Just Blow The Plans To The Eggs

My plan to blow 36 eggs fell a little short. I got two done. After two I questioned my sanity to do all 36. I rationalized that 18 would be just fine. After that conclusion I realized I had something important I needed to do and went about doing it. It took me about 15 […]

Torn Between Love And Duty

Best selling author Faith Mortimer’s novels are riddled with suspense, intrigue, romance and action. Just when you think the characters have no way out, the twists take the stories in a whole new direction. Enjoy! The Bamboo Mirror – An Anthology of Short Mysteries Faith Mortimer Genre: Anthologies & Literature Collections | Anthologies | Short […]

Bad Bad Plants

Unfortunately the chickies enjoy the new plants I have planted in the garden. I will need to put each plant in a plant prison. That’s quite a look for spring. Pearl C.E. Weisman Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Women’s Fiction | Romance FREE for a limited time Pearl Water’s childhood was shattered the night she stood […]

Tulips And Daffodils Mean Chocolate

What’s that smell? Do you smell it? Yup….I smell spring!!! Spring is in the air!! Time to eat Cadbury mini eggs. Pam of Babylon Suzanne Jenkins Genre: Drama & Plays | Contemporary Fiction | Women’s Fiction FREE for a limited time Warning! This book contains themes of sexual abuse and infidelity. Pam of Babylon is […]

I Lied, Then I Lied Again

My youngest basset doesn’t seem to be the adventurous type here at Disneyland, so in order to get him on the scarier rides like say, Pirates of the Caribbean, I lie. “It’s just a slow boat ride ride baby, no craziness” During the first drop, he screams at me. After the second second drop he […]

Try Not To Run

It seemed a bit unusual for “Girls Night Out” to be a night of watching boxing in a local gym, but WOW was it exciting. It amazes me how two people could try to knock each other out for three rounds and when the final bell rings they hug and are smiling. I think after […]

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