I could clean their cage, and that’s when little Coco showed off his ninja skills. He was scaling those walls faster...

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Enough Crazy Titles

I still have my Easter decorations out. I feel pretty awful about it, but I just haven’t had time to clear them out. The boys aren’t done with the candy the Easter bunny brought them, so it’s not all bad. Once...

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A God Among Thieves

Author Jackson Lear is best known for taking familiar genres and moving the boundaries to give the reader a whole new experience. Find out for yourself why fans of Lear just can’t get enough of his incredible writing with...

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A Rainbow Of Doom

I must get the word out. I must tell as many people as I can. A warning to everyone. We were never meant to drink unicorns. Stop this madness. It may look pretty. It may be tasty. It may be liquid heaven, but we were never meant...

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Live Wire by Amber Lynn Natusch

From the first page readers are hooked on this fast paced supernatural thriller. Gripping and intense Natusch has a way of sucking you into a fantasy world that you never want to leave. Enjoy! Live Wire (Blue-Eyed Bomb Book 1)...

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Gardening For Me

Growing carrots is not for impatient people. I planted those little guys years ago and they have barely cracked the surface of the soil. To date, they have brought me no joy and I want to pull them out! The rest of the veggies I...

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