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Tag: Drama

No Sugary Peace

I felt a certain sense of relief when the last of the Christmas cookies I made had been eaten. I would no longer be tempted by those delicious little sin puffs. I had about five minutes of peace, that was until my youngest baby...

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A Cluck To You Kind Sir

I am proud to say I am bilingual. I speak English as well as fluent in chicken. Yesterday hubby and I were working in the backyard and my sweet ladies were commenting on everything that was going on. My pup, Jethro, came out...

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Run Run The water

BREAKING NEWS… well for those of us in California… The drought has ended!!! Hmmm.. okay. Can’t say that I am really going to change the way I do things though. All the water saving habits that I have now are...

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Time To Fly The Pumpkin

I spent every free moment in the garden, cleaning, weeding, and mowing. It looks absolutely perfect right now. The problem though with plants is they are always growing and changing. I know that’s what I want, but it does...

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Chicken Real Estate

I am a little worried. Hubby hasn’t started my new chicken coop. He has researched a bunch of coops, asked me my opinion, and thought pretty hard about it, but he has not physically started my coop. My birthday is at the...

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Perfectly Normal

There is only enough coffee in the house for one person. I am currently holding on to it calling it my precious. I see nothing wrong with that. Love Me Later (Second Chances Book 1) Libby Rice (28 Reviews) Genre: Romance FREE...

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Turkey Snack Shack

All the turkey’s in town are back. Just before Thanksgiving they all seemed to disappear as if they know the time of year was unlucky for them. I am not exactly sure where they were hiding out. I know the chickens in town...

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A Word Just For Me

I believe I have had my sweet chickies for about a year now. One full year of experience and knowledge. I still have a lot to learn about those ladies. Right now they look more beautiful than I have ever seen them. Perfect...

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Rain, Clouds, And Dough

It’s cold, rainy, and we are stuck inside due to flooding on the streets everywhere. I need to bake some cookies. It has all the elements needed to bake cookies. The Sixth Sense (Brier Hospital Series Book 3) Lawrence Gold...

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