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Tag: Drama

Run Run The water

BREAKING NEWS… well for those of us in California… The drought has ended!!! Hmmm.. okay. Can’t say that I am really going to change the way I do things though. All the water saving habits that I have now are...

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Time To Fly The Pumpkin

I spent every free moment in the garden, cleaning, weeding, and mowing. It looks absolutely perfect right now. The problem though with plants is they are always growing and changing. I know that’s what I want, but it does...

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Chicken Real Estate

I am a little worried. Hubby hasn’t started my new chicken coop. He has researched a bunch of coops, asked me my opinion, and thought pretty hard about it, but he has not physically started my coop. My birthday is at the...

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Perfectly Normal

There is only enough coffee in the house for one person. I am currently holding on to it calling it my precious. I see nothing wrong with that. Love Me Later (Second Chances Book 1) Libby Rice (28 Reviews) Genre: Romance FREE...

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Turkey Snack Shack

All the turkey’s in town are back. Just before Thanksgiving they all seemed to disappear as if they know the time of year was unlucky for them. I am not exactly sure where they were hiding out. I know the chickens in town...

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A Word Just For Me

I believe I have had my sweet chickies for about a year now. One full year of experience and knowledge. I still have a lot to learn about those ladies. Right now they look more beautiful than I have ever seen them. Perfect...

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Rain, Clouds, And Dough

It’s cold, rainy, and we are stuck inside due to flooding on the streets everywhere. I need to bake some cookies. It has all the elements needed to bake cookies. The Sixth Sense (Brier Hospital Series Book 3) Lawrence Gold...

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A Bright Light

I am a little freaked out. With our big storm coming with the 50 mile an hour winds, how are these great Christmas houses with their fancy decorations going to make it?  We have a very popular Christmas house in our neighborhood...

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One Step Before The next

I always remember I am on a diet after I finish the treat. Funny how my brain works. Family Secrets (The Third Charon Family Adventure Book 3) Rod Pennington (23 Reviews) Genre: Humor & Satire | Action & Adventure THE #1...

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