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Tag: Fantasy

Just In Time

If I was a fly, I certainly would not be hanging around the big giants that continuously swatted at me and obviously wanted me dead. Flies only have hours to live, so why do they insist on hanging around me and bugging the...

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On The Fence

My partner in crime and her hubby are going to pick up a new puppy today. There are two available and I want to want one, but I don’t want one. I love my old pup and feel like our family is perfect with my creaky old pup...

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They Are Talking Again

Today it seems my computer doesn’t trust the decisions I am making. It keeps asking me if I am sure I want to do what I just did or I have to click on things multiple times before it will do what I asked. I think it is...

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Here Little Pumpkin

The pumpkin count in my yard has not changed in a week or so. I have been slacking on sneaking extra pumpkins into the yard without my hubby noticing. This could have ill effects. He will be confident in his count of pumpkins in...

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Beyond The Pancake Hill

I just want pancakes. I have been craving pancakes for a week now and haven’t been able to get them. I can’t believe how hard this has been. I will try again today, but it isn’t looking good. I am sad. Another...

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Glitter Is The Trick

I seem to be addicted to finding new Halloween decoration ideas. I posted a few on my Pinterest page titled Halloween time, and you can see them by clicking here, but I am seriously wondering if I am actually going to do any of...

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