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I am so torn. Hubby made these awesome garden boxes and I had bought seeds to fill them, but I made one huge mistake. I went to the garden center at my local hardware store. Why plant seeds when I can have instant gratification...

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Swim This Way

My poor pup was not liking the rain at all yesterday and he was going to stand his ground. He had decided that he was going to wait it out and be very uncomfortable rather than just go outside, go pee and get a little wet. Well...

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Quite Fast in Slippers

Hubby was so happy for about two seconds when I said I couldn’t stomach another Hallmark Original Christmas special. The joy was short lived when I noted that Valentines Day was right around the corner, and while I...

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Trying Still Counts

I got lost the other day trying to find a park. I can’t really say I was upset about it. I was planning on going for a pretty strenuous hike, but instead got lost in the back roads occupied by dairy farms filled with cows...

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Bring On The Beauty

Did I listen to you guys? Nope. You have never steered me wrong, but the warm sun and messy yard called to me and I could not resist. Now I am paying the price. But oh how pretty the yard looks, with the fresh planted poppies...

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Greeting Lawn Gnomes

It is seriously weird just how excited I am about mowing my lawn and pulling the weeds in the front yard. The weather has been so nice though, and it has really put me in the mood to greet Spring. I still have to wait though...

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Eye Of The Tiger

It’s always nice to learn new things. Today I learned that Tiger Balm smells like Vicks Vapor rub and that’s kinda spiffy. I love that smell. The other thing I learned is if you sneeze while rubbing Tiger Balm on...

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A Second Thought

I feel light as a daisy or maybe even as light as a marshmallow.  The back to school shopping is done. New shoes, school supplies, and new clothes. It’s like I finished my Christmas shopping early. Oh crush…. It just...

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A Unicorn In My Soup

I can’t think of one happy Monday song. At least I was able to make it to my desk with all of my coffee and not sneeze it all over my feet and the floor. That’s a good start. The Prayer Box Lisa Wingate (308 Reviews)...

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Where Does The Coffee Go?

Walking across the room with a full cup of coffee in my hand, I suddenly had a sneeze attack and lost half my coffee. No control whats so ever. I am pretty sure coffee on your feet does not have the same effect as drinking it. I...

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