Floating On The Surface

Patty Friedmann, the reigning queen of black comedy, hits it  out of the park with each of her novels. Humorous and heartbreaking, she is adept at capturing that quirky combination of love and resentment her characters feel, that I am sure a lot of us are familiar with in our own lives. Enjoy! Pick-Up Line: […]

Not Your Ordinary Basset

Good morning all.  This is Mr. Basset (aka Hubby).  My wife has gone to do her annual Tough Mudder event and left me to hold down the fort.  I’m fairly certain she will tell you all about it starting on Monday.  In the meantime, here are some books to enjoy! Choices of the Heart: A […]

Not As Planned

Just for giggles I attempted to sleep outside amongst the stars. It did not go as well as I would have liked. I will need to make a few tweaks to my original plan. Until then I will be over here, in the corner, on my fifth cup of coffee. Panic (Wildfire Chronicles Vol. 1) […]

A Queazy Sort Of Happy

I think it is funny that I am choosing to go on vacation on a boat. I have gotten sea sick on boats that were cemented into the harbor. I don’t discriminate either. It could be a row boat, speed boat, bath toy boat, ANY boat. Pictures of boats make me queazy and after having […]

Run Faster Than Syrup In Winter

Have you ever felt like you were chasing humming birds while wearing a penguin costume, sporting mud boots? Love Never Ends (Festival Series) Robin Lynn Wildes Genre: Drama & Plays | Romance FREE for a limited time Larson Evans is a high powered attorney. He lives in Boston with his teenage daughter. He has never […]

The Turkey Was A Chicken

I decided that my broody chickie Jackie needed to spend some time outside and get a little sunshine. She disagreed, I am bigger, second argument won with the little chicken. I reached inside the nest box to get her and was pecked and growled at. I was not deterred though and grabbed the fluffy Tasmanian […]

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