The Floodgates Are Just The Begining

Breathtaking action is offset by the wise-cracking Jake and Rosie. The Jake Samson Mystery series by Shelley Singer has the tension that will keep you reading all night long. Compelling characterization makes this series a must-read, with authentic details and witty dialogue. Enjoy!

Full House: A Laid-Back Bay Area Detective Story: (Jake Samson #3) (The Jake Samson Series)
Shelley Singer
4.5 Stars (4 Reviews)
Genre: World Literature | Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

The THIRD action-packed tale in the witty Jake Samson series.


An ark in the middle of suburban Oakland was interesting but not strange by California standards. Even one built by peaceful cultists preparing for the coming flood. Until sometime private eye Jake Samson is hired to find Noah, their leader, who has disappeared with a lovely devotee and a quarter million in cash. The cult suspects foul play. The police aren’t convinced.

As Jake and his carpenter sidekick, Rosie, trail the wealthy visionary from a health-food factory in Sonoma to a casino in Tahoe, thugs, drugs and the murdered body of Noah’s attractive assistant add up to a lot less than a biblical tale. And Jake’s got a gut feeling the floodgates are just the beginning to open.

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Spit In The Ocean: A Laid-Back Bay Area Mystery: (Jake Samson #4) (The Jake Samson Series)
Shelley Singer
4.5 Stars (2 Reviews)
Genre: World Literature | Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

The FOURTH lively adventure in the Jake Samson mystery series.


The vault emptied out, not a shot fired. In fact, it resembled a burglary more than a bank job, but when you rob a sperm bank, that’s sometimes all it takes. Here’s the set-up: The North Coast Sperm Bank in tiny Wheeler, California has been knocked over, and the perp’s tossed its assets in the ocean, leaving a religious-nut note of explanation. Just a prank, says Wheeler law enforcement. But the bank says: Not so fast, that stuff was valuable!

Enter P.I. Jake Samson and his ever-sharp Watson, Rosie Vicente, hired by the bank to find out who made the unauthorized withdrawal. No sooner have they dragged their bedraggled Bay Area selves into the storm even now brutalizing Wheeler than a bank employee slips in the mud and falls to her death.

And Singer’s got more up her sleeve. Every time you turn around you learn more about Wheeler and its fascinating Northern California crazies…ummm.. we mean inhabitants! Did we say crazies? We meant very fun, fascinating people. They’re a kick! As is this complex puzzle mystery.

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Torch Song: Book One Of The Blackjack Trilogy
Shelley Singer
5.0 Stars (3 Reviews)
Genre: Gay & Lesbian | Science Fiction | Teen & Young Adult


Rica Marin’s a mercenary—a hired gun, soldier, and spy who answers only to whoever can keep her in the meds she and her only living relative need to survive the plagues that scourge the earth after biological warfare’s wiped out pretty much everything.

It’s a strange world that’s left—composed of tiny city-states, like Redwood, Sierra, and Rocky—run with a variety of futuristic machines and broken down ones. Fancy new cars float as well as roll, but the Internet’s now so glitchy you can’t even blog properly—newspapers have come back! So many machines are so broken-down that a fixer in this world isn’t someone who rigs elections or cleans up after murders—it’s a person who can repair both an elevator and an ancient toilet. But roving bands of bandits, godders, causies, breeders, khakis, and toxies threaten to destroy what’s just been fixed.


Anywhere there are people—however few—there’ll be power plays, and Rica’s current job at the Blackjack Casino is to run interference between the warring clans of Tahoe, in tiny Sierra.

But then Rocky gets ambitious. And that means war. On the one hand, Sierra’s ready; everybody’s got plenty of fancy laser weapons. On the other, the term “everybody” in this world, applies more to the kinds of numbers usually found in neighborhood gangs than opposing armies. Singer’s built an intriguing half-world resemblinga medieval society equipped—and sometimes ill-equipped—with technology. In Rica she’s created a fascinating, complex character, who meets more like her in Sierra (all with the fashionable striped hair of the day).

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